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(2010-10-24 10:52:10)


分类: 酷跑,踏浪车


“KUPAO” is a kind of fitness product designed especially for children, those over 5 years old. When you use “KUPAO”, one of your feet is on the pedal and another one steps on the back pole and pedal back and forth, then the driving force device that is installed under the pole will make wheels twirl and then the vehicle glides forwards.


Actually, “KUPAO” greatly differs from those traditional scooters in the market. Its bodywork is equipped with dynamic device. “KUPAO” works at the principle of gear twirl of bicycle. When it moves, it completely breaks away from the impetus caused by another foot on ground, which makes it moves forwards like bike. The baseplate of “KUPAO” is quite heavy and firm, which ensures the stability and safety if people stands on it.


“KUPAO” is a totally new child-style bicycle. It can be a short-journey vehicle except for the function to build up one's body. Besides, it is equipped with braking system, which makes the vehicle stop immediately if running into any obstacles.


As the most popular new-style bicycle by western children at present, “KUPAO” can be folded thus it is quite convenient for customers to carry and keep.


“KUPAO” also works for the adult, not only for children. You can bring your children to enjoy sports and promote strong family relationships .


“KUPAO” can train your ability of balance and coordination, strengthen the physical training of leg, promote the coordination between leg and brain, thus improve your body’s reflection ability and support ability to a large extent.


“KUPAO” is very easy to learn, only 5 minutes can you know well and manage it with ease.





第一次见到它的时候不禁自言自语: “唉,还是滑板车。”但当你转身离开,你会意识到,你眼前的这辆动感车与之前所见到过的滑板车截然不同的!它将是能给您带来新乐趣!!!

You may soliloquize spontaneously when you see it for the first time, ‘alas! Still scooter!’ But when you turn back, you will realize that the vehicle in front of you is totally different from those you have ever seen. It will definitely delight you!!


The back of “KUPAO” is different from those scooters in existence. The secret that makes it glide smoothly exists in the rear end.


“KUPAO” is the unique and perfect choice for you no matter whether you are stopped by traffic jam, or you want to enjoy yourselves at home when classes are over, or you want to beat neighbor children in race.


Its driving force comes from its distinct power to move without any external force. You can keep balance when it is moving and control its speed at your own will.


Please be assured that “KUPAO” is easy to operate and you can make it absolutely.



How to maintain “KUPAO”


Wheel and bearing


It is unnecessary to maintain in natural environment and normal situation.


You must change wheels if they sway. Wheels, bearings and tires are all regarded as normal damage, beyond guarantee range. 


We just change those damaged original components and parts free in guarantee period. Safety and integral effect will be influenced if using non-original components and parts.




There is dust left in “KUPAO” after using, more or less. You can get rid of dust by using rag in order to make it new. Do not use any kind of industry cleanser or solvent, because they will erode the surface of your vehicle. Do not use alcohol or alcohol products as well, because they will destroy plastic products.

适宜人群 注意事项

Targeting Group & announcements


Be suitable for those above 5 years old


Load capacity: 55 kg


Bring security allocation such as kneecap and cuff etc usually, and wear sneakers.


Keep away from motor vehicle lane, run on smooth and even road surface.


Avoid slamming the brakes on, changing lane and swerving hurriedly, or it will stop suddenly.


Do not to run on those roads that have water, sand, leaves and some other obstacles.


No running in evening.


Do not to touch the brake after you brake, it is hot.


No speeding when you descent.


The adult must help children debug “KUPAO” when they use it for the first time.


Obey the Traffic rules and some related institution of “KUPAO”


Be careful in sidewalk.


Inspection of brake is necessary before you run.



Neoteric sculpt: streamline and lightsome bodywork lets children fondle admiringly.






Labor-saving drive: innovative pedal-style power-driven device. It can coast forwards quickly and smoothly just by treading gently.


Balanced development: experts suggest that children’s left brain and right brain should develop evenly. Children should make more exercises to coordinate their hands and feet. Do more tread alternately to activate more brain cells.


Be able to enhance heart and lungs function, strengthen crureus and muscle, stretch ligament of leg effectively, promote the growth of ossature, and then is beneficial to be taller.


Be able to improve people’s balance capacity and responsiveness effectively, enhance sensitivity and harmony, it’s your ideal choice to do physical fitness training and skill training.

现在有一种风靡全球的动感车。无论你在堵车后滑到人行道上,还是放学后在家里翱翔,或者是想在赛跑上赢过邻家小朋友,酷步动感车都将是你独一无二的选择。 是否玩腻了传统的滑板车 ? 现在一款滑板车的革命产品诞生了!

Now we have a fashionable dynamic vehicle in the world. “KUPAO” is your unique choice if you are stopped by traffic jam, or you want to have fun at home after school, or you want to race with other neighbor children and be a winner Are you bored with the traditional scooters? Now a revolutionary new scooter comes into being.

 又是滑板车? ” 但你会发现他快速滑行的秘密武器,新奇的东西! 这个踏杆就是酷步车与其它滑板车不一样的地方,只需踩动踏杆就可以连续滑行,无需蹬踩地面。另外他也拥有独特的流线造型设计、快速折叠好携带。

“Scooter again?” But you will find its secret weapon to glide smoothly, really amazing! The foot bar is that part which differs it from other scooters. Customers just need step on treadle to make it glide, no need drive the ground. Besides, it has unique streamline and lightsome design, and can be folded then it is convenient to carry.

    酷跑車,與以往滑板車不同,它增加了動力裝置。提速之後,可連續蹬踏加速裝置,保持快速滑行的速度。同時得到全身鍛煉。是名副其實的一車多用,還可達到代步的目的。    此款滑板車為合金加厚,PU大輪,可調高度、帶捎架。車底踏板採用高級合金制造,車桿和後輪蓋(剎車)剎車採用高強度鋼管制造,美觀堅固。適合5歲以上人群。      

“KUPAO” adds the dynamic device, which is quite different from those scooters before. After speeding, you can pedal continuously to keep its speed. At the same time, you get all-round exercises. It is a toll to ride instead of walk, worthy of the name of ‘one car for multipurpose’.    This kind of scooter is made of thicken alloy, PU big wheels, with adjustable height and back shelf. The pedal of its bottom is made of advanced alloy, and the pole and rear-wheel cover are made of high strength steel tube, which looks quite beautiful and firm. It is suitable for those over 5 years old.


Function: more riding trains your body’s flexibility, enhances responsiveness, strengthens speed, increases amount of exercise and enhances organism resistance. Besides, it is able to enhance heart and lungs function, strengthen crureus and muscle, stretch ligament of leg effectively, promote the growth of ossature, and then is beneficial to be taller. It is also able to improve people’s balance capacity and responsiveness effectively, enhance sensitivity and harmony, it’s your ideal choice to do physical fitness training and skill training.






User-friendly control: glide with the help the dynamic device, speeding by pedaling the pole, then you will be as graceful as clouds and comfortable as riding horses. Its motive power is quite mysterious with certain technological content, actually will be charming to others.


Secure operation: handgrip control, controllable speed, which makes everyone operate safe, especially teenagers and children. Only 5 minutes works to learn. Another important thing is that we do not need get off to pedal intermittently as playing sliding plate, because it is well know that get on or get off to change of feet is most dangerous!


  Small and exquisite, and foldable.


 Light: within 3 kg minimum, portable.


Fast speed: reach to 4 m per second; faster with bigger wheels.


联系电话:13967917118 13906713794

QQ:459200018 303598420




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