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《潜伏》 英文版 III

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潜伏 III

The Mole

by 龙一

一九四六年八月十日,马歇尔和司徒雷登宣布对国共双方的“调处”失败,内战即将全面爆 发。在这个时候,军统局天津站的工作一下子忙碌起来,余则成一连半个多月没有回家,到了九月二日,国民政府军事委员会的《国军在华北及东北地区作战计划 书》终于下达了,与此文件一同送来的还有晋升他为中校的委任状。余则成这几年的工作确实非常出色,不论是对于中共党组织,还是对于军统局,所以,得到晋升 是意料之中的事。
On August 10, 1946, General Marshall and Leighton Stuart announced that peace talks between the Nationalists and the Communists failed and civil war broke out. At this time, the Tianjin branch of the Military Statistics Bureau became very busy. Yu hadn’t gone home for over two weeks. On September 2nd, the National Military Commission announced the Military Strategic Plan for the Northern and North Eastern Areas and along with it came the notice of promotion that Yu was now a lieutenant Colonel. Yu had done an excellent job in the past few years, both for the Communists and the Nationalists, making the promotion totally expected.

He made copies of the document for the communists and sent the original to the branch chief. Upon seeing the document, the branch chief said happily, “Now that we have wrapped up everything, we can take a break. Bring your wife to my home tonight. She can meet her god mother and you can show off your new stripes.”

  于是,他急忙给家里打电话,是老妈子接的。翠平虽然来此已经几个月 了,但仍然不习惯电 话、抽水马桶和烧煤球的炉子。他让老妈子转告太太,说晚上有应酬,让她将新做的衣服准备好。他还想叮嘱一下让翠平弄弄头发,但最后还是决定回去接她时再 说。这些琐事都是他们日积月累的矛盾,不是一时半会儿可以解决得了的。
So, he hurriedly made a call to home. It was the old maid who answered the phone. Although Cuiping had arrived several months earlier, she was still not used to the phone, the flushing toilet and the charcoal stove. Yu asked the maid to pass his words to his wife that there would be a party that evening and tell her to wear her newly made dress. He also wanted to say something about her hair, but decided he better tell her in person. All the small matters that had been accumulating for sometime now, could not be fixed at once.

Not surprisingly, when he got him, he found Cuiping squatting on the balcony smoking her pipe, and hadn’t done anything he had asked at all. The old maid said apologetically, “the Missus has not been in a good mood recently, please speak to her nicely, sir.” Yu wouldn’t want anyone to see them arguing, for it wouldn’t be good if such incidents were gossiped about and got to either the nationalist or the Communists.

He calmed him down with difficulty and said to Cuiping,” Branch Chief invited you to meet his wife. It would be best for you to dress up.”

Although the branch chief had several homes, he and his first wife had been always living in the mansion located at No. 1 Changde Road in the old British Concession. He was very respectful of the Chinese traditional morals and etiquette rules. He had told his subordinates repeatedly that forms of the social and family hierarchy is everything. If that was changed, all society would be thrown into chaos.

Cuiping gathered up the pipe and the ash tray and went back into the bedroom, and said, “I don’t want to see these people. They are all murderous demons inside, but sit there acting like polite school teachers. This only makes me feel more resentful towards them, making me want to pull the grenade and blow them up.

Yu said with resignation, “I have explained this to you many times. This is required of us to further the cause of our revolution.”

