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The Urban Coyote试译9

(2009-11-07 20:41:42)


分类: 翻译

Bumper cars? I didn’t know they had bumper cars at the Fair. Back to the coupon booth. Five coupons later, my niece was riding the bumper cars, driving insanely as we watched. Bumper cars may be the nail in the coffin of male domination. Over half the drivers in this electric flotilla were female, all with determined experssions on their faces, delighting in male bashing.

Wait a munite! Could that really be the world’s samallest Horse, so small a beay can ride it? fed by only a cupful of water and a handful of grain? Back to the booth. Nine tickets later, we were peering down onto a vary small horse indeed, about the size of a collie, but one instantly recognizable as a standard miniature breed. There are thousands of these horses around the country. “what a rip-off,” we complained to each other as we excited.

The attendant saw me writing something in my notebook and came over to offer helpful information. “they live to be six, then they die after that,” he said. “say, this ain’t for no TV show, is it? I ain’t for no TV show. Then we’d lose business.” I’ll say.

Next I saw posters for “ The Fattest Man in the World, Fat Albert. 861 pounds. 22 pounds at birth. Guiness Book of World Records. 9-foot waistline. Size 20 shoe.” Fascinating, but we passed, finally hip to the hype. We noted that the sign didn’t say Fat Albert is in the Guiness Book of World Records.

But the Ferris wheel? We have to do the Ferris wheel. Back to the booth. Fifteen coupons later, we were climbing one hundred feet over the Minnesota State Fair. Clumps of white clouds floated like cotton candy above us, the fair grounds full of brightly coloured gummi bear humans below. So what if we had to look at the paiting of Fat Albert’s navel twenty times as the wheel circled? It was worth every coupon. As we scratched the sky, we saw the high-rises and neighborhoods and lakes and farms of Minnesota radiate out from its festival heart.

Still high from spinning we excited the Midway past the lasr grinning hucksters and immediately downed three pronto pups and a sack of greasy donuts made fresh right outside the gate. As for the stawberry malts from the Dairy Building, they were the best ever, in spite of the long wait in line to get them.

Before leaving the fairgrounds for home, we walked through wild animal exhibit in the Department of Natural Resources Building. We particularly noted the coyotes, canislatrans, sleeping with his tail over his eyes. We read that Coyotes have expanded their range throughout the state nearly to the subutban perimeter of the Twin Cities. This one must be dreaming of all the food he sees here. Will there soon be urban coyotes as well?

Outside, we leaned over the large fishpond. We marveled at our indegenous underwater neighbots crusing in the fresh water. Several Mississippi River paddlefish were as big as small sharks. A massive catfish swan below us with twentynine cents balanced on his broad forehead-nine pennies, two nickels and one dime thrown there by youthful wellwishers. Each of us tried our luck. Our three copper pennies flashed in the sun like Ferris wheels, then fluttered through the clear water to settle on the pond bottom. We thought we saw the catfish smile.

At the Minnesota State Fair even the fish take cash. The celebration of statewide community is worth every penny.












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