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The Urban Coyote试译8

(2009-11-01 23:29:25)






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The contest began. There is plenty of eye contact as the kids watched the judge intently while crouching over their hogs and flicking them this way and that with their sticks.

An older farmer sitting in front of us titled back his head in reverie. “Try to get those suckers up a loading chute,” he said with a tobacco-stained smile, eyes filled with nostalgia. “sometimes they go up just fine. But I remember that day I loaded forty-five of ‘em. Have to catch each one up to the chute. All the way,” he chuckled out loud. Clearly herding pigs is not just an academic exercise.

The judge selected five finalists and lectured them again.

“ Your business should be focused in the ring,” the judge said. “This is a business. Showmanship is an indication of your attitude. Now I want you to guide your pig back and forth between these chairs I’ve set up. Then pen them. Ok, let’s go.”

Before it was over, my niece guessed which boy would be the winner. The lad moved like a crab in his attentive crouch while smoothly guiding his young pink and black Duroc. The judge, a Ph.D. at the university, agreed with my niece from New York City.

The winner, from tiny Glencoe, Minnesota, wore blue jeans and a white shirt. His blond hair was cut short at the top and long at the back in the latest proto-punk fashion, but he demonstrated a heck of a business attitude.

It was a sensational pig show and we applauded wildly, but it inspired a bit of envy in this city dweller. There is , I thought, something authentic and serious about the raising and judging of pigs. I’m not sure I’ll increase my family’s ration of pork to keep this boy from Glencoe, Minnesota on his farm. But I’m not sure I won’t, either.

Leaving the pig judging area, we admired a sow nursing thirteen piglets. There we greeted a friend from the neighborhood herding his own brood of children and foster children. They ogled the pig family with us.

Then we ran over to the sign declaring this year’s winner of the “Minnesota’s Largest Boar contest!” The four and one half year-old Spotted boar raised by the Roadney Skalbeck family of Sacred Heart, Minnesota weighed 1,020 pounds!

A 1,020-pound pig? Before you digest the weight od that sentence, consider this. The largesr draft horses weigh 2,300 pounds, the largest bulls 2,000 pounds. The draft horses stand six feet tall, the bulls five feet. This boar walks six inches off the floor. My hat is off to the Rodney Skalbeck family of Sacred Heart, Minnesota. I sure hope they don’t have to carry him up the chute.

Time to stock up at the green pepper stand and strawberry shortcake stand. Three of everything, please. And a stop at the beer stand. One large please. Then on to the Midway.

There is the merry-go-round. OK,OK, I said, but I have to buy coupons first. At the coupon window, I was foeearmed by memories of past years’ coupon fiascoes. No way was I going tu be caught up in the old ten dollars for thirty coupons scam. No way. Purchasing a book saved fifty cents per ten dollars worth of rides, but since we were only going on the merry-go-round, we didn’t need the extra tickets.

So I outfoxed the hucksters. I bought only enough coupons for two children and one adult for one ride. Nine coupons later, we were on the merry-go-round and round smilling weakly at the crowd, half my beer sloshing in my hand, the other half slodhing in my stomach.















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