  他必须得 说服翠平,这种应酬是无法推托的。军统局对属下的内部团结有着极其严格的要求, 所以,不论是站长一级,还是侦探、办事员之类的下级人员,各种联谊活动以及私人之间的往来非常稠密,然而,翠平每一次参加这类活动,总是会给别人带来不 快。当然了,她倒也没有什么特别的举动或言语,只是一到地方她便把那对粗眉拧得紧紧的,脸上被太阳灼伤的皮肤因为神色阴郁而越发地晦暗,有人与她讲话,她 也只是牵一牵嘴角,既没有一丝和气的神色,也没有一句言语。这与军统局所谓的“大家庭”气氛格格不入,特别是让那些因为丈夫参与接收而一夜之间浑身珠光宝 气的家眷们大为恼火,便忍不住回到家中大发牢骚,而这些牢骚的作用也已经对余则成的工作造成了极其不利的影响。
Yu had to persuade Cuiping to go, because this was a ‘social demand’ and not just an invitation that they could refuse. The Military Statistics Bureau had very strict requirements for its associates to socialize, so there were frequent social gatherings at each level from the branch chiefs down to the detectives and agents. Whenever Cuiping attended one of these gatherings, she would cast a pall on the party. It was not because she said or did anything inappropriate, rather it was because she was always frowning and her sunburned face made her look even gloomier. Even when people tried to engage her in conversation, her lips would barely move and showed no interest whatsoever. Her lack of friendliness and withdrawal kept her an outsider from the “big bureau family.” It caused resentment among the snobby wives of the higher ranked officers, who complained about her to their husbands at home, and the repercussions of that often fell on Yu at work.

  于是,他亲 自动手替翠平拿出新做的印度绸旗袍、美国玻璃丝袜和英国产的白色高跟拷花皮鞋,又从首饰匣中挑出一串长长的珍珠。余则成不怕危险,也不怕牺牲,然而,做这 些事却让他感到极度的屈辱。他从来也没有在心底埋怨过组织上对他不理解,但他有些埋怨组织上没有把翠平教育好。他从事的是一项极其危险的工作,在这个环境 中翠平显然没有给他帮上任何一点儿小忙。
Therefore, Yu, himself, took out the newly made Indian silk Qipao for Cuiping, and the American nylon stockings and the English white leather pumps, as well as a long string of pearls from her jewelry box. He never feared dangers or sacrificing his life for the cause, but he felt humiliated having to do these things. He never blamed the party for not knowing him well, but felt that they should have trained her better. He was working on a very dangerous mission, and under the circumstance, Cuiping certainly was not helping.

While he was laying out the cloth and jewelry, Cupiping was sulking with her head down sitting on the bed. Suddenly, she said, “You have kept me imprisoned at home all this time. You have never treated me like a revolutionary comrade or given me any real assignment.”

Yu reasoned with her, saying that her living there was her assignment for the revolution. Had she felt bored, she was free to go out. There was money in the drawer for her to spend, and a car from the bureau was at her disposal. She had the freedom to go wherever she wanted and do whatever she pleased.

“Do you really want me to squander my time like those snobby women? I am a proud guerilla soldier.” She glared at him with fire in her eyes.

Facing resistance from a woman, Yu could do nothing but ask, “What do you want me to do?”

“Give me a job, a real job for the revolution.” Cuiping said with conviction.

“You are illiterate, and …” Yu bit off the rest of the sentence and changed his tone, “It’s a critical time for the cause of our party. The party has asked you to stay undercover; you should gladly accept this job. Being an undercover agent is also a job for the revolution.”

  从他 进入军统局干训班开始,曾经有两年多的时间与党组织没有任何联系。那是一段痛苦不堪 的回忆,要求他一边学习并实践对共产党人的搜捕、刑讯和暗杀,一边等待为党组织做工作的机会。因为经历过那么艰难的考验,所以他对翠平轻视潜伏工作的态度 很不满意。他觉得,翠平之所以不能理解组织上的用意,主要是因为她不是知识分子。他这样想丝毫没有轻视农工阶级的用意,只是这种无知无识的状态,让翠平对 党的革命理想和斗争策略无法进行深入的理解。然而,他又确实不擅长教导翠平这样的学生,无法将党的真实用意清楚地传达给她,因为他只会讲些干巴巴的道理, 而翠平脾气硬,性格执拗,最不擅长的便是听取道理。所以,虽然他们是革命同志,但却无法沟通他们的革命思想。为此,余则成心中非常痛苦,而且是那种老老实 实、刻骨铭心的自责。
Since Yu started the training program with the Military Statistics Bureau, there had been a period of over two years where he did not communicate at all with the party. It had been an excruciating experience to learn and practice arresting, interrogating and assassinating communists, while waiting for a new assignment from the party. Due to his numerous trials, he was disgusted by Cuiping’s contempt for being an undercover agent. He thought it was because she was uneducated that she didn’t understand the party’s strategy. He was not demeaning the illiterate farm class per se, but that the lack of education prevented her from understanding the party’s strategy and goals. Unfortunately, he was not able to teach Cuiping or others like her, the real party line. He could only repeat the dry party slogans and clichés to them. And because of her undisciplined, impetuous personality, Cuiping was neither a good student nor a good listener. So even though they were comrades, they could not communicate with each other their own ideas of the party’s ideals and goals. Yu felt unreasonable pain because of the strong guilt of not being able to change her mindset.

