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unit three  key points

(2008-11-03 20:00:38)





impression  印记;印象;感想;后接 of sb./ of sth./ on sb./ that 从句;

    知识拓展:impress v.给……留下深刻的印象;使铭记;使感动;常用结构有:impress sth. on/upon sib ./ impress sb. with sth .给……留下深刻的印象;使铭记;


1)________________________________ was favourable.他给我的第一印象不错。  

 His first impression on me / My first impression of him

2) His trip to India made ____________________________________.他的印度之行对他的触动很大。a strong impression on him

3) He ____________________________his sincerity. 他的真诚打动了她。 impressed her


2I still cannot believe that I am taking up my prize that was won last year. 我仍然无法相信我是在接受去年获得的这个奖励。

take up 有这几个含义:

1)to start to do sth. 开始做(某项工作);开始从事(工作);

I have taken up teaching since I graduated from university.


2)to accept sth. that is offered or available 接受(建议或能得到的东西)

    She took up his offer of a drink. 他请她喝一杯,她接受了。


This table takes up too much room. 这张桌子太占地方了。

    The work took up all his time. 那工作花费了他所有的时间。


Helen always helps her mother even though going to school ______ most of her day. (广东)

      A. takes up          B. makes up        C. saves up         D. puts up



3.I have to constantly remind myself that I have travelled to the year AD 3005. 我不得不一直不断地提醒自己已旅行到了公元3005年。

1)remind v.提醒;使想起;常用结构有: remind sb. to do sth.提醒某人做某事;remind sb.+(that)/wh-从句 提醒某人……;使某人想起……; remind sb. about/of sth. 使某人想起或意识到……;提醒某人某事                    

He reminded the children to wash their hands. 他提醒孩子们去洗手。                                      This song reminds me of my childhood. 这首歌曲使我想起了我的孩提时代。                                  The doctor reminds me that I should see her again in two months. 医生提醒我两个月后应该再去看她。                                              

做一做:                                                                        ①1You _________me ______your father when you say that.                               你说这样的话使我想起了你的父亲。

 remind  of  

②Remind me ________ __________Alan before I go out.


to phone

知识拓展:reminder n.提醒物;引起回忆的事物

2)constantly adv.始终;  一直;重复不断地

Fashion is constantly changing.时尚总是日新月异。

知识拓展:constant adj.连续发生的;不断的;重复的;

4. Worried about the journey, I was unsettled for the first few days. 因为担心旅程,开始的头几天我很不安。  

此处 Worried about the journey的作用相当于一个原因状语从句As I was worried about the journey,在句中作状语

5. This is similar to the “jet lag” you get when flying, but instead it means you keep getting flashbacks from your previous time period. 这种病有些像乘喷气式飞机高速飞行时所引起的时差反应那样,所不同的是,它意味着你的脑海里不停地从以前的时间段一直往回闪去。

1)be similar to  与……相似

be the same as  与……相同

be different from  与……不同

2)you get是定语从句,修饰the “jet lag”, 省略了关系代词which/that(作get的宾语);when flying是省略句,省略了主语you和谓语动词的一部分were;instead位于句首或句末,作状语,引出与上文不同的内容。

3) jet lag指喷气式飞行时差综合症,即乘飞机跨越时区时,人体的生物钟或昼夜生理节律仍然停留在原时区的状态,从而与新时区不同步。flashback往事;往回闪现。

4) previous adj.先前的;以往的;(时间上)稍前的

 No previous experience is necessary for this job.


I couldn't believe it when I heard the news. I had only seen him the previous day.


知识拓展:previously adv. 先前的;早先

The building had previously been used as a hotel.



6. Well-known for their expertise, his parents’ company named “Future Tours” transported me safely into the future in a time capsule. 他父母的“Future  Tours”公司技能精湛,用时间太空舱安全地把我运送到未来。

1) Well-known for their expertise表原因,相当于一个原因状语从句,表示他父母的“Future  Tours”公司能够把我运送到未来的原因

2) named “Future Tours”是过去分词作定语,相当于定语从句that was named “Future Tours”


7. Hit by the lack of fresh air,my head ached.

1) lack 用作名词表示:“缺乏;短缺”;用作动词表示:“缺乏;短缺;没有;不足”。

a lack of food /money/skills  缺乏食物/金钱/技能


①The trip was cancelled through___________________________.


 Through/because of lack of interest.

②He ____________________________. 他缺乏信心。He lacks confidence.

知识拓展:lacking adj. 缺乏;没有;匮乏;不足      

2)  surroundings n.[pl.] 环境;surround  v. 围绕;环绕; surrounding adj.周围的;附近的

Everyone likes to work in pleasant surroundings.



8. Soon I was back on my feet again and followed him to collect a hovering carriage driven by computer. 很快我又重新振作起来,然后跟随他领取了一部由电脑控制的气垫车.

