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Unit 1   Great scientists


第一组:movement, construction, theory, cure, absorb, engine, positive, contribute, characteristic, control

1 The new tunnel hasn’t been finished; it is still under _________.

2 It is said that this kind of new medicine can _________ people of heart disease.

3 _________ are to machines what hearts are to animals.

4 As we know, exercise _________ to better health.

5 The hotel fire was completely under _________ the moment the firemen arrived.

6 The need to communicate is a key _________ of human society.

7 I am a witness. I am _________ about what time it happened.

8 He seemed totally _________ in that book. When I came in he didn’t notice me at all.

9 According to the _________ of relativity, nothing travels faster than light.

10 Wearing loose clothing gives you greater freedom of _________.

第二组:handle, severe, enthusiastic, scientific, analyze, complete, blame, valuable, spin, conclude

11 She is a ________ woman who never smiles.

12 They didn’t draw a conclusion until carrying out lots of ________ experiments.

13 It came as a _________ surprise to me. I never thought of that.

14 This kind of gold watch is really _________. It costs a lot of money to buy one.

15 He _________ his speech by wishing everyone a safe trip home.

16 Suddenly the plane was _________ out of control.

17 Who is to _________ for this road accident?

18 It took us a long time to _________ what went wrong. And eventually we knew the problem.

19 She was even less _________ about going to Japan.

20 She turned the _________ and opened the door.

第三组:cautious, repeat, reject, pump, virus, announce, expose, defeat, instruct, radium

21 I _________ three times but he still couldn’t remember it.

22 This engine is used for _________ water out of the mine.

23 The government _________ yesterday to the media plans to create a million new jobs.

24 This is the first time that our team has been _________ at basketball match.

25 Madame Curie is always remembered by people as the discoverer of _________.

26 You will be _________ where to go as soon as the car is ready.

27 Don’t _________ yourself to strong sunlight; it will harm your skin.

28 He was seriously ill because of a _________ infection.

29 This proposal was firmly _________ at the meeting.

30 He is very _________ about committing(承诺) himself to anything.


put forward   draw a conclusion   in addition   link…to… apart from   be strict with   lead to   make sense   point of view

1 You must organize your composition well. _________, you should pay attention to your handwriting.

2 What he thought and said didn’t ________.

3 It was because of his carelessness that _________ his failure.

4 My boss _________ me in my new work.

5 He was brave enough to _________ objections at the meeting.

6 Peter, what’s your __________ on that matter?

7 __________ Changjiang and Huanghe there are many other rivers in China.

8 After reading the article once again he __________.

9 You may _________ your mobile phone __________ a computer.

Unit 2   The United Kingdom


第一组:consistent, communism, clarify, fold, influence, collection, delight, unite, smart, unfair, puzzle, available, construct

1 It was Karl Marx who developed ________.

2 Please ________ down the blanket and put it into the closet. 

3 I have a larger ________ of coins than he has.

4 Two parties _________ to oppose the government’s plans.

5 It was ________ for the mother to treat her five kids unequally.

6 The newly-developed software is ________ to all PC users. It is cheap and easy to install.

7 The old bridge _________ in the 1950s was washed away during the floods last week.

8 The math problem _________ both the teacher and his students.

9 Mr. & Mrs. Jones were wearing their _________ clothes for the grand party.

10 He won the game easily, to the __________ of all his fans.

11 Proper ways of education have positive _________ on children’s growth and development.

12 I have _________ my intention of leaving the company.

13 The results are entirely _________ with earlier research.

第二组:debate, loyal, attraction, project, statue, legal, wedding, error, splendid, uniform, thrill, arrange, convenience