Having no choice, he had to compromise by saying after tonight’s event, he would ask the party to give her a specific assignment.

But Cuiping replied, “The party has assigned me a job, and that is to assist you.”

“That’s OK.” Yu backed off one more step. But his compromise eventually brought him a reward – Cuiping agreed to use some fragrant soap to shampoo with.

Probably because Yu agreed to her request, Cuiping was relatively cooperative that night. She twisted her shampooed hair into a smooth bun, which made her look more mature. Unfortunately, the hair do did not complement her fashionable outfit. Yu kept her from putting on too much make-up because of her dark complexion, and only allowed her to use a little vanishing cream and lipstick.

Upon seeing Cuiping in her new outfit, the branch chief laughingly said, “This is what you should be doing. You look very pretty when you are all made up.” And he turned to Yu and teasingly ordered him, “you must be generous to her and let her dress fashionably.” Yu agreed readily.

   站长夫人是位身材高大,性格粗豪的老太太,五十多岁,据说是北洋时期一位督军的女儿,那位督军是行伍出身,于是女儿便继承了家风,双手能打盒子炮。翠平 向老太太行大礼认亲,老太太也为她准备了非常贵重的首饰和衣料作为见面礼。前来观礼的都是军统局的同事,老马紧跟在余则成身边,一个劲儿地恭维他有大运 气,日后必定会升官发财,妻贤子孝,姬妾香艳,姻亲满朝。
The wife of the branch chief was an assertive mature woman who was quite statuesque in her fifties. It was alleged that she was a general’s daughter during the period of the warlords and inherited her father’s ability to shoot with both hands. Cuiping paid proper homage to her adoptive god mother and the god mother in acceptance gave her some valuable jewelry and silks in return. The audience were the colleagues from the bureau. Among them was Old Ma standing next to Yu, following him and plying him with flattery, that his future was assured, that he would be promoted, and have a nurturing wife and many beautiful concubines and dutiful children with in-laws scattered all over the country.

  余则成不即不离地应 酬着老马,希望没有得罪他。这个家伙既有可能是杀他的刽子手,也会是他在军统局里的竞争对头。天津站在不久的将来会出现一个副站长的空缺,老马巴结这个位 置已经许久了,而余则成这次被及时地晋升,便很自然地让他成为了这个 位置的候选者之一。成为副站长之后,他便可以看到通过照相电报传来的蒋介石的亲笔手令等最高级的机密。这也是他必须要完成的任务,在军统局里职位越高,他 对党组织作出的贡献就越大,因此,他与老马的关系便不得不势如水火。
Hoping not to offend Old Ma, his replies were neutral. Old Ma could be his executioner, and was definitely his rival at the bureau. Rumors were that a new vice branch chief position would be forthcoming at the Tianjin branch. Old Ma had been coveting that position for a long time. As Yu had been recently promoted, he was also in line for this promotion. If he got this promotion, he would have access to the highest military secrets even those written by Chiang Kai-shek himself. His mission was to rise in rank as fast as possible, because the higher his position, the more he could contribute to the party. Therefore, he and Old Ma were really arch rivals and enemies.

  老马今天的话很多,巴结得站长和站长太太都很高兴。他对翠平的话也很多,甚至 主动带领她 楼上楼下参观了站长豪华的住宅,而且是半弯着腰在前边引路,像个旅馆里的门童。这让余则成很是后悔没有事先提醒翠平,因为,老马的前任便是被老马这样给恭 维死的。那人是组织上给余则成安排在军统局中的搭档,他死后,余则成便常常感到孤单。
Old Ma was very talkative and flattering to the branch chief and his wife and made them happy. He was very attentive to Cuiping, showing her all around the grand mansion with a humble attitude as though he was an inferior. Yu regretted that he had not warned Cuiping earlier of Old Ma, whose predecessor died due to his obsequiousness. He had been Yu’s partner and fellow spy assigned by the communists. After his death, Yu felt very alone.

