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感恩高尔夫的99个理由 (下)

(2008-12-22 16:20:06)







分类: 高尔夫斯基

虽然人气少了点....小恩同志还是会继续努力的感恩高尔夫的99个理由 <wbr>(下)



71. Match play. If you simply play the game and count up the strokes, you're depriving yourself of golf's best head-to-head⑰ format.

71. 比洞赛。如果你单单以杆数计算比赛成绩,那你将错过高尔夫比赛中最刺激的肉搏战形式。


72. Joan Smith. The PGA Tour's Volunteer of the Year has donated her time for nearly a half-century at the Buick Invitational.

72. 琼史密斯。这位PGA巡回赛的年度志愿者为别克邀请赛贡献了将近半个世纪的时间。


73. Paula Creamer's fulfilled potential. At 22, the Pink Panther was in danger of getting bypassed by younger peers, but a four-win season has her No. 4 in the world. Next up: Her first major title.

73. 保拉克里默不负众望。22岁的粉豹一度被更年轻的球手挑战,但赛季4场比赛冠军是她世界排名上升到第四位。接下来我们期待她第一个大满贯赛事冠军。


74. The annual buddies golfing trip. Whether it's a weekend trip to another part of the state or 10 days touring Scotland, it's never not a good time.

74. 年度高尔夫球友旅行。不管是周末到其他州旅行还是苏格兰10天游,都是美妙至极。


75. Scramble tournaments. Shooting a 63 never felt so bad.

75. 最佳球位赛事。打出63杆感觉还可以。


76. Craigslist, eBay and other online consumer sites. We used to have garage sales and get 10 cents on the dollar for old clubs. Now, thanks to these sites, selling -- not to mention buying -- golf merchandise has never been easier.

76. 克雷格列表,易趣和其他网上购物网站。我们曾经在现场旧货出售交易旧高尔夫球杆。现在,由于这些网站的出现,销售高尔夫商品变得在简单不过了。


77. The globalization of golf at its highest levels. The men's Official World Golf Ranking shows players from eight different countries in the top 10; the women's Rolex Ranking has just one fewer. The next time someone tries to point at a lack of diversity in the game, use this as your counterpoint.

77. 高尔夫全球化达到顶点。高尔夫官方男子世界排名显示排名前10的球员里有8位来自不同的国家;女子劳力士排名在此数据仅比男子少一位。下一次当有人试图指出高尔夫运动缺少多样性,你就用这项数据反驳他吧。


78. Pat Perez's temper. Because sometimes it's nice to see something more than an "Aw, shucks!" reaction when a guy misses a big putt.

78. 帕特佩雷兹情绪。我们有时候更期待球员错失重要的一推后除了发出“哎呀!!”之外的其他反应。


79. Metal spikes. Sure, 99 percent of courses won't let you wear 'em anymore, but we can still remember the days when golf shoes would "click-clack" on the cart path.

79. 金属鞋钉。当然,百分之九十九的球会都已经不让穿他们,但我们还是会怀念那些穿着球鞋在球车道上踢踢踏踏的日子。


80. Your lucky quarter. Let the other guys pay $8.95 for an official U.S. Open ball marker. Yours only cost 25 cents.

80. 幸运的25美分。让其他人为美国公开赛的官方球标付上8.95美元而你们的只需25美分。


81. Colonial, Waialae and Harbour Town. Three courses that annually prove a track doesn't need to be 7,500 yards in order to challenge the world's best.

81. 殖民地乡村、瓦乐乡村和港湾镇林克斯俱乐部。这三个球场年复一年的证明一个道理:不是非得要7,500码的球场才能难倒世界最佳的球员们。


82. Christina Kim's positive attitude. She might not be the best player on the LPGA, but she's definitely the most enthusiastic.



83. Smylie and Luckie Kaufman. The junior golfers from Alabama have raised big-time money for children with cancer by getting sponsors for their marathon days of golf.

83. 斯迈利和路基考夫曼。这对来自阿拉巴马的青少年高尔夫球手通过他们在高尔夫马拉松日的赞助为癌症孩子们筹集了很多善款。


84. Paul Azinger's loyal friendship. Payne Stewart would have been a slam-dunk choice as U.S. Ryder Cup captain at some point. His buddy Azinger made sure his spirit was apparent at Valhalla, as Stewart's son Aaron, now a member of the SMU golf team, served as special guest during the week.

84. 保罗艾辛格的忠诚友谊。佩恩斯图尔特成为莱德杯的队长也许是爆炸性的新闻。他的老友艾辛格却保证了他的精神能在瓦尔哈拉出现。斯图尔特的儿子,现为SMU高尔夫球队一员的亚伦作为特殊嘉宾参加了莱德杯。


85. The UroClub. Like you wouldn't pay $24.95 to "take relief" whenever you needed it on the course?

85. “方便”球杆。你会为想在球场上方便就方便而花24.95美元吗?(绝对恶搞,提供连接:http://www.gowon.cn/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=13720 )


86. Varadero Golf Club. Cuba's first and only 18-holer represents freedom in a not-so-free society.

86. 瓦拉德罗高尔夫球会。古巴唯一的18洞高尔夫球场,其在这无产社会代表着自由。


87. Your favorite golf photo. Maybe it's the one of you, your dad and your son on the first tee at St. Andrews, or a fraying print of Arnie with his arm around you. It's the one in the frame on your desk that elicits a smile every time you look at it.

