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《潜伏》 英文版 IV

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潜伏 IV
The Mole

by 龙一

为了翠平的这次无组织无纪律的冒险行为,余则成只能强压住心中怒火,在向站长告辞时故作随意地提起要请一天假,说是家中来信,老岳母身体不好,需要女儿回 去伺候,明天他想出城把太太送回去。他这是在冒违抗组织命令的风险,因为,翠平毕竟是组织上派来的同志,他没有权力将她调离工作岗位。
Yu had to suppress his anger with Cuiping for her reckless act and breach of discipline of the party. While saying their thanks and goodbye to the branch chief, he asked for a day off to take Cuiping back to her mother, who was ill and needed her. By doing this he was also in breach of discipline as he had no right to change Cuiping’s assignment by the party.

  站长听了他这话,当即将翠平留给他太太,把余则成拉到一边严肃地说,我好不容易给我太太找了这么一个玩伴儿,而且她 们两个也很投缘,你不能带她走。余则成说家中长辈有话来,不能不听。站长说长辈有病可以花钱治嘛,多给他们些钱就是了,你若是把我干女儿带走了,我太太没 人陪,还不得照旧每天缠住我不放。
Upon hearing this, the branch chief led Cuiping to his wife and took Yu aside. He said, “It was not easy to find someone to be acceptable company for my wife. As they have hit it off so well, I can’t afford to let her leave.” Yu said, “How can I refuse my in-laws request?” The branch chief replied, “We can always give them money for treatment. If you send my god daughter away, my wife would be deprived her of her company and she will continue to nag at me instead.”

   原来站长并非真心喜欢翠平的鲁莽,而是他正在给太太物色一个能绊住她的女友,却恰好被翠平撞上了。于是,余则成为了避免翠平再犯错误的意图便被站长的私 心给化解了。为此,余则成在心底有一点儿可怜这个大特务头子,他娶了那么多房太太,却又要做出正人君子的样子,真的很难。
So it really was not that the branch chief was enamored of Cupping’s assertive personality, but his necessity to find a suitable companion for his wife that caused him to be nice to Cuiping. Now Yu’s attempt to keep Cuiping from making another gaffe was thwarted by the branch chief’s personal needs. He actually felt sorry for the head of the intelligence agency, who had many wives but wanted so hard to keep up the pretense of appearing to live a righteous life.

  通过事后的争吵余则 成发现,翠平的鲁莽与大胆绝不是批评教育可以解决的,而他又无法将她送走。只是,把这样一个女游击队员长期放在身边,还得带着她参加特务组织各种各样的活 动,当真是危险得很。无奈之下,他通过联络点给组织上写了份申请,请求组织批准让翠平在他的指挥下,不要参与任何有危险的工作。
After all the arguments pertaining to this incident, Yu discovered he could neither teach or change Cupping’s boldness and recklessness, nor send her away. It was too dangerous to allow such a female guerrilla to work beside him and let her join him in the various activities organized by the intelligence agency. At his wits’ end, he had to request to the party that he be allowed to dictate to Cuiping not to commit any indiscretion or dangerous actions.

  组织上很快回信同意了,他便将这个决定传达给了翠平。翠平说 你说话不算话,前几天还说要给我任务,结果却在背后捣鬼,想要把我关在家里或者支走。余则成说现在你想走也走不成了。翠平说我拔脚就能走。余则成说你若是 丢下站长太太一走了之,便是对革命工作的不负责任……很快,他们的讨论便又被演变成一场惯常的争吵。
So the party gave the permission immediately and Yu passed it on to Cuiping. Cuiping said,” You lied. Just a few days ago you promised to get me an assignment. And now you go behind my back, trying to shut me up at home or send me away.” Yu said, “Now you can’t leave even if you want to.” Cuiping replied, ”I can leave anytime I want.” To which Yu retorted, “It would be irresponsible to the party’s cause if you just leave the branch chief’s wife.” This discussion soon became another of the arguments they frequently had.

