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A Teacher’s Day

by J.G. Fabiano

    I had a great day.

    But even the greatest days didn't make it any easier to get up at 5:00 in the morning. It was the only possible day that I could get to bed before 11:00pm on school nights. But with mountains of correcting of students’ homeworks every day, that possibility was basically impossible. So here I was shocking myself awake with a cold shower so I could stay alert for the approaching1 new day.

    My wife got up every morning with me and took the opportunity to share some talks with me over a cup of coffee. We both cherished2 this time together because other than our morning talks we spent too little time together. After a few minutes I said my good-byes and always remembered to kiss my sleeping daughter. I also spent too little time with her but that was the nature called teaching.

    I was always off to work before 6:00 am because it was critical to arrive at school at least 45 minutes early to complete any final preparations for my classes. At about 7:00 am the school buses arrived. In came the numerous students. The entrance was very noisy. But they were young and youth and full of energy. My classes always began with a review of what we had covered the previous3 day. Most of my students began to pay attention but I always saw in their eyes that they would rather be anywhere else. They didn’t understand why they were being forced to learn something they thought they would never use and probably soon forget.

    I tried to explain that in their futures they would appreciate4 understanding various ideas and concepts so they could successfully make decisions in their lives. But this always seemed useless.

    Lunch was rarely experienced. I only had a few minutes left of the twenty minutes block I was allotted5 because it was necessary for me to set up for my afternoon classes. So instead of eating I went to my mail box to find useful materials for the lessons.

    Some days I even got letters from the parents of “underachieving6 students” asking why their children were not doing well in my class and why I was not able to earn the money paid by correctly teaching their children. I tried to explain to them that students in many of my classes were being challenged7 and that the constant8 perfect grades enjoyed by their children in earlier grades were not that attainable9 in the higher grades. I also explained to many a parent that their children couldn’t be perfect in everything they do. Some were better in English than Math. And others were better in English than Math. These parents never left convinced10 of my arguments. I prayed every day that I didn't put this kind of strain11 on my daughter.

    At the end of the day, that’s just like the beginning of the day, students were full of energy again and show their strong vigor. I looked around my room and see various pieces of crushed12 paper on the floor and in the desks. I knew I couldn’t delay because I must clean the room and set up the chairs so the doormen could sweep the room. Sometimes I had a faculty13 meeting or a department meeting. On many occasions the meetings made me late for going home.

    As I was cleaning my room and the last student left from extra help, one of my students entered and explained that she didn’t know how to solve the maths problem, but which I had repeated in the class for several times. I had to spend another twenty minutes to help her. It was rather late for going home. But as she was leaving my room she turned around and thanked me for being a teacher, her teacher.

    Suddenly I felt I had a great day.



1. approach [E5prEutF] vt. 接近,靠近

2. cherish [5tFeriF] vt. 珍惜

3. previous [5pri:vjEs] adj. 在前的,早先的

4. appreciate [E5pri:Fieit] vt. 赏识,鉴赏,感激

5. allot [E5lCt] vt. 分配,分派

6. underachieving [5QndErE5tFi:viN] adj. 学习成绩不良的,未能发挥学习潜能的

7. challenge [5tFAlindV] vt. 向……挑战

8. constant [5kCnstEnt] adj. 不变的,持续的,坚决的

9. attainable [E5teinEbl] adj. 可到达的,可得到的

10. convinced [kEn5vInst] adj. 确信的,深信的

11. strain [strein] n. 过度的疲劳,紧张,张力

12. crush [krQF] vt. 压碎,碾碎

13. faculty [5fAkElti] n. 全体教员



















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