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    May could find you feeling a little bit indecisive when it comes to partners. In fact, May could find you feeling a little bit indecisive about everything, especially if you were born around the 17th of November. First, we’ll talk about the partners. The sun will be moving forward in Taurus, your sign of committed relationships, at the same time that Mercury is moving backwards in the same sign.
    So it’s kind of like your chart is one of those cats standing at the door, with you saying impatiently “Well, in or out, which is it?” Or you could be one of those cats that goes out (as for example with a person of your favorite sex) and then as soon as you’re out, you start thinking “Oh I want back in” (your cozy home). And then as soon as you’re back in your cozy home you want to go back out again. Kind of like that.     
    This isn’t exactly your fault. There’s a whole huge stack of energy right at the bottom of your chart (Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron precariously perched on top of each other) and all of it is squaring your sun. So you could be extremely happy at the same time as being extremely depressed or anxious at the same time as being confused as to why you are feeling a bunch of different things at once. Makes it kind of hard to make up your mind.     
    This too will pass, although not really until July or so. The reason you are indecisive, although it will be difficult for you to tell, is because your soul is processing like a gazillion tons of information below the surface of your conscious mind. This takes time and tends to put your normal thought patterns out of commission for awhile. As in being spacy and indecisive. 
    Having your soul process a gazillion tons of information all at once is actually a good thing, although you won’t, again, probably be able to tell until the entire fatiguing process is completed. But once it is completed, you’ll be able to make better decisions than you thought possible because you’ll understand yourself way better. Which is kind of cool.





  May provides a strange mix of the emotional and the unemotional in terms of influences for Cancerians. This is especially noticeable toward the end of the month when the sun is in non-emotional Gemini and your solar 12th house of the subconscious mind. This energy happens to blend with a big huge glob of energy in your mysterious solar 8th house of deep emotions. In this 8th house will be Jupiter, a planet that often represents joy. So it’s like you can unemotionally analyze some source of deep joy in your life. Kinda strange, but kinda wonderful.   
  And there are more mysterious dualities afoot. The full moon on the 9th is in Scorpio in your solar 5th house of strangely enough joy. But a full moon in Scorpio often represents sorrow. So are you scheduled to be sorrowfully joyful? Some sweet sorrow, as Shakespeare would say, as you take temporary leave of a lover? Could well be.   
  I’m hesitant to predict. But it all seems kind of deep and bittersweet and yet detached, as though you have a rare chance to observe yourself feeling your way through life. Unusual month and the unusual vibes continue at least until your birthday, so don’t be too worried if you seem to be living in a dream world for awhile.



  Well, for once your horoscope is clearer than most, Virgo. May is pretty solidly about your job and career. At least that’s true near the end of the month when you have your annual career new moon (in Gemini on the 24th). I don’t know that this new moon will have you make any rash or abrupt changes in your career plan, for Pluto in Capricorn is in good angle to your sun and feeling rather conservative. Plus, Saturn’s still in your sign and he always feels conservative.   
  Still, if you get a call offering you a career opportunity, take it, as you’re likely to be pretty popular this month. Your ruler Mercury also opens the month in your career house, although he does go retrograde on the 6th. Don’t let that inhibit you from taking action though because dang you have some incredible energy in your solar 6th house of job stuff to back up Mercury.   
  The energy in your job sector is all about unity and cooperation. If you don’t get any big opportunities handed to you, you may be able to band together with your co-workers and create some. In what are tough times employment wise for many, you’ve got a lot of planets on your side right now.
  恩, 这次你的星位是最清晰的时刻了, 处女座。 对于五月来说,你的职业生涯会是非常稳固的。至少在月底的时候会是这样的,那时候你会有你的年度职场生涯的新月(24号在双子)。我不知道这个新月会不会让你对职业规划做出任何的突然的改变,因为太阳的冥王星正处于摩羯座的尚佳角度,尚算相当保守的。另外,土星仍然在你的星座上,也是保守的意味。   
  不过如果你接到了一个工作offer的电话的话, 仍然可以接受他, 因为这个月你会相当的火。守护星水星在这个月开放了你的工作宫,尽管在6号的时候会逆行。不过仍然不需要因为这个影响你对行动做出的决定,因为你会在6号的太阳日在工作的事务方面会有不可思议的能量聚集以支撑水星。  
  你工作方面的能量都是关于团结合作的。 如果你没法得到任何工作上的大机会,你或许可以跟同事们多在一起,在这个艰难的形势下创造一些机遇。 总之, 你现在是有很多机遇的。


    May is not exactly one of those level-headed months. Mercury will start out the month in your solar 9th house of long-term plans, but then he’ll change his mind and decide to head backwards to your solar house of joint finances. The implication is that you’ll be likely feeling the itch in May to change your mind about things too. For people who are taking classes or courses, this is one of those influences that’s like–no matter how hard you try, somehow your mind keeps slipping backward and you can’t understand any of the material you thought you understood a week ago.   
  For those not taking courses, all of life becomes sort of like that. Don’t blame yourself. It’s in the air. This is one of those months when a friend could accidentally become a lover with all the confusion and excitement that this entails. Your chart is naturally prone to combine love and friendship anyway, but in May the whole tendency just gets out of control. The trend is especially pronounced in the second half of the month.   
  For those of you on the hunt for romance, this could be an exquisitely wonderful thing. For those of you who want to avoid new entanglements, appropriate caution is advised. Nobody else’s chart is any more level-headed than yours in May, and complications could ensue.

    那些想找浪漫的人,这个月可能特别美妙。想避免纠缠的人,就建议保持适当的警惕。 即使你比很多人看起来都要冷静,反正是情况多多。

  Good times! Venus is still in your happy solar fifth house of good times. Still! Boy did you strike it lucky, especially if you’re in the hunt for love.   
  If you haven’t found it yet, by the way, just keep trying. This month you’ve got Mars on your side, too. If ever there was a symbol for just keep trying, this would be it. Yes, you can give online dating a whirl, although the usual cautions continue to apply.   
  If you’re all set in the love department, well then enjoy good times with the ones you love. Your ruler Jupiter is trundling along in your sector of daily life in a super-good mood. What’s not to like? I mean, really, I have nothing else to say except have a good time.



    Spirituality is likely to play a big role in any decisions you make in May, Leo, even if you are not otherwise in the mood to be particularly spiritual. The full moon on the 9th of May occurs in the deep and mysterious sign of Scorpio in your solar 4th house of the soul. So we have our spiritual theme right there. But wait, there’s more!
    There’ll be a big triple conjunction of Neptune, Jupiter, and Chiron in Aquarius toward the end of May. That’s a pretty spiritual trio right there, and Uranus in Pisces will also be at the same degree one sign over. Uranus in Pisces leans toward the spiritual as well. The spiritual energy is just all over the place.   
  Furthermore, most of the action takes place in the angles of your chart, where influences are most likely to affect you. The sectors of self, family, career, and partners are all getting energy at once. If you were born during the last week of your sign, you are even more powerfully affected. Nothing to do I suppose but search your soul and act from your highest purpose.



(特别感谢中文翻译:蒙小恬、小乡、花瓣点点扬、Secret Queen、doris、MJO、葡萄园的女巫、就是爱P酱、o_O、珍| 勇敢)














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