  他们的这场争吵是在卧室中发生的,一个坐在床上,一个坐在地上, 翠平一生气居然点起了烟 袋,浓烟把卧室熏得像座庙。余则成张了几次嘴,却又把禁止吸烟的话咽了下去。与革命工作有关的事再小也是大事,与个人相关的事再大也是小事,他不能因为个 人好恶,而让他们的协作关系进一步恶化。
Their argument took place in the bedroom, while one was sitting on the bed and one on the floor. Cuiping got angry and lit up her pipe and the smoke instantly turned room into a temple. Yu opened his mouth several times, but in the end he refrained from asking her not to smoke. Insignificant things would be considered very significant if they pertained to the party’s cause, whereas even huge personal feelings would be considered insignificant. He couldn’t allow their working relationship to deteriorate due to his own personal likes or dislikes.

  倒是翠平猛然醒悟过来,拎着烟袋光着脚跑到阳台上。余则成也跟着她来到阳台,本打算劝解她 几句,缓和一下气氛,不想他却突然发现,在街对面停着一辆小汽车,里边有两只香烟的火头在一闪一闪。他又向街的两边望去,果然发现远处还停着一辆汽车, 但里边的人看不清楚。这是军统局典型的监视方法。于是,他伸出双臂,从后边搂住翠平,口中哈哈大笑了一阵,然后在她耳边低声道,你也笑。
Cuiping finally realized her act and took the pipe and went out bare foot to the balcony. Yu followed, thinking to console and apologize to her to lighten the mood. But he discovered that a car was parked across the street, with two lit cigarettes glowing. As he looked further up and down the street, he saw another car parked farther down. And even though he couldn’t recognize anyone in particular, he knew it was the typical method of the bureau surveillance. So he stretched out his arms and hugged Cuiping from behind, while laughing loudly. He whispered in her ears to do the same.

Obviously, Cuiping was nervous and so her smile was not genuine. He turned her around, putting one hand on her waist and the other on her face. He kissed her on her lips, but the smoke in Cuiping’s mouth brought tears to his eyes.

“Look across the street, now you should realize how dangerous it really is.” He whispered. “Yes.” She nodded in agreement.

   他接着说我希望你能听从我的安排。翠平把头摇得坚决,不行。为什么?翠平这才小声说她必须得有正经的革命工作才行。他说你这是不服从领导。翠平说领导也 得听取群众意见。他说非常时期得有非常措施。翠平说放弃革命不行。他说你做工作的方法不适合现在的环境。翠平说你可以教我怎么做但不能不做。他说我交给你 的任务就是陪好站长太太。翠平说那个老妖婆让我恶心。他说你要跟站长太太学的东西还多着 哪。翠平说打死我也不学当妖怪……
He continued, “You have to follow my instructions.” Cuiping shook her head resolutely, and said “No.” “Why not?” Cuiping replied in a whisper that it had to be a real assignment for the revolution. He then said, “You are not following the orders of your leader.” Whereupon Cuiping said, “Even the leaders have to listen to the opinions of the masses.” He replied, “Due to unusual times you must accept unusual measures.” Cuiping retorted,” Under no circumstances, should we be lax about the revolution.” He then said, ”Your working style does not fit the current situation.” So, Cuiping said, “You can teach me how to do it, but you must let me do it.” He then said, “The assignment I give you is to be company for the branch chief’s wife.” She answered, “That hag disgusts me.” So, he said, “There are many things you can learn from her.” Her retort was, “I’d rather die than learn to be a monster like her.”

The argument didn’t end until Cuiping flung his hand away and left. Her parting words stung in his ears, ‘I don’t see any courage of a revolutionary soldier in you.’

Cuiping went back to the room, but Yu couldn’t continue the argument with her immediately, because he had to pretend to show harmony by starting a Taiqi routine to throw off any show of discord. He knew that those spying on him were sent by Old Ma and he was not above framing him if necessary.

