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每周心灵占星 6.20-6.26

(2009-06-22 09:50:06)










分类: 都在宿命里
  It's the Solstice - the moment when the rising Sun, having crept slowly along the horizon for the past six months, finally reaches a turning point. It now comes up in exactly the same place, every day for a few days and then starts edging gradually back towards the place where it dawns in December. The ancients viewed this as a time of tremendous hope and inspiration. They celebrated. They sang. They considered it the most auspicious part of the year. They were not wrong. And nor, if you dedicate your life to pursuing a real, sincere and generous vision this week, will you be making a mistake!
  You are, as you surely must know, exceptionally smart. Sometimes, though, there are disadvantages to being brilliant. You shine, for example, so brightly in some areas of life that you blind yourself to your shortcomings elsewhere. You sometimes overlook basic points, displaying all the traits of the classic, eccentric, slightly absent- minded genius. There's something in your life now that seems rather tedious or uninteresting. It's not 'too hard' to sort out; it is too dull. But it has to be dealt with. Try, this solstice week, to be a little more ordinary... and you'll soon make truly extraordinary progress.
  If you face a hostile climate, if you're experiencing frostiness or harsh indifference, go where it's warm, where it's safe, where you know that someone will treat you with the kindness you deserve. You know what I mean by this. For some reason, though, you feel reluctant. Maybe you see it as beating a retreat or running away from a challenge. Really, though, you have to ask yourself, 'From which position am I most likely to succeed? One of strength? Or one of vulnerability?' Mars is in your sign. Help is on offer. Support is available. Don't be so proud or polite as to pretend you don't need what's on offer this week.

  It is all going to come right in the end. The question is when will the 'end' be? How long can you wait for this glorious day? You can call a halt to a silly set of proceedings any time you wish. You can let go of something you have been hanging on to. You can decide that the end is not just 'nigh' it is now. All you have to decide is if you have really had enough of a drama or a battle. The solstice is a time of new beginnings, the more so than ever as it falls on a New Moon this year. The moment you allow something to end, somehow it will all 'come right' and you can then get on with starting a far better journey.
  This year's solstice is particularly powerful, not least because it coincides with the first of two New Moons in your sign. You are naturally dependable. You share your sanity at times when many are starting to go a little crazy. Your ability to rise above conflict will soon be enhanced. It will not, though, be constant and infallible. You too, will feel tempted at times to succumb to fear or resentment. Your strength will be tested this week, but you should easily pass this test and set a fine example in the process. In reaching sincerely for tolerance and forgiveness, you are also laying the foundation for a far happier future.
  Lately, you have been pretty clever. You have not just sown the seed of change but nurtured it sensitively. It is already clear that a new approach is going to work well. What's required now is a chance to consolidate. You don't need to add any more ingredients to the stew. You don't have to adapt the recipe any more. You just have to be confident and committed. Follow through the process that you have begun and it will result in a fine outcome. You don't need to work any more miracles. You just need to celebrate solstice week by developing the miracles you have already begun to work.
  You are doing what needs to be done. Much to your surprise, it is, more or less, just about working. So far, at least. You are, of course, nervous. You never really thought you actually would do what you are now starting to do. You thought it would always just be something to talk about and dream of. But now, the fantasy is becoming a reality. Life is getting intense - not least because so much is changing so quickly. There is a fear that it could all go horribly adrift at any moment. But that is NOT going to happen. The celestial situation, this solstice is exceedingly encouraging. So please, relax.
  你正在做需要你去做的事.令你惊讶的是,这的确,或多或少,就是一件和工作相关的事。到现在为止,你确实,自然会有点紧张。你从来没敢去想你竟然能参与到你现在已经开始去做得事情,因为你一直以为这些对你来说是可望不可及的,然而梦想正在变为现实~ 生活正在加快步伐,变得紧张了起来-这不光是因为世事变化的太快,而是我们生怕(现实的)一切可能会在某个瞬间全然消逝。不过放心吧,这不会发生的。这一年的夏至,将会格外的鼓舞人心,让自己放轻松吧~
  Things will settle into a much more comforting pattern soon. You feel, as if you ought to be resisting a process or trying to prevent a particular development from taking place. You are becoming a little uncertain and apprehensive and this is making you inclined to be overly defensive. There seems to be little option other than to go along with what you don't want to go along with. That's upsetting you. Don't let it. Instead, adapt, accept and be willing to see the good in what's happening. The solstice New Moon is your promise of a week during which you see how much there is to be deeply glad of.
  Most people, looking at a newly-ploughed field, simply see a barren landscape. To a farmer, though, this is a sight full of great promise. An artist feels the same way about a blank canvas. A musician gets inspired by the silence of an empty room. What you've got, at the moment, is the perfect space in which to create something. You have (or soon will have) the tools and the resources. You're getting the permission or the co-operation you require. All that's needed is the idea, the vision, the sense of 'readiness'. If you don't already have this, it will emerge during this very special solstice week.
  Like little grains of sand on some enormous beach, we humans dwell in our billions above the surface of this planet. We see ourselves as big and important yet we also know that we are tiny, temporary entities. How much influence can any of us have? Happily, the forces that govern the cosmos somehow manage to make room for us all to have a say in how our futures unfold. Here, for you this rare solstice week, comes an experience of power. An amazing chance to assert your will. A reason to believe that you can make a difference. Prepare to be inspired and to feel the true extent of your own power.
  The day after tomorrow will come, even if tomorrow never does! Or, to put it another way, though we rarely wake up in the morning to find our world has totally changed, we always come to realise, after a period of time, that something significant has shifted. As the solstice this year, coincides with a new moon in your opposite sign, life is asking you to think about where you want to be in a year or two. You hardly care. You just want to know about the next few hours and days. What you have now, though, is far more power and choice over the long-term future than you realise. The short term will take care of itself.
  You win some... and you win some more. And yes, all right then, every so often, no matter how successful you are, you have to lose some too... eventually. But if you are winning enough of the ones that count, it hardly matters does it? It may not be possible to score a success in every endeavour you want to undertake. But as long as you now prioritise the most important issues on your personal agenda, you can ensure that this week, as the solstice works its magic on the world, you protect whatever you care most about. And as for the rest well, you may not do too badly there, either!
  The definition of insanity, so they tell us, is doing the same thing over and over again in the hope that it will bring a different result! Perhaps so, but that's also the definition of optimism. We have to have faith or we really will go crazy. Sometimes we have to keep repeating an exercise and hoping for the best. And sometimes there's no option, other than to shrug your shoulders and give up. That's not something you can do now, and nor should you. The planets may be making your life intense, but the solstice sky is also filling your world with positive possibility. Look out for it and take advantage!


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