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(2008-11-29 18:46:00)



1). Both sides thought that the proposal was one they could accept with dignity.   双方都认为这是一项他们可以接受而又不失体面的建议。

2). The islanders found themselves far from ready to fight the war.   岛民们发现自己远远没有做好作战准备。

3). And it is quite possible that before the end of the century every school boy will get a pocket computer.   可能不到本世纪末,每一个学生都将拥有一台袖珍计算机。

4). Air is to man what water is to fish.   离不开空气,犹如鱼离不开水。

5). The days of black and white television are numbered.   黑白电视机的时代不会太长了

6). He is a total stranger to me.   根本不认识他。

7). We believe that the younger generation will prove worthy of our trust.   我们相信年轻一代不会辜负我们的信任。

8). My guess is as good as yours.    我的猜测并不比你的高明

9). There have always been more books than anyone could read.   谁都不可能读完天下所有的书籍。

10). The demand for our products exceeds the supply.   我们的产品供不应求。(我们的产品需求大于供应。)

11). I love you more than I could say.  说不出多么爱你。(我爱你超过我能够说的。)

12). Mr. White has refrained from making any official comment on the matter.   怀特先生并没有就此事发表正式评论。

13). Theory of Relativity worked out by Einstein is now above many people’s comprehension.   现在还有许多人不理解爱因斯坦提出的“相对论”。

14). The weather is keeping dry.  老不下雨。(天气一直干旱。)

15). It goes without saying that animals and plants are dependent on oxygen for the breathing. So is burning.   不言而喻,动植物呼吸离不开氧气,燃烧也离不开氧气。

16). Man found that his own muscles were too weak for the work which he wanted to do.  人类发现自己的体力太弱,无法做他想做的事情。

17). Telescopes enable watchers to see very faint stars which are far beyond the reach of the naked eye.   望远镜能使观察人员看见肉眼根本看不见的许多很暗的星星。

18). The two teams tied.    两队不分胜负。(两队得分相同。)

19). Appearances are deceptive.   外表是靠不住的。(外表是很容易使人误解的。)

20). If it worked once, it can work twice.   一次得手,再次不愁

21). It is legitimate for us to be proud of our present achievement.   我们为现在已取得的成就而自豪不是没有道理的

22). Your request is beyond my power.   你的请求我办不到

23). I wonder if he is coming.  不知道他来不来。

24). It is anything but bad.    这完全不是什么坏事。

25). I’ll do it now before I forget it.  趁还没有忘记,我现在就来做这件事。(我要在忘记之前来做这件事。)

26). You will fail unless you work harder.   要是不进一步努力,你会失败的。

27). The shipwrecked mariner lived a strange life on the island. 从沉船中逃生的水手在岛上过着非同寻常的生活。

28). Be sure to lock the door when you leave.   你离开时不要忘记锁好门。(你离开时一定要锁好门。)

29). Keep off the grass.   不要践踏草坪。

30). Only three customers remained in the bar.   酒巴里只有三位顾客还没有走

31). As was expected, the enemy walked right into the trap. 不出所料,敌人正中圈套。

32). Within minutes the men came racing in with the two jeeps. They were all excited, so now I had to put on the calm act to prevent my worry from spreading.   几分钟后,那些人乘两辆吉普车回来了,他们都很激动,因而我此刻只有故作镇静,以免我的不安心情影响了他们。

33). When Philip missed the last bus, he was at a loss to know what to do.   菲利普错过了最后一班公共汽车,不知如何是好。

34). The plan as it is leaves much to be desired.   该计划许多地方亟待改进

35). Herb may be dying somewhere calling out for his mom and dad with only strangers around.    赫伯也许在某个地方快死了,哭爹喊娘的,身边连一个亲人也没有。

36). The theory is quite beyond me.   这一理论我不大理解

37). Some of the stories were really more than could be believed.   有些故事实在不能令人相信

38). We may safely say so.    我们这样说错不了

39). She said simply, “They are all bad.”  她干脆地说道:“他们全不是好东西。”

40). Public meetings had certainly been numerous, but something more than meetings was required.  召开的会议确实很多,但仅仅开会还不够。

41). He is the last person to do such a thing.   他决不会干这种事。

42). Mr. Will was a short and skinny white man with dark hair and gray eyes, and a smile that seemed frozen on his face and everybody knew it was anything else but a genuine smile.  威尔先生是个矮小、骨瘦如柴的人,黑头发、灰眼睛,脸上总挂着一丝微笑,谁都知道这笑容是伪装的。

43). She continued to look absently at the sea.  她仍心不在焉地望着大海。

44). It would be most disastrous even if a rumor of it were given out.   只要走漏一点点风声,结果就不堪设想。

45). Before too many years passed, corner gasoline stations may be replaced by battery-recharging terminals.   不要多少年,街头加油站就有可能被蓄电池充电站所代替。

46). For three days, he had slept little and eaten little. 他已三天没吃没睡了。

47). Many of the machine parts are now made of plastics instead of metals so that their weight may be decreased.   为减轻重量,现在许多机器零件不用金属而用塑料制造。

48). He lay awake almost the whole night.   他躺在那儿,几乎一夜没睡。

49). I’ll be here for good this time.   这一次我再也不走了。

50). I fail to understand your meaning.   我不明白你的意思。


2. 运用反说正译法翻译下列句子

1). He thought, not very vividly, of his father and mother. 他漠漠糊糊地想起了父母。

2). He doesn’t lend his books to nobody.  他的书没有哪个不借。他的书任何人都可以借。

3). Nobody is without his faults. 没有人是没有缺点的。人人都有缺点。

4). Never too old to learn.   活到老,学到老。

5). There is not a single substance but has resistance to the flow of electrons.   任何物质对电子的流动都有阻力。