14 That plane belongs to British ________ Forces.

15 I am occupied in writing a new research _________.

16 According to Chinese _________ systems, the suspect must be sentenced to death.

17 I think you have made an _________ in calculating the total.

18 Students are asked to wear school _________ at school.

19 Our _________ marriage came to an end in the year of 2006.

20 This flat is equipped with modern __________.

21 It gave me a big ________ to meet my favorite author in person.

22 They bought a ________ apartment by the sea, which cost them lots of money.

23 The old couple got married thirty years ago. Yesterday was their 30th _________ anniversary.

24 The _________ of Liberty was presented to the United States of America by France.

25 The Window to the World is a famous _________ to visitors from both home and abroad.

26 The question of the origin of the universe is still hotly __________by scientists.  


consist of    divide…into…    break away (from)  leave out    take the place of   break down 

1 China _________ 23 provinces, 4 municipalities, 5 autonomous regions and 2 special administrative regions. 

2 Miss Wang _________ Mrs. Liu to give us a lesson.

3 __________ sentences which are unnecessary in the essay.

4 Mum _________ the apple _________ four parts, so everyone got his share.

5 Negotiations between these countries finally __________.

6 I persuaded him to _________ the gang and be a good man.

Unit 3   Life in the future


第一组:swift, extraordinary, agency, bend, carriage, constantly, previous, vehicle, press, helmet

1 Sun Yat-sen was a truly ________ man in the Chinese history.

2 Please mark the pipe where you will ________ it.

3 As you know, fashion is ________ changing.

4 In front of the hotel are rows of parked ________.

5 People are often asked to wear _________ when riding motorbikes.

6 The ________ conference is to be held between 9:00 am and 10:00 a.m. next Monday.

7 Anyone can do this job. No ________ experience is needed for it.

8 This is an express train with 18 ________.

9 You may turn to a travel _________ for information about traveling abroad.

10 Don’t hesitate; you need to make a _________ decision.

第二组:private, tablet, surroundings, mud, flash, skip, require, master, temple, capsule

11 The doctor told me to take two ________ with water before meals.

12 My car got stuck in the ________ and couldn’t get out.

13 Since you have learned this chapter, let us _________ it and begin the next chapter.

14 I received my _________ degree for economics in Beijing University.

15 Those miners were brought up from the mine in a special _________.

16 That old _______ with a history of more than 300 years is visited by lots of people every day.

17 The height of the desk ________ adjusting a little lower.

18 A neon(霓虹灯) ________ on and off above the door.

19 My hometown lies in a small village with nice _________. I enjoy living there.

20 The number of Shenzheners who have ________ cars has reached 1 million.

第三组:length, herb, switch, impression, mask, lack, optimistic, settlement, lemonade, jet

21 I like to drink tea mixed with _______. It smells fragrant.

22 If you don’t like this channel, just ________ to another one.

23 She succeeded because she had the determination that her brother ________.

24 The management and the unions have reached a ________ over new working conditions.

25 –What kind of drink would you like? –A glass of ________, please.

26 The two sides are not too ________ about the result of the negotiation.

27 The robbers were wearing stocking ________ when they robbed the bank.

28 His words left me the ________ that he didn’t like the plan at all.

29 In our school each class is 40 minutes in ________.

30 The accident happened as the ________ was about to take off.


 remind…of  lose sight of  sweep up  speed up  assist in     catch sight of     take up

1 Wang Ping ran very fast and soon I ________ him.

2 Since retirement Old Wang ________ gardening.

3 After the train pulled out of the station it soon ________.

4 They greatly _________ searching for the missing boy.

5 This old photo _________ me ________ my college days.

6 We’ll make our bathroom more comfortable if we _______ the mess every day.

7 I _________my brother immediately among the crowd, for he was very tall!

Unit 4   Making the news


第一组:edition, process, chief, reporter, guilty, acquire, course, section, occupation, department, approve

1 Before he became the ________ editor of the newspaper he was a journalist.

2 I often read the electronic _________ of Shenzhen Daily on the internet.

3 The judge announced the man not _________ and then he was set free.

4 Tomato-egg soup is the last _________ of our dinner.

5 The Japanese _________of Taiwan lasted fifty-one years.

6 The new edition textbook is _________ by the Department for Education.

7 Months later I was appointed manager of the sales _________ of our company.

8 I glanced over the sports _________ of China Daily.

9 From whom did you _________ the latest information?

10 Our chief editor is having a friendly talk with those _________ from New York Times.

11 I sent three rolls of film away to be ________.

第二组:technical, employ, task, appointment, meanwhile, photograph, profession, trade, intention, thorough, accurate

