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Travel Ventures International is a leading multinational conglomerate headquartered in London, United Kingdom. TVI Express is a dynamic company dedicated to bringing today’s lifestyle-conscious consumers the most superior travel and hospitality products & services, as well as providing a unique opportunity to promote TVI Express through Independent Distributorships. 旅游投资国际公司是一家领先的跨国集团总部设在伦敦,英国。积分Express是一种充满活力的公司,致力于将当今的生活方式的消费者提供最优良的旅费和招待费产品及服务,以及提供了一个独特的机会,以促进积分快速通过独立分销。

TVI's success reflects the creative, entrepreneurial spirit of a team led by resourceful managers who focus on solid economic fundamentals and commitment to the success of its partners and satisfactions of its customers.积分的成功体现了创新,积极进取的精神,领导的一个研究小组的足智多谋经理谁侧重于坚实的经济基础和取得成功的承诺及其合作伙伴和客户满意的。 The group is guided in its growth by a determined vision: to be acknowledged by its Distributors as their pre-eminent business companion.该组的指导其增长的坚定理想:必须承认其经销商作为其首要业务伴侣。

At TVI Express, we believe in the power of the individual, and encourage talents to flourish.在积分快,我们相信权力的个人,并鼓励优秀人才的成长和发展。 As a highly motivated Multinational Enterprise, TVI Express has been developing progressive strategies, which unrelentingly create a synergy for the whole Organization.作为一个充满活力的多国企业,积分快递已逐步发展战略,不懈创造一个协同为整个组织。

Our Turnkey Business System is the finest in the Industry which has been acclaimed and validated by Experts from around the globe. 我们商务系统是最好的产业已验证的知名专家和来自全球各地的。
TVI Express in its true essence is an e-commerce based conglomerate which encompasses all aspects of business, using the Internet as its modality.积分快车在其真正的本质是一个电子商务的巨头,其中包括所有方面的业务,利用互联网作为其模式。 Hence, we provide products and services from across the globe to the customer, wherever he or she may be.因此,我们提供产品和服务来自世界各地的客户,只要他或她可能。 Boundaries -- geographical or political are merely part and parcel of the terrain we work on.边界-地理或政治只是一部分的地形,我们的工作。 The global village is actually the main dimension of our working environment in practice.地球村,其实就是我们的主要方面的工作环境中实践。

From the very beginning, we have used the Internet to develop a sophisticated online system which allows our Distributors to manage their business from anywhere, at any time.从一开始,我们利用互联网建立一个先进的网络系统,使我们的经销商来管理他们的业务从任何地点,任何时间。 From signing up and logging on, to purchasing products and accessing numerous exclusive training and development tools, our website is, simply, one of the best of its kind in the world.从注册和登录,以购买产品和获得许多独家的培训和开发工具,我们的网站是,简单地说,最好的一个同类的世界。

And it keeps getting better...并不断好转...
Because we're backed by a foolproof plan for wealth creation, our Distributors can rely on us for help in every area for establishing their business.因为我们是由一个简单的计划,创造财富,我们的经销商可以依靠我们的帮助在各个领域建立自己的业务。 We offer great support in every single market, and our training centres are always active with various professional Training Programmes and Events running 24/7.我们提供了极大的支持,每一个市场,我们的培训中心一直积极与各专业培训方案和活动运行的24 / 7 。

Network Marketing can be an amazing business opportunity, but it takes a lot of hard work, and we are dedicated, above all else, to support each and every one of our distributors, from those just starting out, to the most experienced business leaders.网络营销可以是一个惊人的商业机会,但这需要许多艰苦的工作,我们正在致力于,高于一切,以支持每一个我们的分销商,从那些刚刚起步的,到了最有经验的商界领袖。

That is, and always has been, the TVI difference: our Commitment to people.也就是说,和一直以来的积分差距:我们的承诺,人民。
TVI’s growing team of Independent Distributors is the key to its success.积分日益增长的团队独立分销商是其成功的关键所在。 TVI Express equips each new distributor with all the tools necessary to achieve financial freedom.积分快速装备,每个新的分销商的所有必要的工具,以实现财务自由。 These tools include a customized website, secure backoffice management reports, downline genealogy reports, marketing tools, as well as collateral sales support materials such as videos, business cards, brochures, point of sale displays, and e-mail demonstrations and presentations.这些工具包括一个定制的网站,确保后台管理报告,报告downline家谱,营销工具,以及作为抵押品销售辅助材料,如视频,名片,宣传册,销售点的显示器,和电子邮件演示和介绍。

Be the next to succeed – emotionally and financially – with TVI Express.成为下一个成功-情感上和财政上-与积分快车。 Learn more today by taking the next step towards financial freedom.了解更多今日采取的下一步走向财务自由。

Contact your sponsor today, or call us at +44-2032899918请联络您的赞助商今天,或致电+44-2032899918



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