6). Early computers did nothing but compute: adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.   早期的计算机只能做加减乘除运算。

7). He doesn’t do it for nothing.   他这样做是有道理的。

8). The experiment couldn’t be more successful.   这次实验很成功。

9). The American leaders believed that their cause could not win unless they had the confidence of other peoples.   美国的领导们相信,只有赢得其它国家人民的信任,他们的事业才能成功。

10). Do not show impatience if you feel the interviewer is repeating things or asking questions that have no relevance to the matter in hand.   假如你觉得对你进行面试的人总是在重复或问一些 与目前的事情无关的问题,你要有耐心。

11). It was not until 1972 that Charles Chaplin was welcomed back to receive an award --- the award of an Oscar.   直到1972年才欢迎卓别林回来领取奥斯卡金像奖。

12). No one succeeded in making a telescope exactly to Gregory’s design until some years later.   几年以后,才有人制成一架与格雷戈里设计式样一样的望远镜。

13). You will never succeed unless you work hard.  你如果不努力,决不会成功。

14). Not until mineral oil is cleaned and separated into different products can it be of use to man.   只有把矿物油净化分离成各种产品之后,它才会对人有用。

15). There is no rule but has exceptions.   凡规则总有例外。

16). She is not in any way homely.   相貌可以

17). You can never be too careful about English-Chinese translation.   作英译汉时,你越仔细越好。

18). Suddenly he heard a sound behind him, and realized he was not alone in the garage.  突然,他听到背后有声音,意识到车库里还有别人。

19). Scarcely had the gas and the air entered the hearth when they began to form a very hot flame.   燃气和空气一进入炉膛,就开始形成灼热的火焰。

20). The significance of the incidents was not lost on us.  我们知道这些事件的重要性。

21). No man can have too much knowledge and practice.   知识和实践对于任何人来说都只能是越多越好。

22). Such flights could not long escape notice.   这种飞行迟早会被发觉的。

23). The flowing of electricity through a wire is not unlike that of water through a pope.   电流通过导线就像水流通过管子一样。

24). Students, with no exception, are to hand in their papers this afternoon.   今天下午学生全都要交论文。

25). Our living conditions are no better than theirs.   我们的生活条件和他们的一样糟

26). “Actually,” says one of our great computer-scientists, “computers are nothing more than unintelligent animals.” 一位著名的计算机专家说:“实际上,计算机充其量只能算是没有智慧的动物。

27). But for their help, we would not have succeeded in this experiment.   没有他们的帮助,我们这项实验就不会成功。

28). It cannot be too strongly emphasized that his love for science, his boundless drive to learn and to achieve are probably the most important elements in Darwin’s character and the main key to his success.   必需强调指出,达尔文对科学的热爱和他那种无穷的动力与不达目的决不罢休的干劲,可能是他性格中最重要的特点。

29). I can not but tell her father the truth about it.   我只得把事实的真相告诉她父亲。

30). We cannot help admiring Madame Curie for her great achievements in scientific research.   我们对居里夫人在科学研究方面所取得的巨大成就十分钦佩。

31). He is never at a loss for the word.  他什么时候都能找到恰如其分的词儿。

32). He didn’t glance through the note carefully and got away.   他草草地看了看那张便条就走了。

33). All the articles are untouchable in the museum.   博物馆内一切展品禁止触摸。

34). The thought of returning to his native land never deserted him at the time.   当时归国的念头一直在他心中萦绕。

35). The United Nations Organization has not, so far, justified the hopes which the people of the world set on it.    目前为止,联合国一直辜负了世界人民寄予的厚望。

36). The effects of some medicine are not immediate.   有些药物的疗效是缓慢的。

37). Many chemical changes will not take place unless materials are heated to high temperatures.  只有把物质加热到高温时,许多化学变化才会发生。

38). The idea of rainmaking is almost as old as man, but it was not until 1946 that man succeeded in making rain.   人工造雨的想法几乎有人类以来就出现了。

39). At high temperature the semiconductor is not different from the conductor in the conductivity.  在高温下,半导体的导电性与导体是一样的。

40). These new materials differ in strength but not in kind.   这些材料虽然强度不同,性质却一样的。

41). No sooner had the driver done signal to turn than the other car turned in front of him.   司机刚刚打出转弯的信号,另一辆车立即在前面转了弯。

42). The examination left no doubt that the patient had died of cancer.   检验结果清楚地表明病 人死于癌症。

43). Don’t lose time in posting the letter.   赶快把信寄出。

44). It is not seldom that the unexpected happens.   出乎意料的事情时常发生的。

45). No one but a great philosopher could solve such a problem.   只有伟大的哲学家才能够解决这样的问题。

46). One can tell the difference almost at a glance for a spider always has eight legs and an insect never more than six.   人们一眼就能注意到蜘蛛与昆虫的区别,因为蜘蛛有八条腿,而昆虫向来只有六条腿。

47). As regards our foreign policy, it is no less our interest than our duty to maintain the most friendly relations with other countries.   关于我们的外交政策,维持与其他国家的友好关系,既是我们的义务,也是我们的利益。

48). It would have been impossible for me to have told anyone what I derived from these novels, for it was nothing less than a sense of life itself.    关于我不可能告诉别人自己阅读这些小说有何收益,因为我所获得的就是对生活自身的感受。

49). The doubt was still unsolved after his repeated explanations. 虽然他一再解释疑团仍然存在。

50). Law is no respecter of persons.  法律面前,人人平等。


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