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27.Of the 294 West Point graduates serving in the Confederacy during the Civil War, how many became General Officers? ------ 14 of the West Point graduates serving in the Confederacy became General Officers.内战期间有294名西点毕业生在南方联盟服役,他们中有多少人成为了将帅?------他们中有14人成为了将军。
28.Who commanded the major battles of the Civil War? ------ There were 60 important battles of the War. In 55 of them, graduates commanded on both sides; in the remaining 5, a graduate commanded one of the opposing sides.
29.Who are the past 5 Generals of the Army and Air Force and which one was not a USMA graduate? ------ General of the Air Force Henry H. Arnold, USMA 1907; General of the Army Omar N. Bradley, USMA 1915; General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower, USMA 1915; General of the Army Douglas C. MacArthur, USMA 1903; General of the Army George C. Marshall, VMI, 1901.
在过去五届陆军和空军上将中,哪一个不是美国陆军军官学院毕业的?------空军上将Henry H. Arnold,1907年毕业于美国陆军军官学院;陆军上将Omar N. Bradley(布雷德利),1915年毕业于美国陆军军官学院;陆军上将Dwight D. Eisenhower(艾森豪威尔),1915年毕业于美国陆军军官学院;陆军上将Douglas C. MacArthur(麦克阿瑟),1903年毕业于美国陆军军官学院;陆军上将George C. Marshall(马歇尔),1901年毕业于弗吉尼亚军事学院。
30. What is the history of the Class Ring? ------ The class of 1835 was the first class to wear class rings. The Class of 1836 had no ring, but each succeeding class had one except for the Class of 1879, who chose cuff links. Before 1869, each person designed his own ring. In 1869, the ring committee was instituted to adopt a uniform design. The ring of today is designed by the Ring and Crest Committee. The ring varies from year to year but it always includes the Academy Crest and the Class Crest. The ring is worn with the Class Crest towards the heart before graduation and the Academy Crest toward the heart after graduation.班级戒指的历史是什么?------1835年,第一个班级戴上了他们的戒指。1836年没有班级戒指,除了1879年之外每一个成功的班级都会由一个班级戒指,每个人都可以设计自己的戒指。1869年,戒指委员会被创立用来设计制服。现如今的戒指是由戒指及顶饰委员会来设计的。戒指在逐年变化,但是它始终包含着学院顶饰以及班级戒指这两者。
31. Who was the first man killed in an airplane crash? ------ 1st Lieutenant E. Selfridge, USMA Class of 1903, was killed at Fort Myer, VA on 17September1908, when the plane in which he was riding with Orville Wright crashed.谁是第一个因飞机坠毁而死的人?------ E. Selfridge中尉,美国陆军军官学院1903届学生,于1908年9月17日在弗吉尼亚的Fort Myer不幸遇难,当时这架飞机就在当年怀特兄弟飞机坠的地方失事的。
32.Where is the evolution of the Full Dress Hat to be found? ------ The Evolution of the Full Dress Hat is pictured in stone carvings over five windows in Grant Hall.穿全装并戴帽的改革是在哪里被发现的?------这项改革被刻画在Grant Hall里面的石头上。
33.With what is Abner Doubleday, Class of 1842, credited? ------ He is credited with having invented the sport of Baseball.
1842年那一届的Abner Doubleday的成就是什么?------他的成就是因为他发明了棒球。
34. Who headed the building of the Panama Canal? ------ Major General George Washington Goethals, Class of 1880.是谁带领建造巴拿马运河的?------是1880年那届毕业的George Washington Goethals。
35. How did General Charles P. Summerall, former Chief of Staff, first win his fame? ------ As an artillery Lieutenant walking under fire to Peking's Imperial City gate in 1901 and chalking targets for his guns on the hinges of the gates.
前参谋长Charles P. Summerall上将,是如何赢得他第一次的威望的?------他作为一个炮兵少尉在1901年冒着炮火在北京城行军,为他的枪炮画好标靶草图。
36.What graduate turned down an Olympic team position to join his classmate in Korea? ------ Lieutenant Richard Shea, Class of 1952 (USMAPS 1948). He was the hero of Pork Chop Hill where he won the Medal of Honor.
哪位毕业生拒绝了奥运会队伍的席位,而去加入远在韩国的同学?------ 1952届的Richard Shea少尉,他是猪排山的英雄,后来他在那里获得了荣誉勋章。

37.Why was it impossible to establish a claim for a record in the old Varsity Pool when it was first built? ------ The pool was discovered to have been constructed one inch shorter than it was designed to be. This was remedied by lengthening the pool one inch at the cost of $1000.
