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对不起,小鸟 Dear Birds, I Apologize

(2009-02-14 17:23:57)







I'd appriciate it if anyone (teachers of English, English native speakers, etc)would make corrections, or give me proposals on my English version below.
















  对不起,小鸟 <wbr>Dear <wbr>Birds, <wbr>I <wbr>Apologize



Local people put beautiful wild ducks and pheasants they had killed on the rails of the expressway for sale


Dear Birds, I apologize

In recent years, I often go to Beijing on business. There are a lot of trees along the expressway from Shijiazhuang (the capital city of Hebei Province, where I live) to Beijing, mostly poplar trees, and there are many magpie nests in the trees. When the leaves are falling down in autumn, the nests begin to be exposed. But seldom can I see magpies. My conjecture is that the magpies have been killed by human beings when they were out for food, with the empty nests left dotted the scene along the way. I once saw some people put beautiful wild ducks and pheasants they had killed on the rails of the expressway for sale, which made me more sure of my conjecture. Each time I see this, I feel angry at the cruelty of man. And each time I think of what I did when I was a child – climbing up trees with my little pals to destroy the nests of magpies and crows, catching young sparrows under eaves, I feel ashamed.

Once on my way to Beijing, I saw a dozen of magpies playing and singing in the trees. I was overjoyed at this. I was still looking back to the birds even when the car was quite far away. It seemed that I had seen old friends of my childhood and hated to part with them. I did want to ask the driver to stop so that I could go and greet the birds and make an apology to them on behalf of mankind.

That very night, I stayed in a hotel in Beijing. In the midnight I dreamt that a lot of varieties of birds were flying to and fro in a dark sky. Some of them suddenly flew to me. I seized the opportunity and said loudly to them, “I apologize to you on behalf of mankind.” Unexpectedly, some birds flew rapidly round me, they were so close to me that I couldn’t move at all.  A few birds stood in front of me and argued, “You human beings killed us with hunting guns, poisoned us with pesticide. I mean you massacred us brutally. Do you think we’ll accept such a slight apology like yours and forgive you?”  Saying this, they pointed to a river bank in the dark distance, where there were many dead bodies of birds.

Though I felt great sympathy for them, I could do nothing but apologize. So I asked them, “What do you think I should do?”

“Humph! Have you human beings hanged those who committed the massacre crimes in a war? So it was time for us to hang a few men for revenge.” a big bird shouted in a huff.

“It is impossible. Some were hanged just because they were defeated in the war. If they had won the war, they would have been dominators and would have been regarded as heroes. If you could defeat human beings, you could hang up anyone you like.”

I guessed that they wouldn’t debate any more, they were weak and inferior any way. But they still spoke glibly.

“You are continuing your robbers’ logic of ‘the weak is the prey of the strong’”, said one bird, “Don’t you often speak of equality? Why is it that we are not equal to man? In fact all lives are born equal.”

“We are realizing this and we are taking measures to protect you. I quite understand you. My apology clearly shows my honesty.” I explained.

Suddenly a sparrow flew to the front and said to all the birds, “Don’t listen to him, it’s banana oil. He is cheating. He even destroyed our nests when he was small.”

All the birds were astonished. One of them shouted, “It’s time for us to revenge. Peck his eyes and blind him.”

Several birds were whizzing to my eyes. I hurried to shield my eyes with my hands in terror. 


With horror, I woke up from the dream. The sentence “In fact all lives are born equal” by a bird was wandering in my mind, which made me unable to fall asleep for a long time

What a great number of birds has decreased since my childhood! Why can’t mankind get along harmonically with bird-kind?



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