In Yu’s own words, this argument between the two comrades was partially won by Cuiping. The next day, he had to write to the party again, asking approval for a not too dangerous assignment for Cuiping. He was embarrassed at being in this wishy-washy situation.

The so-called revolutionary job that Yu gave Cuiping was to deliver the party dues to the party.

   他在军统局所做的是那种让人无法清廉的工作,因为总是有那么一些人挖门托房地给他送钱, 目的并不一定是要他帮什么忙,而多半是希望他装一些糊涂,哪怕是少看他们一眼也行。到了天津站之后,他手中已经积存了一大堆十两的金条,但是,由于和党组 织的同志见不上面,他一直也无法上交。现在这一堆金条倒是给了他一个替翠平安排革命工作的理由。
His job at the bureau was difficult to perform without being corrupt, because there were many people who were desperately trying to bribe him for one thing or another, just to keep his eyes and mouth shut. Since his arrival in Tianjin, he had already accumulated a considerable amount of gold in the bribes accepted. As he hadn’t been able to meet any of the party members, he hadn’t turned in the money he was bribed with. Now he was giving this job of delivering the gold ingots to Cuiping.

  他对翠平说 我已经与组织上联系好了,你每天陪着站长太太出去玩儿,组织上会派交通员与你联络,告诉你交接金条的方法。翠平横了他一眼说原来不是送情报。他只好说这是 组织安排,是极为重要的革命工作。翠平问如果我做得顺利,是不是就可以送情报 了?他说假如组织上同意,我们再商量。翠平说我不喜欢摸钱,更恨有钱人。他便说你现在就是有钱人,而且必须得让所有人都明白你是个有钱人,这样你才会安 全。翠平啐了一声狗屎,但还是同意了。
Yu informed Cuiping that the party had agreed that she must accompany the branch chief’s wife and that they would contact her as to how the transfer of the gold ingots was to be made. With a resentful look, she exclaimed,‘Oh it’s not for information.’ Yu had to admit it was the orders of the party and that it was important. Cuiping asked, ‘If I accomplish this, will I be allowed to deliver more important information in the future?’ ‘If the party agrees, of course we can discuss this in the future.’ He replied. Cuiping said, ‘I don’t like to touch money and I hate rich people.’ “You are now one of the rich ones, and you have to make others believe that you are. Only then will you be safe.” She retorted, ‘Oh, shit!’ But she agreed.

Consequently, the ‘husband and wife did their respective jobs and though they didn’t argue, still had their differences of opinion. Yu believed that the basic tenets of the spy business was that the less you know, the safer you are. This is especially true in the cause of revolution.

  在此 后很长的一段时间里,余则成的工作和“婚姻”终于平静了下来,一切都走上了正轨。而这个时候,老马对他也表现出了极大的热情和善意,经常过来找他闲聊,拉 他吃饭泡澡听戏然后再泡澡再吃饭再听戏,而且还常常向翠平赠送贵重礼品。时常挂在老 马口头上的话是:站长太太对你太太比亲女儿还亲,娘俩出双入对,形影不离,日后那个副站长的位置必定是老弟你的,老哥哥将来还得请老弟多多关照提携才是。
Afterwards for some quite time, both the work and ‘marriage’ seemed to be going along smoothly for Yu. During this period, Old Ma was his congenial old-self. He would chat and visit Yu often. He invited Yu to dine with him, attend theatres and the bathhouse with him constantly. He gave Cuiping expansive gifts and continually flatted Yu by saying that the branch chief’s wife considered Cuiping more of a daughter than her own daughter by continually keeping her company. You will surely become the next vice branch chief. When the time comes, I hope you won’t forget me.

