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(2009-04-29 15:20:52)



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市民在墨西哥城, 2009年4月28日
Public gatherings in Mexico City have been restricted公众集会在墨西哥城受到限制

Mexico City has banned restaurants and cafes from serving all food except takeaways in a bid to help prevent the spread of the deadly swine flu virus. 墨西哥城禁止餐馆和咖啡馆的服务除外外卖食品以帮助防止致命的猪流感病毒。

Schools across Mexico have closed, public gatherings are restricted and archaeological sites placed off-limits.墨西哥全国的学校已经关闭,公众集会的限制和考古遗址放在禁地。

The country's health minister says 159 people are believed to have died from swine flu, but the confirmed death toll has been reduced from 20 to seven.该国的卫生部长说, 159人被认为是猪流感死亡,但经确认的死亡人数已减少20日至7 。

The number of cases globally is rising, though no-one outside Mexico has died.在全球范围内的案件数量正在上升,但没有人以外墨西哥已死亡。

The UN has called on countries to check their contingency plans for a possible global epidemic, or pandemic.联合国已呼吁各国检查他们的应急计划,为可能的全球性流行病,或大流行。

The UN's World Health Organization (WHO) chief Dr Keiji Fukuda said a pandemic was "a very serious possibility, but it is still too early to say that this is inevitable".联合国世界卫生组织( WHO )首席福田敬二医生说,流感是“一个非常严重的可能性,但它仍是言之尚早,这是不可避免的” 。

As officials in Mexico City announced the latest measures to stop the virus spreading, the city's chamber of trade estimated restrictions in the city were costing businesses there at least 777 million pesos ($57m or £39m) a day.官员在墨西哥城宣布,最新的措施,阻止病毒扩散,城市的商会的贸易限制,估计在市成本企业有至少七万七千七百点零万比索(约合57米或£三十九米)一天。

US cases confirmed美国的情况下确认

Mexico's Health Minister Jose Angel Cordova has said that although the number of suspected fatalities has risen slightly, the situation is "more or less stable".墨西哥卫生部长何塞天使科尔多瓦说,虽然一些怀疑死亡已经略有上升,形势是“比较稳定” 。

He said that more rigorous testing meant that the confirmed death toll from swine flu had been reduced from 20 to seven.他说,更严格的测试,这意味着死亡人数证实猪流感已减至20日至7 。

There are a suspected 2,498 cases of swine flu, and 1,311 remain in hospital.有怀疑二四九八案件猪流感和1311年继续留在医院。

After Mexico - where the outbreak started - the US has the highest number of confirmed swine flu cases with 64.在墨西哥-在那里爆发开始-美国拥有最多证实猪流感病例64 。

President Barack Obama has asked Congress for an additional $1.5bn (£1bn) to bolster the US response.奥巴马总统已要求国会追加15亿美元( 10亿英镑) ,以加强美国的反应。


Mexico: 159 suspected deaths - seven confirmed cases墨西哥: 159嫌疑人死亡-七例确诊病例
US: 64 confirmed cases美国: 64例确诊病例
Canada: 13 confirmed cases加拿大: 13例确诊病例
New Zealand: 3 confirmed cases新西兰: 3例确诊病例
UK, Spain, Israel: 2 confirmed cases each英国,西班牙,以色列: 2例确诊病例每个
Countries with suspected cases: Brazil, Guatemala, Peru, Australia, and South Korea, and seven EU states疑似病例的国家:巴西,危地马拉,秘鲁,澳大利亚,韩国和7个欧盟国家

In California, where there have been 11 cases, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency as a precautionary measure but stressed there was "no need for alarm".在加利福尼亚州,在那里已经11例,州长施瓦辛格已宣布国家进入紧急状态,作为一项预防措施,但强调是“没有必要惊慌” 。

In another development, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organisation is sending a team to investigate claims that industrial pig farms in Mexico were the source of the outbreak in humans.另据报道,联合国粮食和农业组织将派遣一个小组前往调查声称,工业猪场墨西哥的来源,在人类爆发。

The agency's chief veterinary officer, Joseph Domenech, told the BBC that the FAO had to act following rumours that people had been falling ill last month near some intensive pig farms .该机构的首席兽医官约瑟夫多梅内克告诉BBC说,粮农组织已采取下列传闻,人们一直生病上个月附近一些规模化猪场。

Other countries around the world to have confirmed swine flu cases are Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Israel and the UK.世界其他国家已证实猪流感病例加拿大,新西兰,西班牙,以色列和英国。

Several other countries are investigating suspected cases including Australia, Brazil, France, Chile and Denmark.其他几个国家现正调查疑似病例,包括澳大利亚,巴西,法国,智利和丹麦。

The WHO says it is "critical" that travellers from Mexico who might be infected be identified, but it has advised against countries imposing border restrictions or travel bans, saying such measures do no work.世界卫生组织说,这是“危急”的旅客从墨西哥谁可能被感染的确定,但它反对国家实行边界限制或禁止旅行,称这些措施做任何工作。

Some countries in Asia, Latin America and Europe are screening airport passengers for symptoms, while tour operators in France and Germany have suspended trips to Mexico.一些亚洲国家,拉丁美洲和欧洲的筛选机场旅客症状,而旅游经营者在法国和德国已暂停前往墨西哥。

Flights stopped 航班停止

Argentina has suspended all flights from Mexico City until Monday in what it described as a precautionary measure.阿根廷已经暂停所有航班从墨西哥城到星期一在它描述作为一项预防措施。

The Argentine Cabinet Chief Sergio Massa called on all visitors from North America who'd arrived in the last 20 days to contact the health ministry.阿根廷内阁首席塞尔希奥马萨呼吁所有访问者来自北美谁想要到达的最后20天,与卫生部。

Cuba also suspended flights to and from Mexico for 48 hours from Tuesday and a Canadian tour operator, Air Transat, said it was also halting flights to Mexico until 1 June.古巴还暂停往返于墨西哥的48小时内从周二和加拿大巡回赛的运营商,大西洋航空公司称,它也停止飞往墨西哥6月1日为止。

The WHO raised its pandemic alert status to level four on Monday - two levels from a full pandemic - after concluding there had been sustained transmission between humans.世卫组织提出的流行病戒备状态,以级别4日星期一-从两个层面充分流行病-结束已持续在人类之间传播。

Levels five and six are reserved for when there is widespread human infection.各级五和六是预留作时有广泛的人际传染。

In almost all cases outside Mexico, people have been only mildly ill and have made a full recovery.在几乎所有情况下墨西哥以外,人们一直仅轻度虐待和已经完全康复了。

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday it may abandon the term swine flu because some people wrongly think they can catch it from pork.美国疾病控制和预防周二表示,可能会放弃这个词猪流感,因为有些人错误地认为他们可以赶上它的猪肉。

Pork producers in the US and Brazil are pushing for the name "swine" to be changed, saying it is damaging their business.猪肉生产商在美国和巴西正在推动的名称是“猪”必须改变,他说,这是这个行业受损。

China, Russia and Ukraine have all banned pork imports from Mexico and parts of the US since the outbreak began.中国,俄罗斯和乌克兰都禁止从墨西哥进口的猪肉和美国部分地区爆发以来开始。


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