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151、Which national highways dose Qinghai Province have?
109 national highway(Qinghai-Tibet line), 214 national highway(Qinghai-Sichuan line),215 national highway(Liuyuan- Golmud line),227 national highway (Xining-Zhangye line),315 national highway (Qinghai-Xinjiang line)



152、Why yaks have the" boat of the plateau " reputation?

Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Because yaks can adapt the entironment with thin air, low air pressure, the cold weather; Yaks have long body and short limbs, soft and thick hair; be good at to climb the crags, trek swamps, walking on the ice, so yaks not only one of the main livestocks  of pasturing area in plateau, but also important carring tools on the plateau.





153、What is the kind of Dan Geer ancient city? What’s kind of trade center were here between minorities in Qinghai and the Inland?

Dan Geer ancient city is the gateway from the inland to Mongolian and Tibetan pastoral areas. Because of the important traffic status, which known as " Throat of Qinghai and Tibet". Now Qinghai-Tibet Railway acrossed here, 109,315 two National Highways meet here,became an transport hub linking Xinjiang, Sichuan and  Tibet.

Dan Geer ancient city was built in Hongwu years Ming Dynasty, the year 1727AD which was Emperor Yongzheng fifth-year in Qing Dynasty,it was large-scale constructed, covers an area of 250,000 square meters. Ninth-year of Emperor Daoguang (in 1829 AD) set up the Dan Geer Office which is the border county of the government system, its Chief called TongZhi or Tongpan, reported to Xining. In January, 1913, when Dan gar became a County government, the local famous Confucian Yang Zhiping, as it is located in the upper reaches of the the source of Huangshui River to name, the Office of Dangar Tong Zhi Kangfurong reported to the Central Government, renamed Huangyuan County.
There was once a Tea-Horse trade center.



154、Please list several National Forest Parks of Qinghai?

Canbula National Forest Park; Qunjia National Forest Park;Huzhu North mountain National Forest Park; Menyuan Xianmi National forest park.



155、Please list some famous peaks which was opened in Qinghai?

Animaqing peaks, Geladandong peaks, Yuzhu Mounts, Yuxu Mounts, Xinqing peaks, Nianbaoyuze peaks,Cuorigaze peaks,Malan peaks,Tanggula Mountains, the Chaidam Mountains, Lenglong mountains, Garika mountains, and so on.



156、Which are the  advantage characteristics of Qinghai Salt Lake resources? (Compare with the whole country)

Large reservation, high-quality, all-types, focus on distribution,good combination.



157、Which international sport events have been carried out around the Qinghai tourism resources?

Tour de Qinghai Lake International Road Cycling Race, the International Challenge of the Yellow River, the Qinghai Plateau international rock climbing tournament and so on.



158、Please list some festivals that related to typical plant landscape in Qinghai?

Pear Flower Festival in Guide,Rape Flower Festival in Menyuan, Tulip Flower Festival of Qinghai.

159、《中国藏族文化艺术彩绘大观》是怎样的一幅卷轴画? 是谁主持策划的?




159、How about the Scroll " Tibetan Culture and Arts Grand painting of China "? Who presided over the planning?

By the high technology artist Mr. Zongzhelajie. the "China Tibetan Culture and Arts Grand painting of China" is a huge scroll,on Dec. 3rd, 1999 received in the " The Best of Guinness" certificates.

"Grand painting of China"was prepared by Mr.Zongzxhelajie in 1980.by Qinghai Regong artist as the main body, gathered Tibetan, Tu, Mongolian and Han nationalities who were came from Tibet, Gansu, Sichuan and Yunnan provinces (autonomous regions), and other artists Up to 500 people, lasted 4 years, the number of works can be said that unprecedented scale. " Grand painting of China " with a total length of 618 meters, 2.5 meters wide, it is the  longest scroll in the world, the whole picture for more than 1500 square meters and weighted more than 1000 kilograms.

"Grand painting of China " extensive and profound contents, including the tibetan history, culture, folklore, art and other content.



160、the highest point of Qinghai Province and the lowest point is where?

Bukadaban peak is the highest(6860m), Xiachuankou in Minhe County is the lowest (1650m).



136、Please describe "An Zhao" Dance of Tu nationality.