  除此之外,老马还给他介绍了一批倒卖外币和黄金的掮客。为了能够维持住翠平上缴党费的工作不至 于间断,同时也是为了避免翠平再次要求参与到他的情报工作中来,他便顺坡下驴地把自己打扮成了一个贪财的特务,于是,军统局中便又多了一个贪官。为此,站 长曾几次暗示他,说凡事都得悠着点儿,不能操之过急,钱财之事无小事,应该从大处着眼,与大人物共事才安全。
In addition, Old Ma introduced Yu to several dealers and brokers of foreign currencies and gold. So as to keep Cuiping busy with her money delivery job and to prevent her from intruding upon his intelligence work, he made the overtures to act intensely interested in making more money than ever. Therefore, the bureau had one more corrupt official. It got so noticeable that the branch chief warned Yu several times to slow down his money chasing and see the big picture.

  出事的那天,余则成因公跑了 一趟塘沽,很晚才回来,却又被新的紧急公事给绊住脱不开身, 便往家中打电话,不想没有人接。他并不知道翠平这天有没有任务,就派手下人到家中去看,那人回来说家中无人,他便立刻意识到翠平出事了,因为,他们在一起 两年来,翠平总是早睡早起,从来也没有过夜不归宿的事发生。
Then it happened! On that day, Yu had gone to Tanggu on important business matters and got back very late. In addition, he had to take care of some emergencies at the office. So he called home, but no one answered. He was sure whether or not Cuiping had any special errands that day, so he sent someone home to check. The assistant returned saying no one was at home, and he immediately realized that something must have happened to Cuiping. In the two years that they had been together, she had always risen early and gone to bed early, and she had never stay out anywhere.

  他给站长夫人打电话,老太太说干闺女原本 陪她去瞧戏,压轴的《牧虎关》刚开锣,她就不知 道跑哪去了,而且再没见到她。然后他又给警察局长打电话,不一会儿那边回电说今晚没人报警发生绑架案件。他再给卫戍司令部打电话,让他们查寻各出城路口, 并描绘了翠平的身形相貌。然后又打电话找老马,没找到,便又跑下楼找特勤队的其他同事,他们都说今天只抓了些闹事的学生,没见着中校太太。
First he called the Branch chief’s wife, and her reply was that they had gone to the theatre, but before it was over, she just disappeared without a word. He then called the chief of police, and his reply also gave no information. So then he called the general’s office to give them Cuiping’s description and requested them to contact him if Cuiping had been sighted. He tried to call Old Ma but wasn’t able to reach him. So he went downstairs instead to talk to his men and see if they knew anything. They had only caught some student protesters and not any wives of officials.

  其实他一点儿也不担心翠平被捕后会有什么不恰当的行为,他对她的勇敢和革命意志有信心。 他也不担心翠平为了不泄露机密而临危自尽,因为,自从决定让翠平传送党费的那一刻起,他便命令她将毒药和手雷全都留在家中,绝不许带在身上。他认为,她不 带这些东西会更安全,也会更小心,否则,以她的性格,她可能会有恃无恐,做出冒险的事情来。
He really wasn’t worried that Cuiping would do anything damaging after arrest, knowing how brave she was. She also wouldn’t commit suicide, because he had already prevented her from carrying the poison or grenade on her. His thinking was that she would be more prudent without any means of killing herself or others. Otherwise, because of her personality, she might do something reckless.

  他唯一担心的是,万一翠平真的被捕,她一定会咬紧牙关,绝不肯吐露她是他太太这一身份, 也就难免会受刑吃苦头。为此他在心底不住地批评自己,他原应该在派她出门之前便将所有可能发生的情况与应对策略都替她设计好,而不应该因为俩人相处得不愉 快和任务危险性不大便忽视了安全准备。你对革命同志关心得很不够啊!他很是生自己的气。
Yu’s main worry was that Cuiping would clench her lips and refuse to identify herself if she was taken prisoner. His worry was that she would be tortured for not cooperation. He blamed himself for not having gone over any contingency plans if caught doing something wrong, mainly because he thought her was not that dangerous and because he wanted to avoid any further dissention.

