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《潜伏》 英文版 II

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潜伏 II
The Mole

by 龙一

晚上回到家中,余则成说你累了一天,早些睡吧,便下楼去工作。他们住的房子在旧英租界的 爱丁堡道,是原比商仪品公司高级职员的公寓,楼上有一间大卧房和卫生间,楼下只有一间客厅兼书房的大房间,另外就是厨房兼餐厅了。这所住房并不大,但对于 他来讲已经很不错了,接收工作开始之后,接收大员们首先争夺的就是好房子。这个时候能在几天之内就弄出个像样的家来,大约也只有军统特务能够办得到。
That night after they returned, Yu said,” You must be tired. Go to bed early,” and then he went downstairs to work. Their apartment was located on the Edinburg Road in the former British Concession and was the quarters for the senior executives of a Belgian real estate company. There was a master bedroom with a bath upstairs and down below was a great room containing the living room and study area, plus a kitchen with a dining area. The apartment wasn’t huge, but more than adequate to him. During this transition period, the best housing went to the highest ranking officers. Only the intelligence agents from the Military Statistics Bureau could have pulled the strings to obtain such nice accommodations as this in such a short time.

  余则成知道自己必须得睡到楼 上卧室中去,军统局对属下考察得非常细致,万万马虎不得,往日里他若是有过一丝一毫的疏忽,必定活不到今天。钟敲过十二点,他这才上楼。洗漱完毕,他将卫 生间的窗子拉开插销虚掩上,又打开了从走廊通向阳台那扇门的 门锁,也把门虚掩上。这样一来,他就有了两条退路。任何时候都要保证自己有两条退路,这是军统局干训班教官的耳提面命,他记得牢牢的,并用在了正义事业 上。
Yu realized that was necessary for him to sleep in the upstairs bedroom. One couldn’t afford to make any mistakes, because the Military Statistics Bureau tended to keep everyone under close surveillance. Had he made any mistakes, he would not have survived to this day. When the clock chimed twelve, he went upstairs and cleaned up. After that, he cautiously left open the bathroom window ajar, and unlocked the door leading to the balcony from the hallway, thus providing him with two getaway exits. When he was put through the training at the Military Statistics Bureau, he was taught to always have two alternate escape exits. That fact had always been kept in the back of his mind, and he now was putting to use for the righteous cause.

  翠平还没有睡,她将带来的行李铺 在地板上,坐在上面打盹。他说你到床上去睡,我睡地下。 翠平说我睡地下,这是我的任务。他问什么任务。她说保护你的安全。说着话,她挪开包袱,露出怀里的手雷。余则成一见手雷不禁吃惊得想笑,那东西可不是八路 军或日军使用的手榴弹,也不是普通的美式步兵手雷,而是美国政府刚刚援助的攻坚手雷,粗粗的一个圆筒,炸开来楼上楼下不会留下一个活口。看来组织上想得很 周到,余则成放心了,睡得也比平日里安稳许多。到凌晨醒来时,他发现翠平没在房中,便走到门口,这才看到翠平正蹲在二楼的阳台上,嘴里咬着一杆短烟袋,喷 出来的浓烟好似火车头,脚边被用来当烟缸使的是他刚买回来的一方端砚,据说是文徵明的遗物。如果此刻被时常考察属下的军统局发现他太太蹲在阳台上抽烟,不 论从哪方面讲都不是好事,但是,他还是悄悄地退了回来,他希望来监视他的人只会认为是他们夫妻不和而已。
Rather than being asleep on the bed, he found Cuiping dozing hunched over that parcel she carried, sitting on the luggage that was spread on the floor. When he offered “Go sleep on the bed, I’ll sleep on the floor.” She replied, ”I’ll sleep on the floor, because this is my assignment.” Then he asked, ”What assignment is that?” She explained that her assignment was to protect him. While they were talking, she shifted parcel, exposing a grenade, which shocked and amused Yu at the same time. The grenade was not made by the communists or the Japanese. It was not even an ordinary American infantry grenade, but one of those which were powerful enough to raze a whole building. He was relieved and gratified that the communists were watching over him, and thus slept better that night than before. At dawn when he woke up, he discovered that Cuiping was not in the room and went out to look for her. He found her squatting on the floor of the balcony, clutching a pipe and puffing like a locomotive. Beside her was his antique ink stone used by the famous calligrapher Wen Huiming from the Ming dynasty being used as an ash tray. It was not a scene to be seen by anyone from the Military Statistics Bureau. So, rather than making a scene, he withdrew without causing a commotion which might attract the others.

   果然,早上站长召见他,并且当着他的面点燃了一根粗若擀面杖的雪茄烟,笑道:没想到我那干女儿居然是个抽烟袋的呀!然后又安慰他,说那孩子在沦陷区一定 吃了许多苦,你就让让她吧。你是个男人,可不能婆婆妈妈的,要是家中没意思你可以出去玩儿 嘛,但不许遗弃我这干女儿,这样的孩子看着她就让人心疼,更别说欺负她。余则成对此只有诺诺而已,心想这位上司不知道动了哪股心肠,居然如此维护翠平。
Unsurprisingly, Yu found himself summoned by the branch chief that morning, and upon arriving, found him lighting up a humongous cigar almost the size of a Chinese rolling pin. He said with amusement,” I didn’t realize that my god daughter was so addicted to smoking.” Then in a consoling tone, he said,”This child must have suffered a lot during the Japanese occupation. You have to be tolerant and accepting. You are a man, so don’t nag like a fish wife. If you do get bored or unsatisfied, go out and enjoy yourself, but don’t ever desert my god daughter. She is already pathetic and needs to be pitied, not to also mention the fact that you are not allowed to hurt her.” Yu nodded in agreement over and over, all the while wondering, why he was so compassionate towards Cuiping.

