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(2010-06-02 10:18:19)


分类: 英语知识



编号:002   整理者:Clement

13. schedule     v. 安排,排定   n. 工作日程表,进度表

The meeting has been scheduled in this afternoon.  会议安排在今天下午。

He always has a full schedule.  他的时间表一向排得很紧。

【搭配】be scheduled to do sth./for sth.  计划做某事;

on schedule  按时,准时;   ahead of schedule  提前;

behind schedule  落后于计划时间

14. controversy    n. 争议,争论

A fierce controversy over/about the construction of the new airport was under way.


【搭配】beyond controversy/out of controversy/without controversy无可争议, 无疑; arouse/cause controversy引起争论;

in a controversy with/against sb. on/about sth. 与某人就某事争论

【派生】controversial  a. 有争议的;

15convince   v. 使确信,使信服

The lawyer finally convinced the jury that his client was innocent.


I couldn’t convince him of this mistake. 我无法使他明白他错了。

【搭配】  be convinced of         确信, 承认;

be convinced that       确信, 承认;

be fully/half convinced   充分相信[半信];

convince sb. Of         使某人承认,使某人信服

【派生】convinced a.确信的,深信的; convincing a. 令人信服的;

16.  expand    v. ① 扩大,扩张  ② 膨胀

The bank is aiming to expand its share of the mortgage market.


Metal expands when heated. 金属遇热膨胀。

【搭配】expand on细说, 阐述; expand one’s business扩大业务;

expand a phrase into a sentence扩词成句;  expand influence扩大影响

【派生】expansion n. 扩充,开展,膨胀; expansive a. 可扩大的;友好的,健谈的

17extend  v. ① 延伸,延长 ② 伸出,伸展(身体的一部分) ③ 给予,提供

The wet weather extended into July.         潮湿阴雨的天气延续到7月份。

The baby extended his hands to grasp the toy.  小宝宝伸出手来抓玩具。

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all our visitors.


【搭配】extend from ... to ...从... 延绵到...;   extend your hands伸出你的手;

extend one's business扩大其营业;    extend financial help to sb.给予某人资助;

extend one's congratulations  向...致贺

【派生】extension n. 延伸,延长;电话分机; extensive a.大量的,广泛的,广阔的;

 extent n. 范围,程度

【辨析】  expand   extend

expand ,既指尺寸,也指范围或体积上的增加,也指数量上膨胀;

extend 意为延长,延伸,常指空间或时间上的延长,也可范围上的扩大,也指在抽象意义上扩大范围,影响,适用范围。

Some substances expand when they freeze .有些物质冷冻后体积膨胀。

Our foreign trade has greatly expanded during the last three years .在过去的三年里,我们的国外贸易已有了很大的拓展。

The population of this city expanded rapidly in the last five years.最近五年这一城市的人口增长迅速。

The cold weather extended into April .寒冷的天气一直延续到四月份。

You can extend the terms of the lease for another month by paying an extra $20 .你要是再交 20 美元,就可以把租期延长一个月。

18. original  a. ① 最初的,原始的 ② 新颖的,独创的

The land was returned to its original owner.  那片土地回到了原来主人手里。

Few plots of plays are original.    新颖的戏剧情节不多见。

【搭配】 an original painting原画;      original house娘家;

an original idea独到的见解;   an original invention 新的发明

【派生】 origin  n. 起源,起因;出身,血统;

19. release  v.  ① 释放,解放,松开  ②  公布,发行

Physical exercise is a good way of releasing tension.  体育锻炼是释放压力的好方法

The precise sales volume has not been released yet.  确切的销售额尚未公布。

【搭配】release a prisoner释放犯人;

release sb. from his suffering免除某人的痛苦;

release sb. from his promise使某人不必履行诺言;

a recently released film新发行的电影 –

【派生】 release n. 释放,发行

20. relieve  v. 使减轻(痛苦、焦虑),缓解压力等

This drug will help to relieve you from pain.  这药能有助于缓解你的痛苦。

I was relieved to hear that you arrived home safe and sound.


【搭配】relieve sb. of sth.为某人减轻;    relieve one’s feelings发泄苦闷;

relieve sb. from anxiety  解除某人的忧虑

 【派生】relieved a.放心的,释然的;  relief  n. 减轻,救济

21. reveal   v. ① 透露,泄露  ② 展示,展现

You must promise not to reveal what I shall tell you.


Her laugh revealed her white even teeth.  她笑时露出一口洁白整齐的牙齿。

【搭配】  reveal a secret泄露秘密; reveal one's identity揭示身分;

reveal one’s true face露出真面目; reveal feelings表露感情

【派生】 revealing a. 暴露的,坦陈的; revelation n. 展示,显露,启示

【辨析】reveal  disclose   expose   betray 这组动词均指暴露出隐匿的事物。

 reveal 揭露,暴露。指把隐蔽的、隐瞒的事揭示出来。




22. crash    v. ① 坠毁  ② 碰撞    n. 失事,撞车

The plane crashed shortly after take-off.  飞机起飞后不久便坠毁了。

The car crashed into a tree and burst into flames. 汽车突然撞到一棵树上并燃烧起来。

There was a serious car crash this morning.     今晨发生了一起严重的撞车事故。

【搭配】  fall with a crash轰然一声倒下;    in a crash失事中

23explode  v. ① 爆发,爆炸 ② 激增,迅速扩大

If I have to wait much longer, I shall explode.  如果再要我等下去,我准会气炸的。

The firecracker exploded in his hand.         爆竹在他手中炸响了。

The cost of new housing has been exploding.  新住房的费用一直在暴涨。

【搭配】  explode into laughter哄堂大笑;  explode one’s fury大发雷霆;

explode with rage勃然大怒

【派生】  explosive a.爆发的,会爆炸的;炸药(n.);  explosion  n.爆炸声

【辨析】  bomb  explode

bomb 轰炸,炸毁,指从空中向目的地投炸弹进行轰炸,目的在于袭击。

explode 爆炸,破裂,指由于某种原因使炸弹或其他爆炸物爆炸,也可以表示物体自身爆炸或破裂。

24. decline  v. ① 衰败,衰退  ② 下降,下滑  ③ 谢绝,婉谢

n. 衰退,衰败

The arts of China has not declined in spite of western influence.


Many people wish that the prices of house would decline.许多人希望房价能下降。They declined to tell me how they had got my address.


the decline of the Roman Empire


【搭配】 fall into a decline  衰落;   on the decline 在衰退中;

decline in quality/reputation/value  质量/声誉/价值下降;

decline with thanks  婉言谢绝;

the decline of life   晚年,暮年

【派生】declining a.衰退中的

25. function    v. 运作,起作用  n. 作用,功能

The machine won’t function well if you don’t oil it.


Do you know the four essential functions of the United States as an international organization?  你知道联合国作为一个国际组织的四项基本职能吗?

 【搭配】  function as起...的作用;   exercise functions履行职责; 

【派生】  functional  a. 功能的,有作用的;职责的



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