Towards the latter part of the party, Yu noticed that Cuiping had suddenly become more animated. She was laughing and chattering with the branch chief’s wife. Their two distinctive accents mingled with enthusiastic laughter worried Yu to wonder what made Cuiping so cheerful.

  内战 在即,所以聚会散得很早,众人纷纷告辞。翠平搀着老太太的手臂落在后边往外送客,余则成也跟在她身后唯恐她出错。突然,他发现翠平趁着众人不注意,朝他使 了个得意的眼色,并提起旗袍的开衩处向他一抖,而他一见之下,立时被惊得险些坐到地上。他看到,在翠平的旗袍下,美国玻璃丝袜子里面,插着一份文件,字面 朝外,正是那份《国军在华北及东北地区作战计划书》。他立刻抬头向门外望去,发现早已告辞的老马还留在院中,身后散落着他的七八个手下,不住地拿眼盯着走 出来的客人。此时聚在门边等候与主人告辞的客人已经不多了。无奈之下,余则成从老太太身边抢过翠平说,你不是要上厕所吗?然后拉起她便跑上二楼。
Due to the fact that the civil war was about to begin, the party ended early and people started leaving. Cuiping was clutching the arm of the branch chief’s wife, as they said their farewells to the guests. Yu was behind them worried that Cuiping would do something to expose them. Unexpectedly, Cuiping, surreptitiously, winked at him with a self-satisfied expression_r. She flipped at the slit in her qipao, shocking Yu to the point of horror. He saw slipped under her stocking a document with the words facing outwards, which was none other than the same Military Strategic Plan for the Northern and North Eastern Areas. Yu glanced out of the front door, noticing that Old Ma who had left some time ago was still in the front yard with some of his men. They seemed to be scrutinizing all the departing guests. At that time, there were very few guests left. With no other option, Yu yanked Cuiping’s arm, while saying “Don’t you need to go to the bathroom before we leave?” and rushed her upstairs.

The Branch chief’s study was on the second floor, where Old Ma had set a trap for Cuiping, hoping to catch her possibly in it. The tradition of the bureau was to test all members, better to catch one than let one escape.

  翠平却一边跑一边问,走出去就安全了,你干啥要回来?余则成只好吓唬她说你偷文件的事已 经被发现了,他们正在门外等着抓你。跑进书房,他问你在哪拿的?翠平一指书桌上已被打开的公文包,那是站长的公文包。他迅速从翠平衣下拉出那份文件,又放 在书桌上用十根手指弹琴一般按了个遍,好用他的指纹盖住翠平的指纹。刚刚将文件塞进公文包,门外便响起了脚步声。翠平这时黑眼睛一闪,咬紧嘴唇,一下子扑 到他的怀中,像一只小动物一般在他的胸前拱来拱去。但余则成知道这样解决不了问题,便猛地将翠平的旗袍撩到腰际,然后将她抱到书桌上,一只手搬起她的一条 腿,另一只手迅速将站长的公文包锁好。同时他也留意到,翠平的脸已经红到了脖子和耳朵上。
While running up the stairs, Cuiping asked, ”We were almost safe, why are you pulling me back?” Yu frightened her by saying she had already been caught in the trap and they were waiting outside to expose them. When they entered the study, Yu asked “Where did you get the document from?” She pointed the open briefcase on the desk, which belong to the branch chief. Yu quickly pulled out the document from her stocking, put on the desk and rubbed it with his fingers to take out any finger prints left on it. Just as he placed the document into the briefcase, he heard the footsteps outside the room. Cuiping shut her eyes, bit her lips and threw herself into Yu’s arms, cuddling him. Yu knew that was not sufficient, and lifted her qipao over her hips, set her on the desk, with one hand up her panty, while locking the briefcase with the other. He saw that Cuiping was flushed from her ears down her neck.

It was Old Ma and his men who entered the room. Seeing them in that position, Old Ma said while grinning:” I never expected an innocent like you to do such a thing.”


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