  余则成的日常工作是汇总、分析军统局天津站在华北各个组织送来的情 报,多数是中共方面 的,也有许多是关于政府军和国民党军政大员的,五花八门,数量极大,他必须得把这些情报分类存档,并将经过站长核准的情报送往刚刚迁回南京的军统局总部。 除此之外,他还必须要将这些情报中对中共有用的部分抄录一份,通过联络点送出去。
Yu’s regular job was to compile all the intelligence reports sent by the different stations from all over northern China, most of which was communist related. Also, there was information included regarding the Nationalist Army and their officials. He had to sort out from this mountain of information the most useful and important aspects, which was then given to the branch chief for approval and then forwarded to the recently relocated bureau headquarters in Nanjing. Further, he had to copy the useful information for the communists and then leave it at the drop.

  他的另一项主要工作是替站长处理私人财务。天津光复后,军统局是最先赶回来接收的机构之一,为了这件大事,局长也曾亲自飞来布置接收策略,并满载了整整一架 飞机的财物飞回南京。站长在这期间的收获也极大,但他毕竟是个有知识有修养的人,不喜欢那种抢劫式的方法,便主要对银行业、保险业和盐、碱等大企业下手, 但对企业进行改组、重新分配股权等工作极为复杂,很费精力和时间,他便把这些事都交给了余则成,而他自己则一心一意地去深挖潜藏在市内的共产党人,而且不 分良莠,手段冷酷无情。余则成曾几次提请组织上,要求让他对站长执行清除任务,不想却受到了组织上的严厉批评,说他现在的价值远远超过杀死站长数百倍,不 能因小失大。
Another of his jobs was to handle the personal finances of the branch chief. After Tianjin was liberated from the Japanese, the Military Statistics Bureau was among the first to be reinstated. As a matter of fact, the Bureau chief, himself flew in to reorganize the bureau and filled a plane load of treasures confiscated from the Japanese back to Nanjing with him. During the same period, the branch chief also acquired a fortune. His forte, because of his intelligence and education, was not in compiling art and treasures, but rather in the banking, insurance, and salt enterprises. The restructuring and redistribution of stock shares involved complicated methods and required a lot of energy and time, so he delegated these tasks to Yu, and focus his own time and energy in routing out communist spies in the city of Tianjin. He never differentiated between good or bad communists, but used ruthless methods in his pursuit. And because of this, Yu had proposed to the communists the assassination of the branch chief numerous times. However, they repeatedly came back with reprimands him that his usefulness in gaining information for them was a hundred times more valuable than to have the branch chief killed. They could not risk his great usefulness for what to them was an insignificant matter.

  由于他的工作量极大,胃也不好,身体在不知不觉间便越来越差。翠平看着他一天比一天 瘦, 便提出来由她去送情报,给他分担一点负担。他问,组织上怎么给你交代的?她说组织上知道你一个人忙不过来,就想重新建立单线联系,让你写,让我送。他又 问:你知道为什么会选中你吗?她说知道,组织上说,一来是因为女学生们都到延安去了,一时找不到合适的人:二来是因为我不识字。余则成点了点头,第二条理 由最重要,组织上考虑的比他要周全得多。但是,他仍然不同意由翠平代替他去送情报,因为这项工作太危险,如果被抓,他的军统身份可以暂时抵挡一阵,能够争 取到撤退的机会,但翠平却没有这机会,而是只有一条死路。
Because of his heavy workload and stomach ulcers, Yu’s health had been deteriorating during this time. Seeing him losing weight, Cuiping offered to lessen his burdens by taking the deliveries to the drop. He asked her what the party said about doing this. She said that the party had known that he was overburdened, and would need to establish a new line of communication. “You compile the information and I will deliver it.” Then Yu asked, “Do you know why the party picked you for this job?” She replied that the party officials said the first reason was that all the female students had gone to Yan’an and they couldn’t find a suitable candidate. The second reason was that I was not literate. Yu nodded, the second reason was more important and the party was more thoughtful than he realized. Still, he was not going to let Cuiping be the messenger. His thinking was that would be too dangerous for her should she be caught. Had he been caught, he at least had an official title which could afford him some time, possible to escape, whereas they would execute her on the spot.

  翠平许是看出了他的心意,便有些生硬地说,我被抓住也不会连累你,我的衣领里缝着砒霜哪。他只好笑道:你是我太太,站 长的干女儿,抓住你必定会连累我。翠平当即怒道:你这样婆婆妈妈的,是对革命同志的不信任,依我看,你根本就不像他们说的那么英雄。从此后,一连几天翠平 不再与他讲话,每日无聊地楼上楼下转悠,但抽烟还是到阳台上去,用那块文徵明的端砚当烟缸。
Cuiping might have guessed what he was thinking, and said bluntly, “Even if I were caught, I would not rat on you. I have arsenic sealed in my collar, which I will immediately take.” Being amused at her simplistic thinking, he said: ”You’re my wife and the god daughter of the branch chief. How could it possibly not implicate me?” Cuiping instantly flared up and said: “ What a coward you are! You don’t trust your revolutionary comrade. In my eyes, you are not the hero they make you out to be.” For several days thereafter, Cuiping refused to speak to him, but wandered around the house going up and down doing nothing. When she went out on the balcony to smoke, she continued to use his precious ink stone as an ash tray.

Yu thought this was exactly the stubbornness he had seen in her eyes the first time they met. She was simple-minded, inflexible and even a little rude. But he also believed that she must be very brave and would surely take the arsenic without hesitation or even use the grenade to blow herself up. For that, his respect for her grew.

However, something happened before long to make him realize that for his own safety, Cuiping was even more dangerous to him than Old Ma.


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