在最初修建老Varsity 泳池时,为什么没有为了记录它而建立一种主张的可能性?这个水池被发现,在结构上比预先的设计要短1英寸。而为了弥补它,要花费1000美金在长度上增加1英寸。
38.What are the mistakes on the French Monument? ------ Curved saber, straight scabbard; wind blowing flag in one direction, coat tails in the other; cannonballs larger than bore of cannon; button unbuttoned.
39.Where was the "Black Hole of Calcutta? ------ Originally the Old Provost Prison located on the edge of Execution Hollow was used as a retaliatory prison, giving British prisoners in our hands the same treatment as Americans received in British prisons. It is now said to be the room under the Cadet Chapel that is visible from the steps on the north side.加尔各答黑洞在哪里?------坐落在Execution Hollow边缘的老式军事监狱,同样被用作了监狱,英国罪犯在我们手中就像美国罪犯在他们手中一样,得到同样的待遇。据说从北面石阶可以看到学院教堂地下的监狱房间。
40. Where is the Kissing Tree? ------ On Flirtation Walk at Camp Buckner. It is a tree with a large orange band painted on it, 112 yards from Barth Hall.
亲吻树在哪里?------ 在Buckner营地边走边谈情说爱,有一棵树被巨大的橙色彩带所喷绘而成,它距离Barth 厅有112码。
41.What is significant about First Captain Robert Woods, USMA Class of 1945? ------ He won a major letter in football at both West Point and Annapolis.
Robert Woods上尉的重要性是什么?他是美国陆军军官学院的1945届毕业生。------他在西点和安纳波利斯之间的一场足球比赛上赢得了关键一分
42.What men are honored in Cullum Hall? ------ In the terms of the will of Brevet Major General George W. Cullum, the memorial hall which bears his name has service as a locale for tablets and portraits of distinguished deceased officers and graduates of the Military Academy. Included among those memorialized are: all deceased graduates who have won the Medal of Honor, all those killed in World War II and in the Korean Conflict, almost all graduates who were killed in previous wars, as well as all deceased former Superintendents and permanent Professors of the military Academy. There is now no room for further memorialization beyond a few commitments which have already been established.
在Cullum 厅什么样的人受到了尊敬?------由于George W. Cullum荣升为少将,写有他名字的纪念堂就被用来作为陈列那些著名的已故官员以及陆军学员的毕业生的肖像的场所。其中那些被纪念的人包括:所有曾经获得过荣誉勋章的已故学员,所有那些在二战和朝鲜战争牺牲的人们,在过去战争中所有牺牲的毕业生们,以及陆军学院的前任管理者和常任教授。但除了一点点的注释外,已经不能再为纪念场所提供空间了。
43. What were Colonel Sylvanus Thayer's three D's of the fighting men? ------ Discipline, Decision, and Devotion to Duty.
Sylvanus Thayer上校作战的3D原则是什么?------严明的纪律,果敢的决心,对职责的奉献精神。
44. What did General Lee say concerning commanders? ------ "I cannot trust with higher command, with command of others, a man who cannot command himself. Discipline of self, as well as others, is the soul of an Army?"

45. What is the significance of Fort Arnold? ------ The position of its gun actually commanded the Hudson. It received its name from the hero of Quebec, Benedict Arnold. After his defection to the British, it was renamed Fort Clinton.
Arnold堡的重要性是什么?------它的炮位实际上控制着哈得孙河,它因魁北克英雄Benedict Arnold而得名。但在他背叛英国之后,这里的名字又被改为了Clinton堡。
46. Who was Thaddeus Koscluszko? ------ He was a Polish officer, born in Lithuania, who was assigned the task of completing the fortifications for the defense of the Hudson. It took 28 months to complete the job. Part of the fortifications and a garden terrace built by him below the Plain, still remain as a memorial.Thaddeus Koscluszko是谁?------他是一名波兰军官,出生于立陶宛,曾接受了一项在哈德逊河畔设防的任务。这项工程用了28个月才完成。他在一片平原之下建立了防御工事还有花园平台,如今仍作为纪念保留在那里。
47. What figure is represented on the USMA Library? ------ The statue that adorns the face of the USMA Library is that of Athena, or Minerva, mythological protectors of heroes, the brave, and the valorous. With her right arm stretched out in a gesture suggesting the spread of knowledge, her left resting upon her shield, Athena is the goddess who is wise in the industries of peace and the arts of war. It is particularly fitting that the figure adoring the new library should also be known for her supreme wisdom. The figures right arm extends over the globe, showing our thrust into space, and clouds, symbols for world problems, surround the lower part of the globe. the figure, which is built into the top of the facade of the new library's tower, stands 18 feet high, looking out to the north. The helmet, shield and sword are from the Academy's Coat of Arms. The sculptor, Lee Lawrie, completed the work on Athena just before his death in 1963. One of the greatest sculptors of his time, an early commission of his was to adorn new building at USMA in 1908-1911. He executed the large mantel in the Academic board room of Headquarters Building with statues of nine epic heroes as part of this earlier commission and has done other nationally known work.