"An Zhao"dance is a form of song and dance of Tu nationality,when festivals or wedding celebration,men and women gathered in the garden or wheat field,dressed in festive clothes, men front and women back in the former circle in the post - By the old man, "Le Du Day" (lead ) get to sing and dance to the first phrase, with its many dance while singing behind the last part. By dancing around before bending wave, up and down turn back squat, and other spin moves, delicate beauty and rich artistic charm.Female’s actions are elegant, beautiful, gentle movements are rough, open, generous. Their song lyrics belong to the family like to congratulate and look forward to, meaning auspicious. Dance " Xing Ma Lao ", "Zhao Yin Zhao", "La Re La me" and "Suo Luoluo"4 kinds.




137、What features does the String-Play has? What are the representative works?

String-play is a new local drama that staged sitting string - play folk art onto stage in 1950s. Music is the structure of its joint music, singing euphemism beautiful,deeply loved by the people and become a greater impact local drama.

In 1961, on the basis of Xining-string class,Xining Drama School, formal established Qinghai-string Experimental Theater". The delegation transplanted, Created a large number of traditional opera and the Modern, there are "Mawu Brother and Gadou Sister," "Li Mao Huan Tai Zi" and "Broken Bridge" and "Ga Dan Monk," "Smart Magistrate".


答题要点:口细(撒拉族) 札木聂(藏族)根卡(藏族)羌笛(汉族)宰靠(撒拉族)龙鼓(汉藏)

138、What kind of folk musical instruments of Qinghai? Which nationatity belong to?


Genka(Tibetan), Qiangdi (Han), Zaikao(Salar) Dragen drum(Han)



139、What are the characteristics of tibetan language?
Tibetan language belong to Sino-Tibetan Language Family, Tibeten-Myanmar Language  branch.It is divided into Tibet, Kangba, Amdo three dialect areas, the first two dialects have voices the last dialect have no voice. Tibetan language is created by reference Sanskrit fonts in the early 7th century, it is alphabetic writing, there are 30 letters consonants, 4 vowels, from left to right cross to write. Access in the entire Tibetan ghettoes.





140、What characteristics dose the Tibetan diet have?

Tibetan food has a strong feature of the plateau. The main diet of the Tibetan people are Zanba, beef and mutton, dairy products (butter, Qula, tea with milk, yogurt, etc.), Tibetan who lived in agriculture areas eat more types of pasta and vegetables in their daily diet. With the socio-economic development, eating habits have taken place with a lot of changes.









141、 What kind of the funerals dose the Tibetan have? What are the characteristics of each different way?

For a long time, Tibetan people paid great attention to the funeral ceremony. The implementation of Pogoda burial, burial, burial, cremation, a number of ways,but burial for more.






142、What pay attention to a guest at the home of the Tibetan diet need to is taboo?

(1)To receive guests, whether to walk or talk, elder and guests always first,use of honorifics, not address him by name.Protocol guests, it is necessary to bend down, smiling. Indoor table, it is necessary to sit cross-legged and can not straighten his legs, feet can not fqace to people. Accept gifts, to pick up his hands.Give Gifts, to bend down and hands overhead.To present tea, alcohol, tobacco, to offer his hands, fingers can not put into the bowl edge.

(2)The tibetans not to eat donkey, horse and any other Perissodactyla,not to eat dogs, cats and some claw animals, in some areas not to eat fish.

(3)Do not speak with a lot food in mouth, did not bite, not drink with the voice.

(4)Drink butter tea: the guests have to use two hands to accept the tea,then drink it over.



青海回族以面食为主,主要有馓子、花花、拉面、面片等。回族清真食谱十分丰富,多以牛羊肉为主,有黄、炖、闷、爆、烤、涮、 扒、炸、蒸等各种调制方法。最出名的有手抓羊肉,牛羊杂碎,羊肉水饺、黄焖羊肉、羊肉泡馍等。

143、What are the characteristics of the Hui diet?

In Hui diet, mainly for Wheaten Food and rice, supplemented by cereals such as corn, barley, potatoes and so on. Staple food into the region of the Hui can be divided into southern areas, mainly in rice; the northwest with pasta.

