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(2009-06-06 23:52:25)






分类: 情感

Today is Saturday, this time, the result let me sad for a long time. Now seems to have an individual with, I don't think dorm on people. I always listen to, perhaps I did not good enough, no attraction. But I think a personal side can listen carefully to my ear, can clap my shoulder to encourage me, and that I did not come with me. Both the family and friends or a lover, as long as have a chest can rely on family, friends, in love over complain complained over there and play.

But I don't have anything in hundreds of miles, family, friends have own little happiness, but love also don't know in which corner of the waiting for me. Some things to say to listen to, who is willing to listen to? Want to cry, little man but still so crying. Thanks to dormitory will leave me alone, nothing can be humiliated. Want to cry to cry, the man cry is bad but also not sin.

The reason is very simple things, expecting the sleep yesterday morning, pack up happy didn't eat breakfast, start to the square of the Thai restaurant try one day. Hsin-huang Results after the met their office, they heard that is not a summer job said, called the beautiful female manager let me listen to the female managers. Imagine what results - I expecting the morning just spilled all over me without my cold said. The manager said was watching my female students understanding I intend to keep the first, blame me with everyone say summer jobs. But I think that they are born of summer, otherwise she why let me try? I hate that break the bad old man, I, I, I how he can use the money you despise me look, but you can't do this to me, you can make me, I didn't see a day not force you to me, then I am not fit to the I quit! Why so hit people. Don't blame me malicious, no good result curse you home. I still cannot too honesty summarized, not your honesty will have good results, the reality is cruel.

When I encourage conceived of dining-room, the smile of the seat sit upon distance. If the restaurant at the window? I won't sad. Bear Now, just call who talk, family? Don't let them worry about me. A friend? In their hearts that may be a piece of cake, would say I make a mountain out of a molehill. Brother? He is to make a phone call past a few words of comfort slightly and hurried to hang up the phone. The uncle is still can think, send messages to let him drink, and invited me to dinner of the outlet: nothing. As shutdown, but again afraid to hear my call family shutdown and worry.

Can't cheer up just back. According to its rules of metro ceaselessly, beside me drive through the cool wind left. The subway will always, I am no exception, but the feeling is more complicated. I'll never face low head, afraid of being seen. The subway station, not stand in the enjoyment of wind, and there was the wind is the most comfortable. Eyes closed imagined that the wind mixed with gardenia fragrance, and pitched in a bad mood ran to the winds.

After a while, the subway to make public, sat slumped in back seat, legs and sit on the head on the window. In many more oblivious to want something insignificant. What do think about yourself, unknowingly felt hungry.

Think of how to orgies, inner feelings. It is open to eat, eat to support a day, can hold in food. Buy a 10 jins moved back to the dormitory, the watermelon and go to the dining room playing a component of the food for the big eat regardless of the image. Return to dormitory is opened up, eat watermelon tit-bit eat, eat just rest and eat, anyhow this afternoon I have put him off. Woo ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sitting in the dorm watching TV, Internet, running eat watermelon, mood and no good point, thought today's course, and this again tomorrow to test the book, not so much that first night into bed again after a good cry will forget it.

(今天是周六,本来该开心的,结果让我难过了好久。此刻好像有个人陪,空荡的宿舍里没有我所想依靠的人。I MISS YOU一直在听,或许我不够好没有什么优点,没有能吸引人的地方。可是我多想身边有个人能认真的听我唠叨,能拍拍我的肩鼓励我,而那个人不是我叫过来陪我的。不管是家人朋友亦或者是爱人,只要有个胸膛可以靠靠,在朋友家人那边抱怨抱怨,在爱人那边撒撒娇。









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