12 Learning is the main ________ for us high school students.

13 We will offer free _________ support for those buying our software.

14 There are 20 minutes to go before the meeting. _________, I want to have a drink of coffee.

15 He was an electrician by _________.

16 I have no ________ of leaving the city. On the contrary, I do like this city.

17 My watch is not ________. I am afraid it needs fixing.

18 Miss Wang did a ________ investigation of who broke the classroom windows.

19 A few years ago China became a member of the World _________ Organization.

20 Shenzhen is a beautiful city. I spent a whole day taking _________ of it.

21 In some countries you must make an _________ before going to a doctor.

22 Since how long ago have you been _________ in this factory?

第三组:deliberately, gifted, normal, recorder, note, colleague, seldom, senior, eager, polish, case, crime

23 Lisa is a very _________ girl for music. She can play the piano very well though very young.

24 Now when we enjoy music we use DVD but don’t often use the tape ________to play cassettes..

25 We are friends and ________ for many years. We are getting on quite well.

26 After graduating from a junior middle school I went to a key _________ middle school in our city.

27 My article was carefully _________ and checked before release(发表).
28 Anyone who commits a ________ shall be punished.

29 You probably won’t need to call, but take my number, just in _________.

30 After the exam all the students were ________ to know their results.

31 I don’t like films, so I ________ go to the cinema.

32 Please ________ that the new law will come into effect on July 1st.

33 It is ________ to feel tired after such a long trip.

34 I have been _________ ignoring her all day, so she is very upset.


concentrate on   accuse …of      so as to (do sth)   defend against   have a nose for   be supposed to

1 He moved to live with the disabled man _________ take care of him.

2 Mike is a reporter who _________ those film and TV stars’ love affairs(诽闻)..

3 Johnson was _________ murder by the police and condemned to 10 years in prison.

4 He _________ be a college graduate but he knew nothing of history.

5 The law allows people to _________ themselves _________ a charge.

6 In this chapter I shall _________ the early years of Charlie’s reign(王朝)

Unit 5   First aid


第一组:mild, throat, bandage, jewellry, ceremony, liquid, injury, aid, radiation, present, wounded

1 I cannot raise my voice, for I have got a sore ________.

2_________is a personal ornament, such as a ring, necklace, bracelet, made from jewels, precious metals or other substances

3 Matter has three states—solid, gas and ________.

4 With the _________ of my English teacher I have made rapid progress in English.

5 The family _________ an ancient sword to the museum.

6 Those _________ soldiers were sent to the nearest hospital for treatment.

7 It is said that you will be affected by the ________ if you talk on the mobile phone for long.

8 Be careful with the knife. Or you will do yourself an ________ .

9 Some high officials were invited to the opening _________ of Shenzhen Hi-tech Fair.

10 His legs were seriously hurt and were _________ up. He could only stay in bed.

11She is a _________ woman who never shouts to others. We all like being with her.

第二组:pressure, bleeding, tissue, bravery, choke, symptom, electric, iron, kettle, ankle, towel

12 I cut my finger while cutting the apple and it was ________.

13 He saved the girl from the burning house. We all admired him for his _________.

14 Headache, cough and a running nose are all cold _________.

15 I need to _________ the dress before I can wear it.

16 While playing football yesterday afternoon I sprained my ________ and it hurt a lot.

17 After the bath you’d better dry yourself with a __________.

18 She carelessly knocked over a _________ full of boiling water on his legs.

19 It was Edison who invented the _________ light.

20 The man almost _________ to death in the thick smoke.

21 Will you please bring me a box of _________? My nose is running.

22 You shouldn’t work under great _________all the time. Try to relax yourself.

第三组:treatment, wrist, authentic, essay, swell, sleeve, organ, poison, ambulance, damage, damp

23 My _________ aches. I can hardly move my hand.

24 Her face ________ up where the bee had stung her.

25 Eyes, nose, and ears are the sense _________ of the human body.

26 He fell ill and had trouble breathing. So his family called 120 for help and then an __________ arrived immediately.

27 The house is very cold and _________. If you live here for long you will probably suffer from rheum arthritis(风湿性关节炎).

