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2008.12.08廣播內容節選翻譯 part I

(2009-04-27 09:27:14)





分类: 安妮隨譯
From: yoohouse @ soompi

Summary by Jessie. Slight text re-phrase by Angelie.


2008.12.08廣播內容節選翻譯 part I

----- Ask Psy whatever you are concerned with!

A new segment was created for Gong Yoo's Awaited 20th hour on every Monday, entitled "싸군상담소" (Psy's Consultation Center).
Psy will take counsel with listener's source of problem, from smallest to whatever. Anything will do. You may ask Psy anything you need solving.. Ha.....

The first consultation

Q) A listener has a worry. She really wants to hang out with someone outside like a nightclub especially at the end of this year. She misses such place... She felt strong yearnings toward the club where there's heart beating sound, loud music and the night culture..^^
She is married and has two kids. but she has not enjoyed since she got married. Besides, her hubby is kinda person like 19c. So, what she can do? She told herself she could be able to overcome from that feeling if she can enjoy at the bar or nightclub, though there's no one who go there with....

PSY's solution is;

Try to enjoy with your hubby. On the contrary, most hubbies like 19c style can enjoy very well unexpectedly. They might be able to change from 19c to 21c person at the place like that club..Ha...!!! They are only 19c at home. Once they go outside, they turn to totally 21c style. hahaha..
Hence, do not try to find someone else, just take your hubby to the nightclub. If you ask him to enjoy with you, he'll be happy to hear that and willingly lead you.
Well.. now you should only leave your kids in the care of your or his parents for a day and try to ask him to go outside with you and then just enjoy, bringing the good times that you and your hubby have your mind.

Second Consultation

Q) A listener doesn't know what to do at the end of this year. Basically she has been enjoying PSY's concert every year, but he is in service now... what can she do?

Psy and ggong's answer)

Psy recommended her to go to DJ DOC's concert instead of his. Also Ggong agrees with that. You can enjoy it and it's as exciting as Psy's concert.
psy建議她今年可以去DJ DOC的演唱會。孔劉也認同。你會喜歡dj doc的演唱會,因爲和psy的一樣刺激。
psy ) And this is a big news... !!! Please come to my concert without fail next Christmas!! Coz I'll have Gong Yoo as my guest. You can also enjoy Ggong's song.
Ggong) " Ah~~~~~~~~~ you're so terrible ..
psy ) Your voice is so suitable for singing ballad songs.
Those who come to my concert can appreciate "how can I do~~~~~~~~~~~ "(*part of the song "Confession")
Your vibration is killing. It's a pity I hear your voice alone coz you sing very well. This chance would be too good to miss. well.. Humm... Ggong! Anyway you have to keep in mind this promise.
來聽我演唱會的朋友會欣賞到"how can I do~~~~~"(*"confession"里的歌詞)你的顫音很迷人。。只有我一個人聽到你的聲音太可惜了。。這個機會一定不能錯過。。嗯。。。孔劉!你一定要遵守這個約定噢。
Ggong) I cannot say anything.. ha.... phew.. (*cold sweat)
孔劉:現在還不好說什麽。。。哈哈哈 。。。(*冷汗一頭)

Note from Jessie:
(* Here Ggong could not nod to show that he agreed coz really he didn't expect it. Because of Psy's sudden proposal, Ggong is very embarrassed. However, Psy doesn't give Ggong a chance to response, besides advances Ggong's appearances as a guest that will sing song like "??/confession".
After Psy's saying this, Ggong received many text messages from his fans, promising that they would go to Psy's concert next Christmas.. haha.. kekeke.. Psy makes Ggong have nothing for it but to hold his tongue.. haha.. Psy win!!
Especially today Ggong could not help stopping his laughter because of Psy being called Ssa-sam (stands for Teacher Psy) today.
At the end of the program, Ggong laughed till the tears come out and laughed his head off. Really Psy makes Ggong laugh again heartily.. Psy definitely seasoned the conversation with a quaint sense of his humor. kekeke.. I feel the lack of not being able to describe PSY's unique style through English.. Ha... )
Angelie's comment: Looks like PSY is able to make our talkative YOO speechless. hahahah!!!
Angelie注:看上去psy能讓我們健談的yoo說個不停,哈哈哈 。


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