  到了第二天中午的时候,这件事连站长也惊动了。他说哪个混蛋会有这胆子?便抄起电话要通了中统局天津站的 站长,那边也没有翠平的消息。直到傍晚时分,老马才回来说他把翠平给找到了。这不由得又让余则成多担了一份心,因为,本地任何人抓住翠平 都不会有太大危险,唯独老马是个例外,这家伙可是个设局害人的高手。
By the noon of the next day, even the branch chief was concerned over her disappearance. He exclaimed, ‘Who would have the nerve to do this?’ He even called the Branch Chief of another intelligence agency in Tianjin, but they had no new either. It was not until dusk, when Old Ma returned and said he found Cuiping. Yu was more concerned over this news than if anyone else had found her, because Old Ma was known as an expert in framing people.

Cuiping was being held at the Tax Revenue bureau, where Old Ma took Yu to pick her up. As they approached, the officials had lined up to welcome them. The bureaeu chief was pale with fright, and looked as though they were ready to kowtow for forgiveness. Cuiping’s hair was a mess, her face was bruised, but she had been given new clothes to change into. When she saw Yu, she turned away and her face turned pale then red then purple.

  余则成问局长是谁把翠平抓进来的,局长只是一味地作揖,口中不停地说兄弟该死有眼无珠。 除了退还翠平的金条,局长另外又送上一根金条说是给太太压惊。余则成不愿意理睬他,倒是翠平老实不客气地将金条抓在了手中。他知道,翠平一定是相信了他给 她灌输的道理——革命事业同样需要金钱的支持。
Yu asked who brought Cuiping in, but the bureau chief continued to offer apologies and cursed officer who brought her in. In addition to returning Cuiping’s gold, he added an additional ingot to compensate for her distress. Yu ignored him, but Cuiping grabbed the gold without hesitation. Yu knew that Cuiping must have been influenced by his constant promotion of the need for money for the revolutionary cause.

  他又问老马是怎样找到翠平的。老马说你老哥哥没别的本事,只是手下多几个耳目罢了。老马又劝慰翠平不必难过,等两天他一定会替她出气,要让抓她的那些家伙求生不得求死不能。然而,余则成却仍然在担心这出戏是老马的导演,因为, 税务局抓捕黄金贩子的侦探可以不认得翠平,但不可能不认得跟翠平形影不离的站长太太。
He then asked Old Ma How he found Cuiping. Old Ma said he had no special abilities but he had lots of men who were his eyes and ears. He consoled Cuiping by saying he would exact revenge upon those men who brought he in and they would wish they were dead before he was through with them. But Yu recognized that all this could have been set up by Old Ma to trick them into something, because even though the officer of the tax revenue bureau may not have recognized Cuiping, he surely would have recognized the bureau chief’s wife, who was her constant companion.

  回到家中他问翠平 接头的同志怎么样了。翠平泪流满面,说已经服毒牺牲了,并且埋怨余则成不该禁止她带上毒药,以至于让她被反动派抓了活口,而且有可能连累到他。但余则成却 不这么想,他认为,如果他太太因为倒卖黄金被捕而服毒自尽,便是向所有人宣布她是在使用共产党人的秘密工作手段,反而会引来更大的怀疑,给他带来更大的危 险。但是,他并没有把这话讲出口,因为翠平此时已经羞愧难过得死去活来 了。
After they got home, he asked Cuiping what happened to the messenger who was supposed to receive the money. She burst into tears saying, ‘He took the poison, which you wouldn’t allow me to have. So I was caught alive and may implicate you.’ But Yu wouldn’t agree, because he knew that had she committed suicide just because of trading gold, he would have been in more trouble because they would be suspicious of him using this as a method for passing intelligence to the communists. He didn’t say this out loud to Cuiping since she was already so embarrassed by being caught.


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