28 The desk was _________. Who can fix it?

29 Some mushrooms contain a deadly _________. Never eat them.

30 In summer people usually wear shirts with short ________.

31 He wrote an _________ on the causes of the First World War.

32 There is a sewage(污水) _________ plant in the west of the city.

33 I am interested in collecting valuable paintings, but I don’t know if this one is _________.


fall ill      over and over again        in place  squeeze out    a number of     put one’s hands on

1 He __________, so his wife called for first aid.

2 When you finish reading my books please put them _________.

3 Don’t ask me such silly questions __________.

4 __________ middle school students signed up for the English Summer Camp.

5 Peter, I cannot ___________ any blank paper for you.

6 I took off my wet clothes and _________ water.

Unit 1
第一组:1 construction  2 cure  3 Engines  4 contributes  5 control  6 characteristic  7 positive  8 absorbed  9 theory  10 movement 
第二组:11 severe  12 scientific  13 complete  14 valuable  15 concluded  16 spinning  17 blame  18 analyze  19 enthusiastic  20 handle 
第三组:21 repeated  22 pumping  23 announced  24 defeated  25 radium  26 instructed  27 expose  28 virus  29 rejected  30 cautious
1 In addition  2 make sense  3 led to  4 is strict with  5 put forward  6 point of view  7 Apart from  8 drew a conclusion  9 link…to

Unit 2
第一组:1 communism  2 fold  3 collection  4 united  5 unfair  6 available  7 constructed  8 puzzles  9 splendid/smart  10 delight  11 influence  12 clarified  13 consistent 
第二组:14 Loyal  15 project  16 legal  17 error  18 uniforms  19 arranged  20 conveniences  21 thrill  22 splendid  23 wedding  24 Statue  25 attraction  26 debated 
1 consists of  2 took/takes the place of  3 Leave out  4 divided…into  5 broke down  6 break away from

Unit 3
第一组:1 ordinary  2 bend  3 constantly  4 vehicles  5 helmets  6 press  7 previous  8 carriages  9 agency  10 swift 
第二组:blets  12 mud  13 skip  14 master’s  15 capsule  16 temple  17 requires  18 flashed  19 surroundings  20 private 
第三组:rbs  22 switch  23 lacked  24 settlement  25 lemonade  26 optimistic  27 masks  28 impressions  29 length  30 jet
1 lost sight of  2 has taken up  3 speeded up  4 assisted in  5 reminds …of
6 sweep up  7 caught sight of

Unit 4
第一组:1 chief  2 edition  3 guilty  4 course  5 occupation  6 approved  7 department  8 section  9 acquire  10 reporters  11 processed 
第二组:12 task  13 technical  14 Meanwhile  15 profession/trade  16 intention  17 accurate  18 thorough  19 Trade  20 photographs  21 appointment  22 employed 
第三组:23 gifted  24 recorder  25 colleagues  26 senior  27 polished  28 crime  29 case  30 eager  31 seldom  32 note  33 normal  34 deliberately
1 so as to  2 has a nose for  3 accused of  4 was supposed to  5 defend…against  6 concentrate on
Unit 5
第一组:1 throat  2 Jewellry  3 liquid  4 aid  5 presented  6 wounded  7 radiation  8 injury  9 ceremony  10 bandaged  11 mild 
第二组:12 bleeding  13 bravery  14 symptoms  15 iron  16 ankle  17 towel  18 kettle  19 electric  20 choked  21 tissues  22 pressure 
第三组:23 wrist  24 swelled  25 organs  26 ambulance  27 damp  28 damaged  29 poison  30 sleeves  31 essay  32 treatment  33 authentic
1 fell ill  2 in place  3 over and over again  4 A number of  5 put my hands on
6 squeezed out


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