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(2010-08-17 10:58:48)



分类: Pregnancy-哺乳预备生

Baby is biting, help!

NAME: Laurie
BABY'S NAME: Nickayla
BABY'S AGE: 5 months
BABY'S BIRTH WEIGHT: 6lbs ,10 oz

QUESTION: Have tried the "pull-them-close technique" with no luck. She just pulls away with nipple in mouth (ouch). It is really hurting and I am not sure what else to do. Have been taking it as a signal to stop nursing and put things away but then she starts crying. It seems like she wants to nurse, then she bites, then she nurses some more. The pain is horrible! I am considering the "flick method", but I don't want to hurt her. Anything else I can do? I have also taken her jaw firmly in my hand and said "No" but she's just 5 months and she laughs at me. We tried giving her chew toys before feedings but it seems like it makes it worse. What can I do? Will she stop on her own? What do moms of toddlers/baby with teeth do?


When Nickayla is sucking she cannot bite because her tongue will cover her lower teeth. Usually biting does occur at the end of the feeding. At the first sign that she is no longer sucking, remove her from the breast. Try giving her cold wet wash cloths to bite on. It sounds like you are doing everything you can. Continue to say NO firmly and remove her if she bites. She will eventually get the message, and remember, this too shall pass.

When Baby Bites

The most common reason that babies bite while nursing is teething...they are seeking relief for their aching gums. Other possible reasons include illness (colds, stuffy noses) or the lively reaction they know they will get from you if biting has occured before. Often a baby (or toddler) will inadvertantly chomp down as they fall asleep. Many mothers decide to wean their babies after a few bites.However, biting is not an indication that the baby is ready to be weaned. As teething can start to irritate babies as early as three months of age, weaning is often not in the best interests of your baby's health. With help, this problem can be resolved so that you can continue nursing your baby without the constant fear of being used as a teether.


Avoid these reactions:

Do not hit, "tap" or "rap" your baby for biting you while nursing...she is not intentionally hurting you.

Try to avoid loud screams (this can be hard!) Though, a loud yell may rapidly teach a baby not to bite, it is just as likely to badly startle him and he may then be afraid to nurse. This can lead to a nursing strike. Try instead a firm "no" or "no biting" and remove her from the breast as described below.


Ways to Prevent Biting 避免被咬的方法
Pay close attention to your baby, especially near the end of a nursing session, which is the time a bite is most likely to occur. When a baby is latched on properly and is in the process of nursing (meaning she is actually getting milk and swallowing), it is physically impossible for her to bite you because her tongue will be in between your nipple and her teeth. She needs to stop sucking to be able to bite. If you are alert, you can watch for signs that she may be about to bite. The nipple will slide forward in her mouth, the tension in her jaw or cheeks may change, or you might notice her tongue changing positions.


If you do notice her about to move into position for a chomp, quickly but gently insert your finger into the side of her mouth to release the suction and remove her from the breast. You may need to push down slightly on her lower gums to keep her from clamping down on you. Make sure you don't jerk her off the breast without using your finger. If she is biting, or is about to, this could be very painful for your nipple! I have been known to use what seems to be a super-human force to pry open my nursing toddler's jaw after she has clamped down on my nipple upon falling asleep.


It happens so rarely that it never fails to take me by surprise. Ouch.(minna注:这句不太理解,呵呵)

If you keep your baby pulled in close to you as she nurses, she won't have to make an effort to stay on the breast. She may accidentally nip you if the nipple keeps sliding out and she is trying to latch back on.

Another trick that seems to work for a number of mothers if they are being bit, is to pull the baby close into the breast so that she has to release the nipple to breathe through her mouth.

If the baby's nose is plugged up due to illness, an upright nursing position will be more comfortable to her and will make her less likely to bite you out of frustration or an inability to breathe. The couple of times my daughter has been really congested, I have closed the bathroom door, run hot water into the tub and turned the room into a "steam bath" Then I sit in there and nurse her. This really helps loosen up the mucus so she can breathe more easily.
如果宝宝因为生病鼻塞了,采用竖抱哺乳姿势(minna注:upright nursing position,不知道正确的译法是什么,就翻成“竖抱哺乳姿势”,我猜宝宝大了,让宝宝自己站着吃奶,大概就是这个upright nursing position吧,不象小宝宝,一定要横着抱着吃奶),宝宝会比较舒服一些,这样可以减少他因为挫败感或者不能呼吸而咬乳头的可能性。有好几次我女儿鼻塞得厉害,我就关上浴室的门,在浴缸离放上热水把浴室变成一个“桑拿室”,然后我做在浴室里给女儿喂奶。浴室里的热气帮助女儿减轻了鼻塞,这样她呼吸起来容易多了。

If you know your baby is teething, give her something to teethe on before you nurse. If she does bite you, use one of the techniques above to release her, then firmly tell her that she may not bite you, but she can bite her teether. Even young babies are clever and may catch on to the fact that when they bite, they can't nurse for awhile. This is more effective with older babies, but it can't hurt to try at any age.

You might even notice a playful (wicked?!) gleam in her eye before she bites. If it seems like your little one thinks that biting is a game, firmly tell her "no" and play a more appropriate game like peek-a-boo or singing a song. She will learn to channel her playfulness in less painful ways with your help.

You may need to give your baby a small "time-out" from nursing if she continues to bite you. A firm "no biting" coupled with her removal from the breast for a few minutes will help her learn that biting mommy results in a negative consequence.


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