87. 你最喜爱的高尔夫照片。也许是你的父亲、你的孩子以及你在圣安德鲁斯老球场的一号发球台,或者是阿诺帕尔玛搂着你肩膀的旧照。不管是什么,它总能让你珍藏并勾起美好回忆。


88. Todd Demsey's comeback. At 197th on the PGA Tour money list, Demsey's season might not have looked like much of a success -- until you remember that it came after a pair of brain surgeries in recent years.

88. 托德德蒙西回归。在PGA巡回赛奖金榜排名197位,德蒙西的赛季也许毫无成功可言。直到你想起他在前些年回归赛场前接受过左右脑部手术。


89. Grass driving ranges. The next time I hit off a mat on the course will be the first time, so why should I have to practice off one, too?

89. 真草练习场。我在球场上打的真草,但为什么我在练习场的时候要打垫子呢?


90. "Grandpa" golf. We all know a guy who plays this way. Can't hit it out of his own shadow, but keeps it straight and owns a deadly short game, resulting in lots of pars, a few bogeys and plenty of decent scores.

90. 老爷子高尔夫。我们都知道这是老人家打法。击球不远但很直,且短杆了得。最后成绩还很好…N多par和极少bogey。


91. The fitness boom. Credit Tiger if you will, but it's good to see professional athletes -- golfers are athletes, you know -- without muffin tops hanging over their belts.

91. 健身房。老虎应该被表扬,同时也希望看到职业运动员们—都知道高尔夫球手是运动员—没有啤酒肚的样子。


92. Persimmon woods. Use one and you're sure to lose distance, but you'll make up for it by becoming the coolest guy in your foursome.

92. 柿木木杆。使用它一定会让你损失距离,但你将成为四人二球赛中最酷的家伙。


93. Pro-ams. You can't play catch with Peyton Manning on Saturday or toss alley-oops to Kobe before a game, but for the right price, anyone can tee it up with a pro in the days before professional events.

93. 职业业余配对赛。你永远也没可能在星期六逮到佩顿曼宁(国家美式足球联盟印城小马的四分卫)或者在赛前给科比来一记空中接力,但只要价格合适,任何人都可以在巡回赛前一天和职业选手们同场竞技。


94. 4.25 inches. That's the diameter of the little hole in the ground that you're trying to hit your ball into in as few strokes as possible from hundreds of yards away.

94. 4.25英寸。这是高尔夫球场球洞的直径,也就是你拼了老命用最低杆数从几百码外把球打进洞的大小。


95. The PGA Tour's charitable contributions. Say what you will about the increase in purse sizes over the years, but it's not as if the tour doesn't give back, too. Since the first donation in 1938, this number was more than $1.2 billion entering the 2008 season.

95. PGA巡回赛慈善捐款。也许你只看到巡回赛过去几年奖金的增加却对社会没有回馈。自从1983年首笔捐款以来,到2008赛季,捐款数额已经超过12亿美元。


96. Lofoten Golf Links. The world's northernmost course, located in, Norway, offers a package from mid-May through early August in which golfers can play 144 holes in 24 hours.

96. 罗浮敦林克斯高尔夫。世界上最北的高尔夫球场坐落于挪威的Gimsoysand。从五月中旬到8月上旬高尔夫爱好者可以享受其提供的24小时畅打144洞的套餐服务。


97. The memory of Tommy Bolt. Though he passed away in September, we'll always remember the guy known as "Thunder" for such flammable quotes as this: "Always throw clubs ahead of you; that way you won't waste any energy going back to pick them up."

97. 缅怀汤米波特。虽然老汤米在9月份与世长辞,我们仍然会记得他“霹雳”的绰号和那点燃激情的论证:“永远把球杆甩到你身前,这样你将不会浪费任何力量回去捡他们。”


98. On-course technology. Back in the day, fans would leave tourneys early to go home and watch the action. Now handheld TVs and radios can keep them up to date and inside the gates.

98. 场内科技。以往球迷们会早早离开球场回家看赛事。现在便携式电视和收音机可以让他们呆在球场内好好享受比赛。


99. Keeping it under 100. Because double-digit totals aren't always such a bad thing.

99. 保持在100杆以下。因为两位数的成绩总会好看点。




①     Convene with:召集, 集合;

②     Think tank:智囊团;

③     Well-thought-out:周全的;

④     Play hooky:翘班、逃课;

⑤     Keen eye:锐利的眼睛;

⑥     Supplant:代替;

⑦     Shortstop:游击手、内野手;

⑧     Blaze a trail:开辟道路;

⑨     Sidesplitting:令人捧腹大笑的;

⑩     Indelibly ingrained on:永远根深蒂固的;

⑪     Go out on a limb:处境危险;

⑫     Living up to one’s name:名副其实;

⑬     Keep dreams alive:让梦想继续;

⑭     Posthumously:死后的, 身后的, 作者死后出版的, 遗腹的;

⑮     Malignant brain tumor:恶心脑肿瘤;

⑯     Intensive care:重病特别护理;

⑰     Head-to-head:肉搏战。


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