美国陆军军官学院的图书馆的塑像代表了什么?------装饰在图书馆门口的雕像是雅典娜或者是Minerva女神,她们是神话中的守护神,        她们英勇无比。根据她右手伸展的姿势来看,象征了知识的传播,左手拿着她的盾,无论是和平的工业期还是文学战争期,她都是一位聪慧的女神。塑像的右手延伸至全球范围,展示了我们向太空推进,钻入云层,象征了世界问题,包含了地球的下半部分。塑像被建在了新图书馆塔楼正面顶部,有18英尺高,向北方伫立着。头盔、盾牌以及宝剑都是来自学院的武器。雕刻家Lee Lawrie直到1963年去世前才完成了雅典娜这件艺术作品。在伟大雕刻家的一生中,他的早期任务是要在19008到1911年间为学院的新建筑制作装饰。他在建筑总部的学术室制作了一个巨大的壁炉,以及9尊史诗英雄的塑像,这些是他早期的任务,而后他又完成了别的国内知名的项目。
48. How were new cadet greeted here in the 1850's? ------ New cadets were greeted by a barrage of buttons fired from a brass candlestick loaded with gun powder as they reported to their 1st Sergeant for duty.
49.What is the oldest building on post? ------ The Superintendent's Quarters, Quarters 100, built in 1820 when Captain Sylvanus Thayer was Superintendent.兵营里最早的建筑是什么?------是长官的军营,100间住所,在1820年,当时Sylvanus Thayer上尉任长官的时候建造的。
50.Who was Dennis M. Michie? ------ He was a member of the Class of 1892 and the captain of the first Army Football Team. 1st Lieutenant Michie was killed in action in San Juan, Cuba in July 1898.
Dennis M. Michie是谁?------他是1892年那届的成员,并且是陆军第一支足球队的队长。Michie中尉在1898年7月古巴的一次行动中牺牲了。
51.What is the history of the Great Chain? ------ By the year 1777 it had been determined that West Point was the most practical site for the construction of a chain and its defending artillery. The chain was constructed by Peter Townsend in the Sterling Iron Works, 25 mile southwest of West Point. It was installed, along with supporting artillery, under the direction of General Parsons in 1778. The purpose of the Great Chain was to obstruct navigation on the Hudson River thereby cutting the British supply lines. The Chain was 1700 feet long. There were approximately 1200 links, each of which weighted between 90 and 122 pounds. It was stapled to large logs in order to float it and reached from Chain Cove to Constitution Island. The great Chain was protected by a boom just south of it. The boom, made of logs chained together, was placed so that a ship striking it would be slowed down to the point that it could not break the chain.
伟大锁链的历史是什么的?------到1777年为止,西点军校已被认为是建立一条锁链和炮火防御阵地的最切实可行的地点。这条锁链是由Peter Townsend在Sterling 钢铁厂建立起来的,在西点军校西南部25英里的地方。它连同火炮,在Parsons将军的指导下于1778年被建立起来。伟大的锁链是为了阻止Hudson河的河上运输从而断掉英国的补给线。这个河上锁链有1700英尺长。大概有1200个连接处,每一个连接处都重达90至122磅。它被分成巨大的圆木以使它浮起来,从Chain Cove到Constitution 岛。这条伟大的河上锁链由一条在它南面的栏木所保护起来。这条栏木是由那些圆木连接起来的。船只要是撞上它就会减速,以使船不会撞到锁链。
52. What war contributed the most cannons to those of the West Point collection? ------ 104 cannons were retained from the Mexican War.
53. After whom was Delafied Pond named? ------ Brevet Major General Richard Delafied, Class of 1818, who, in the 1830's and 1840's worked on the famous Cumberland Road. Later he was three times appointed Superintendent of the Academy. He also was the Chief of the Engineers from 1864 to 1866.
Delafied Pond是根据谁命名的?------ 他是被荣升为少将的Richard Delafied,西点1818届学员。他在十九世纪三四十年代从事建造著名的坎伯兰公路。后来他曾三次被指派到陆军学院担任领导职务。1864至1866年他还担任过总工程师。
54. What is the origin of cadet grey? ------ This color was introduced by Superintendent Patridge in the Fall of 1815. It was adopted to commemorate General Jacob Brown's impressive victory over the British at the Battle of Chippewa, 5July1814. Due to the inability of the government to furnish the troops with blue at the particular time, General Brown's regular troops were clothed in gray. The British initially thought that they were up against gray-clad militia troops, which they had earlier defeated. General Winfield Scott was one of Brown's brigade commanders at this battle.学员灰色的起源是什么?------这个颜色是于1815年的秋天被校长Patridge采用的。它被采用是为了纪念布朗 雅各布将军在1814年7月5日击败英军的伟大胜利。由于政府在特定时间没能给部队提供兰色制服,布朗将军的正规部队则穿着灰色制服。英国人最初认为他们是之前被打败的穿灰色衣服的义勇军。Winfield Scott将军是布朗这个旅的指挥官之一。
55. What is the subject of the Mural in Washington Hall? ------ The mural depicts the history of arms from earliest times as symbolized by the leaders of 20 great battles decisive in charting the course of civilization. Development of the weapons of war is also portrayed in authentic detail.