Hui based on pasta in Qinghai, there are Sanzi,Huahua, noodles, patches and so on. The Hui Muslim diet is rich in more than beef and mutton in the main,many kinds of modulation methods. The most famous of Shouzhua mutton, Chop Suey of cow and sheep, lamb dumplings, stew lamb, Mutton and Bread Pieces in Soup, and so on.



144、What are commonly name of "Gaiwan Tea",which is Hui

people like to drink.What are the varieties?

Known as the "San Pao Tai"."Gaiwan Tea " according to choose tea and match tea, there are common brown sugar brick tea, white sugar brick tea, crystal sugar Wowo tea, three smells tea(sugar, dates, tea) four white goods (Green tea, sugar, sesame seeds, persimmon),red  four goods(brick tea, red sugar, red dates, dried fruits), five flavors of tea (green tea, hawthorn, sesame, sugar, ginger), eight treasures tea (jasmine tea, crystal sugar, red dates, sesame seeds, longans meat, Chinese wolfberry,raisins,Walnut),and other varieties.




145、What is the national characteristics of Qinghai Muslim dress?

Qinghai Muslim dress affected Han from the mid-Ming.so the characteristics of the clothing is not obviously special, but still retains some of the characteristics of the ethnic costumes.

Man wearing a round flat-topped hat, known as the "cap", mainly white, but also black. Young men wearing white Duijinxiaogua, put black Kanjian out, efficient, easy to work.When do wordship in Temple, the Imam,Manla and the other  elder,they are more wear black or gray coat (called "Zhongbai"), wearing "Dasierda" (white towel for wrap the head) for the wordship clothes.

Women pay attention to the attire of the Hui nationality, older women in general like to wear big lappets black robe, wearing a white hijab; young and middle-aged women to wear fashionable clothing, usually wearing a black cashmere yarn hijab, or the white deep brim hat, hijab should cover their hair, forehead, ears, neck except their face; more beautiful girls wearing fashionable, general wear the green cashmere yarn hijab. In addition, the young and middle-aged women like to wear jewelry, such as gold earrings, gold necklace, gold rings, and so on,look more charming and moving, with the rising standard of living, more and more wearing high-grade jewelry.






146、What taboos should be paid attention to when contact with Hui friends?

People of the Hui tabooed pork, dog meat, horse meat, mule meat and donkey meat, do not eat those who slaughtered without Islam and since the death of livestock and poultry meat, do not eat animals, such as blood;

Others tabooes:can not allowed others smoking, drinking in their own home;

Where the water for human consumption, spring, are not allowed to water their animals, and no one was allowed to wash face or do the laundry in the vicinity. Must wash their hands before fetch water, left water in containers  can not back down the well.

Muslim diet is attention to  hygiene,where have conditions, before eating, after dinner should wash their hands with the flow water, when they are eating, the elders had to take a seat on master’s,and the younger generation can not sit next to the elders place, they have to be sitting Along the ground or the bench. In addition, scoop water, scoop rice can not “scoop out”.



147、Why Huzhu Tu Nationality Autonomous County is called "the Rainbow Hometown"?

Because of Tu women's colorful dress. Two sleeves are circle made with red, yellow, green, purple, black five colorful cloth, combined with a blue and white has become "colorful sleeves",full of national characteristics.It is said that was enlighten of  the rainbow in the sky, As a result,it was called "Rainbow Village" in the world.



148、Which are the major festivals and activities of Tu nationality?

Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.Their own national holiday: Temple Fair,Flowers Festival, Watching Scripture Festival and so on.Because of Tu living in different places, There are different festivals.Minhe: Tu people have the most solemn festival "Nadun Festival";Youning Monastory: Watching Scripture Festival;Wufeng Monastory: Flowers Festival on lunar calendar 6th June and so on.






149、What are the main festivals of Hui and Salar Muslims?

"Eid-ul-Fitr","Corban" and "Maulid al-Nabi".




150、Why Yadan landform known as the Demon Castle? Where dose the largest and most typical Yadan landform located of Qinghai?

There are two main reasons: first, whenever the wind scratch here,will issue all kinds of strange calls, likes people’s ask, or birds; Second, it's unique topography, a form of unusual Some like wild animals, like some human, some not anything, as Guimo.

Mainly located in Haixi Nan baxian, YiLiping in Qinghai.  



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