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2009.03.09<等待孔劉20時> 內容節選翻譯 part II

(2009-04-17 10:23:46)





分类: 安妮隨譯

From: yoohouse @ soompi

Translation summary draft by Jessie. Check and re-edited by Angelie.

Translation incomplete.

 以下英翻中由 julany@孔侑愛迷達翻譯


2009.03.09<等待孔劉20時> 內容節選翻譯 part I

Psy/ Her story: I am 32 yrs old this year and my acquaintance fixed a blind date for me 3 months ago. He is a good person, so I've been going out with him. Then not long ago, he wants to marry me. But I do not love him as much as he does. I love him just about 50%.. My parents want me to marry him if I have a little feeling thinking of him as it's the proper time for marriage. And my friend also told me to marry a person who I really love since it's okay if I get married a little late. I'm considering marrying him coz I'm not that young for marriage and he is also good. Will it be okay that I get married without much love?
PSY(讀SMS):今年我32歲,三個月前我的熟人給我安排了一次相親。對方是個好人,所以我有跟他繼續交往。不久前,他向我求婚。但我愛他沒有他愛我多。 我愛他的程度大概有50%。。我父母認為如果我對他有點好感的話應該結婚因為我已經到了結婚年齡了。我的朋友勸告我應該和我真正愛的人結婚即使晚點結婚也無妨。我在考慮要不要與他結婚,因為我已經不年輕而且他人也很好。這樣沒有更多的愛結婚好嗎?

Ggong/ NO~~~~~~~~~~ (* Ggong respond right away.)

Psy/ Ahhh.. Did you say "NO"? Please explain.

Ggong/ I'll be able to agree with this marriage if she loves him with her feeling of about 51%.

Psy/ Ha... Now you recognize this proportion 51 vs 49; light industries vs heavy industries.

Ggong/ Well, I think that her 50% feeling is a little uncertain. Moreover it is just AROUND 50%! Ahh... well, you know, it is natural that she should get married to a person who she really loves.. I'm still the one who cannot accept the marriage itself without much feeling of love.

Psy/ Humm... ahh.. You're an artist!

Ggong/ Yes.. Humm Hahahahahaaa..

Ggong/ Actually, I'm old enough and I also attain the right age for getting married, but I don't know and I cannot understand at all why people think about this kind of marriage (without much feeling of love).

Psy/ Personally, I don't like the word "originally" that much. I think ID Milky Way Nim originally doesn't think of getting married without much feeling of love too. However, it is fact that a person can be affected by circumstances, she could have felt unhappy every festive days due to her age.
PSY:就我個人而言,我不喜歡「應該這麼做」的字眼。我想milky Way Nim聽眾本意也不是接受沒有足夠愛的婚姻。事實上人們會被週遭的環境影響,因為年齡的關係她有可能每到歡樂的節日會感到失落。

Ggong/ Ahh, Yeah, yeah..

Psy/ Ever since she was 26 or 27 years old, whenever there is a festive day or season change, many people must have told her that she is over the marriageable age. And if she keeps on like this, people must have asked her when she is going to have her baby.. Or if she is getting married at her age, she will deliver baby in her old age.

Ggong/ Although I'm a man, I also don't like listening to this kinds of words!

Psy/ Phew.. I, as a person who lives in Korea, think our country is very conservative at this point.

Ggong/ Phew... yeah very excessively conservative.

Psy/ I think that the word about "the right time to get married" can restrict/constraint women in sexual aspect. I actually got married when I was 30. My wife and myself were same age but then our position were quite different. My wife was just the right age to get married and for me, I was at the very early age for marriage.

Therefore, since ID Milkyway nim is 32 years old, I think she might consider marrying without much love. Circumstances around her makes milkyway nim do like that.
然而,考慮到Milkyway nim聽眾今年32歲,她或許應該考慮即使不那麼愛對方得結婚。週遭環境會促使她這麼做。

Even though I'm just one year older than you, I dare to say like that to milkyway nim because it has been already quite a long time since I got married. The important thing is... Love can be a little different for man whom you want to love and man you want to marry.
雖然我只比你大一歲,我敢對Milkyway nim聽眾這麼說。。。因為我結婚已經有相當長一段時間。。最重要得是。。選擇你愛的人和選擇你嫁的人還是不一樣的。(婚姻和愛情是不一樣的)

That means the person who you're going out with is the man whom you want to love, the person who you will marry is the man whom you feel comfortable living with. We sometimes express with the word "partner"! This means that we're going to be with each other for the rest of our life, and it becomes like "lifetime roommate".

And we can find the words that old people always say from drama, like "Can the love give us our meal?" Hence, there are some truth in those words, a love cannot offer us our meal.

Ggong/ Humm... Phew.. Your word almost break my heart now.

Psy/ Phew... it's sad thing but it's reality.

Ggong/ Yes.

Psy/ She is considering about marriage since he is a good man, even though she loves him with about 50% feeling. The word "a good man" means that he is the comfortable person she can live with after marriage and elders would also be satisfied with him. Now she is 32, and going to be 35 and 40 soon. I think she should consider the reality. I want to tell her carefully that it is not a little artificial blind date as she has been seeing him for at least 3 months.
PSY:聽眾在考慮是否結婚因為她感覺對方是個好人,雖然她愛她只有50%。 「好人」的意思是他是一個她認為結婚後相處融洽并且家長會滿意的對象。她現在32歲,很快就會35歲甚至40歲,她應該現實一些。我想謹慎地提醒她,她已經和對方交往3個月了,(他們之間的關係)已經不在局限在一個人為的相親了。

Ggong/ However, 3 months only is too short (to get to know each other deeply and to decide to marry him). If she doesn't find proper good man to marry during this period, this period will be wasted for her to meet another person, since she is old enough in the point of marriage age of course.


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