1)back on one's feet 经受打击后重新站起来,再次恢复了健康

2)driven by computer在句中作定语,相当于 which was driven by computer;


The suggestion made by the foreign expert was adopted by the manager.



9These hovering carriages float above the ground and by bending and pressing down on the driving stick strongly one can move swiftly.这些气垫车是在地面上漂浮着的,只要把操纵杆弄弯或压下,你就可以迅速地移动。

1)by+ doing 用某种方式或手段, 如, They put out the fire by pouring water on it. 他们泼水扑灭了火; 句中by bending and pressing down on the driving stick strongly修饰move swiftly,表示使气垫车“迅速地移动的手段;driving stick中的driving为动名词作定语,表示用途,如:a sleeping car 用来睡觉的车(卧铺车);one在句中泛指人。

2) bend 弯曲;使弯曲;弯腰;弯身;常用搭配有: bend one's mind/efforts to sth. 致力于某事;bend sb.to sth. 迫使;说服 bend the truth 歪曲事实

 It's hard to bend an iron bar.   把铁棒弄弯很不容易。


①She _____________________and kissed her daughter.


 bent her head

②The road_________ sharply__________________. 路向右急转弯。

 bent …to the right.

3) press v. 压;按;推;挤;坚持;敦促 n. 报章杂志,新闻工作者,新闻界


①She ______  _________hard _____the gas pedal.

她用力踩下油门踏板。 pressed down…on

②He is still _________her claim_______ compensation(赔偿).

他仍坚持索赔。  pressing … for

③______ _________was/were not allowed to attend the trial(审判).

庭审谢绝新闻采访。The press



He made his boss pleased________________________________.

他改进了工作老板很高兴 by improving his work


10There were so many carriages that I lost sight of Wang Ping.飞垫车如此之多,王平不见了。

lose sight of 看不见, 忘记, 失去  其反义词组catch sight of sth/sb 看见某人/物

另外, at first sight 一见就;乍看起来 ; at (the) sight of 一看见就……; out of sight 看不见 : Out of sight, out of mind. 眼不见,心不念。be in sight 看得见,在眼前 ;


1We___________________ several precious animals. 我们失去了很多的珍惜动物

 have lost sight of


At first sight, the problem seems easy.


The small island is still in sight

4)一看见老师男孩就跑掉。 ________________________________________________.

At the sight of the teacher, the boy ran away.


11He was swept up into the centre of them and my link with them was broken as I was carried up to the top of a high building nearby.他被卷入到这群车队当中去了,而我被带到附近一个高楼顶时,同他的联系中断了。

sweep up打扫,横扫;涌向;快速地抱起

She was left to sweep up after the party.



1) He ________________________into his arms.


 swept up the baby

2)In pushing to the train, the children ___________the crowds of people.

    A. sweeping up into                B. swept up into

    C. were swept up                  D. were swept up into    



12Just at that moment I had a “time lag” flashback. I saw the area again as it had been in the year AD 2005.就在那一时刻,我得了时间滞后症,在我脑海里,这个地方又闪回到公元2005年。

1) time lag指乘坐时间太空舱穿梭未来时由于速度极快而产生的“时间滞后症”,与jet lag喷气式飞行时差综合症,即乘飞机跨越时区时人体的生物钟或昼夜生理节律仍然停留在原时区的状态类似。

2) as it had been in the year AD 2005 是方式状语从句,修饰主句I saw the area again ;

as it had been 是由as it be变来的, as it be表示 “按照原状, 照旧, 像…”

The situation is as it was before.形势还是原来那样.


13. Wang Ping’s mother appeared, flashed a switch on a computer screen, and a table and chairs rose from under the floor as if by magic. 王平的母亲出现了,电脑屏幕上的开关闪了一下,于是一张桌子和几把椅子就像魔术般地从地面升了起来。

1)  本句有三个句子并列,前两者之间用逗号隔开最后两者之间用and连接;

2) 中间的一个分句使用了倒装句,主要是为避免头重脚轻,使句子平衡,同时也可使前后联系得更加紧密,正常语序是a switch on a computer screen flashed;

3) 此处as if 引导的是一个省略的方式状语从句,其完整句子是as if a table and chairs rose from under the floor by magic

4)switch 用作名词表示“开关;转换”。用作动词表示“转换,改变”。

She made the switch from full-time to part-time work when her first child was born.。


Press these two keys to switch between documents on screen.


I can't work next week, will you switch with me?



14.Exhausted, I slid into bed and fell fast asleep. 由于太累了,我倒在床上马上就睡


exhausted表原因,相当于一个原因状语从句As I was exhaustedfell fast asleep 酣睡。fast或sound常与fall asleep 搭配表示睡的程度深。


1) ______________, the children ___________ __________at once.


Exhausted ,  fell asleep

2) 太激动了,这位老人一句话也说不出来。_______________________________________________________.

Too excited, the old man couldn’t say a word



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