56. What event marked the beginning of competitive intercollegiate athletics at West Point" ------ Navy football game of 1890.
57. Who and from what class was the "Father of the Military Academy?" ------ Colonel Sylvanus Thayer, Class of 1808.
“陆军学院之父”是谁他来自哪届?------是Sylvanus Thayer上校,毕业于1808年。
58. What are the 5 Stone Warriors and what do they represent? ------ They are figures depicting the use of the horse through history, found between the two main entrances to Thayer Hall, one level below the road running downhill in front of the building. They represent, from left to right, Mounted Soldier, Medieval Knight, U.S. Cavalryman, Western Indian, and the Horsemen of World War I.
什么是五石勇士纪念碑?他们代表着什么?------它们是透过历史用来描绘马的用途的一些画像,在近入Thayer Hall的两条主要入口之间被发现。它们从左到右依次象征着:山间骑士、中世纪武士、美国骑兵、西方印第安人以及一战时候的骑手。
59. What was the origin of the name "Weapons Room?" ------ Weapons Room was so named because weapons training was given to the Corps of Cadets in this room for many years before the conversion to use it as a cadet restaurant. It was formally located where the Office of Physical Education is now.
60.What did Sherman, Class of 1840, say of war? ------ "There is many a boy who looks on war as all glory, but boys, it is all hell."
61.Where was Execution Hollow and what was its significance? ------ Execution Hollow was a depression in the Northeast part of the parade ground. It was the location of executions during the Revolutionary War.
Execution Hollow的意义何在?它在阅兵场的东北部分的洼地。 在革命战争期间,它是行刑的地点。
62. What event contributed to the cessation of mortar practice from Battery Byrne? ------ A round landed across the river in the main intersection of the town of Cold Spring. Battery Byrne was located in Execution Hollow and is now buried there.
什么事件导致了贝特瑞伯恩的迫击炮练习的终止?一轮炮弹穿过Cold Spring城的主要路口降落在河对岸。贝特瑞伯恩正好在Execution Hollow(低洼行刑地),现在埋葬于此。
63.Who was the Vigilance Committee? ------ The Vigilance Committee was the forerunner of the Cadet Honor Committee. These cadets were an unsanctioned group who policed the Corps of Cadets who committed dishonorable acts.
64.Who officially sanctioned or authorized the formation of the Cadet Honor Committee? ------ In 1921, General Douglas MacArthur, then Superintendent, formally recognized the Vigilance Committee and formed the Cadet Honor Committee. Since that time, the Honor Committee has been in existence to uphold the Honor portion of the Academy motto. 谁认可或者授权于成立学员荣誉委员会?1921年麦克阿瑟将军,这是有关负责人正式验证治安委员会并成立学员荣誉委员会,从那时起,荣誉委员会用于维持学院座右铭的光荣那一部分。
65.Robert Woods, USMA '45, won an athletic letter in football at both West Point and Annapolis. Who was his Navy counterpart? ------ Midshipman Joseph A. Grace, Jr., USNA '80, was a starter at Navy in soccer. In his junior year, he came to Army on a 6 month Academy Exchange Program. While here, he played starting center fullback for the entire year under Coach Joe Palone, beating Air Force and his teammates at Navy 1-0! He returned to Navy for his senior year and returned the favor, beating Army 2-0 and scoring the winning goal! 罗伯特伍兹,美国陆军军官学校45届,在西点与安纳波利斯的足球赛上赢得了一封体育家的信,谁是他海军的对手方?美国海军军官学校学生约瑟夫 A格雷斯。美国陆军军官学校80届,他是海军足球的开端,在他三年级时,他去到军队一个6个月的学会交流项目。在这里,他在教练乔Palone指导下整年里开始作为中心后卫,在海军和他的队友们1:0击败了空军。在他毕业那年他返回了海军队,打进了胜利的一球,最终以2:0打败陆军。

注意第2条和第35条是与义和团运动相关的。Titus表现非常勇敢,网上有纪念的文章。第14步兵团一直住在天津,乔治 马歇尔任了两年的副团长。


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