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(2009-12-25 23:50:29)


分类: 大爱英文

1st, a person show off anything, explained that the innermost feelings lack anything.

2st, a person should be avoided cry cry, laugh it all over the world laughs with you.

3st, the true talent like flame collects with difficulty, the general meeting sets the prairie afire.

4st, has the ability to influence others, and no ability to influence by the group.

5st. loses the thing, truly has not belonged actually to you, also does not need to regret.

6st. Why not be the person to prove anything, to live better, is for yourself.

7st. the farewell acting alone variant's profession, your life from black and white will transfer colored, embarks brand-new.

8st. care certainly about their self-respect, because your self-respect simply does not calculate anything in others eye.

9st, to live in beautiful, it will take great patience, one does not complain, do not explain the second, is a definite talent.

10st. this world is already not rich man's world, is also not the authorization person's world, it is person with high aspirations's world.

11st, a free society, freedom of choice, it is necessary to laugh out in order to laugh, otherwise, also an ugly laugh than cry, do not have to reluctantly.

12st, the human want certainly to be injured will only then silence dedicated, regardless of being on the mind or the human body wound,has the profit to the growth.
13st, you may not be able to get used to seeing some things, but you should learn to accept - -, if you have no way to change that all.

14st. regret is one kind of consumption mental mood. The regret is compared to loses a bigger loss, compared to a mistake bigger mistake.Therefore do not regret.
15st, this is the society which competes highly, does not have the human who the qualifications walk should better not to walk, otherwise must turn head this position already to occupy by the human.
16st. joyful must understand the share, can double joy. The reason that this is also the Three Gorges online always in " the inventorying life,the share classics " reason.

17st, has been big, has been mature, has been steady, but this and the fervor is not contradictory, one kind will let you to the work and the study impulse and the endurance have the special charm and individual strength.
18st. years not bountiful person. We cannot request the time to postpone to coordinate our footsteps, can only try to catch up as far as possible ......If you can the control time, you be able to control all.

19st, my home is the health and competence, a person can be trusted after all, but his own, able to feel proud of him is his own, I would like to what end? I have to find myself, I am what I am supposed to end.

20st, it does not explain the main reason is simply do not care about each other's ideas, not related to an important person has nothing to do important things for a little misunderstanding, have anything to do with your letter or do not believe in or have no impact on the party life, where need not to explained.

21st, interpersonal relationship this science forever has not studied becomes graduation on first, every day resembles joins in the sand and crushed stone,
rubs moves, is wounded and bleeding when accumulates the valuable experience is in general population smoothness slowly.

22st. Must have an independent personality, independent thinking. A mistake to think independently and adhere to the view than a hesitation to accept the correct point of view are more worthy of recognition. Do not become a victim of indoctrination education.

23st.I'd Like to become a human relations expert, the first step we must make sure your values; if you are touching even this is not clear, it is difficult to see through the meaning of life, not to mention what a sense of accomplishment.

24st. when you because of proposed when an item of excellent drop wins other people praise, the innermost feelings are any taste, feels for others, regardless of being the friend who the understanding or did not know, so long as is can provide says perhaps words and deeds full capital profit by observing others only, do not forget surface dew smile to them saying that the sound thanks. Forms the habit after this, is not only your enterprise future,will rewrite including yours outlook on life.


25st, “who am I?”This is a role localization and the role approval question. Right “university student” this role, if is slurred, will present the role to be confused, big one, big two will turn high four, high five; But if the approval is not self-confident, “University” becomes “plays for four years by you”, the university life has the possibility to become “mixes the life greatly”.


26st, “go do I to where”? This is the directional question. Entered the university, the future choice had not finished. The future will be quickly graduates the direct work, will test the graduate student to continue to pursue advanced studies? The future will be enters the blue collar, the white-collar or Jin Ling the professional level? no matter what chooses, the change destiny's key grasps in own, the success opportunity is always partial has the preparation brains person.

27st. facing the unfair thing, do not complain that you are unfair exactly are possibly others' fair. Therefore, you were inferior the struggle diligently, strives for you most appropriate fair.

28st. life short several dozens years, do not leave behind any regret for oneself, want to smile smile, want to cry to cry, should love time love, constrain themselves senselessly.

29st, the college education will entrust with a natural person personality the enhancement, the soul sublimation; Will guide a person to go to ponder
earnestly what kind of life is the meaningful life; Will set up your values, the outlook on life, the world outlook. , university four year each people
will accept generally speaking the soul the baptism

30st, this world are fair, whose does God give cannot be too many. A person gained anything in some places, is doomed to lose anything in another some places, this is only the time question.

31st, when receives others to own facial expression_r, the matter, the moral behavior praise, do not display the natural appearance, also do not deny insincerely,the appropriate way expresses thanks, especially thanks friend's affirmation and the support.

32st. starts the human who from the present should grasp every you to be able to grasp, gives up human who you cannot detain, does not want, because wants to detain the few people to lose group of people.

33st. some people inborn are the kings, some people inborn are the aristocrats, but many people inborn are ordinary, in this world, anything has not been possible to change the thing,if you want to change especially.

34st. gossipy on others' body, the ear on own body, say that is their matter, listens, was your matter, we must learn the smile facing all these.


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