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watching movie is a good way to learn english

(2008-10-27 21:36:29)


分类: 英语学习

Dictationwatching <wbr>movie <wbr>is <wbr>a <wbr>good <wbr>way <wbr>to <wbr>learn <wbr>english

Desperate Housewives (scene 4, 5th season )


To see themselves for their children’s eyes.

Could be very educational.


If you look close to the face of your friends, right behind her smiles, you will see a certain Green-eyed monster.(嫉妒的怪兽)

And then you will understand, how envious they are of your well-kept home(精致的家), your delicious recipes and your isteful  possession.

But you have to work hard to see the jealousy.

Because good friends always to work hard to hide it.

I will never become Stuck-up and full of myself.(我永远都不会被工作排满时间只关心我自己。)

I hardly think you have to worry about me becoming famous.(我从来不认为你们会当心我出名。)

Back before, 在。。。之前。

Marketing was sort of what I did.

Wanna hang out with us, even when you’re totally fabulous, and we’re still nobodies.(即使你已经变得非常出色,愿意和我们一起,而我们还是无名小卒。)

Girls, you are making way too much of this.(你们完全把这个说得太过了。)

I am not a bit more fabulous than any one of you.(我和你们一样都很出色。)

The Chamber of the commerce:商会 just named you businesswoman of the year. 提名你成为年度商业女性。

Oh, my god! It’s so amazing.太棒了

I wanna buy you lunch and tell you in person.请你吃午饭然后亲自告诉你。

It’s a very urgent high-level Stuff.是个非常紧急的重要事情。

Mommy thought we’d agreed to wait till your birthday.我们要到你生日才给你的。

I gotta go install a water heater.装热水器。

Those training wheels and kick up some dirt, okay?好好的骑上一番,号码?

He does not love Jackson more than you. 他爱你并不比爱杰克森少。

Can’t a guy got his kid a bike without being psychoanalyzed. 难道我就不能够只是单纯的给孩子买辆单车吗?

Look, I’m glad you’re dating a nice guy. 我很高兴你与个不错的人约会。

Show that little weirdo down one’s throat.(让那小古怪给谁找不痛快)

How does that lead to quality Time with sth.


I mean, dumping our kid off on some unsuspecting woman.我是说,把hazing丢给我们信任的人。

Criminal record 前科

I’m hurt that you didn’t feel like you could tell me.我很难过你都没打算告诉我们这些。

I’m a fellow who can’t hold on to a job.而我是个不能保住自己工作的犯人。

Wow, you’d be killer in our band.你能成为我们乐队的灵魂。

Don’t you think he crushed it?你不觉得他酷毙了嘛?

Too busy to live a little? Not gonna fly.太忙了没空娱乐下? 我可不信。

To stick my toe back in the business. 重新步入商界。

Nothing big. Maybe just pick up some freelance work.没什么的,只是拣点自由职业做做。

An intriguing notion 好想法

But wouldn’t it be awkward having me as your boss.但是我成了你的上司,那会不会很奇怪。

Well- Bree would you give me a hand with this arrangement?

Then we’ll revisit the idea, okay?重新考虑这个想法。


I just got a lot on my mind. 我只是脑子太乱了。

Kids are forced to grow up way too fast these days. No kidding. 如今的孩子成熟的太快了,说真的。

They’re gonna find out soon enough that it’s all a lie.不久之后,他们会发现这只是个谎言。

Did you put any more thought into joining the band. 你有没有再考虑加入乐队。

I’ve never seen Bree so happy. She’s glowing.我从没见布里这么高兴过,看他满脸笑容。

She won’t be glowing when that agency sinks her book.要是书没出成,他就没那么容光焕发了

I’m telling you, the only thing staler than that ad campaign is this dinner roll. 唯一比那个广告更差的是这个午餐小面包。

What are you up to?你现在在做什么?

I also went in to business for myself.我也是自己做点小生意。

So it may be a bit of a schlep. 所以会有些远。

It was great catching up. Lynette.见到你真好。

Why? Looking for a reason to scream at me?干嘛,还想对着我大吼大叫?

And I promise that we’ll rent that place out for top dollar.我保证一定会以高价将房子租出去。

I want to do someone a favor.

I want you to be here. It’s my big day.今天是我的大日子。

You’ve earned it. 那是你应得的。

I rode in his hatchback once. 我曾经坐过一次他的车。

Yeah, just until you can blink both eyes at the same time. 是啊,等你再清醒点时候。

Do a cross-promotion with some of the major food companies.和某些大型食品公司做交叉商品促销。

People aren’t so hot on gimmicks. Zip your mouth.人们并不热衷这种优待。。闭嘴。

Big fancy award 大奖。

When I had a high-powered career,当我有个体面的工作,and you were just a housewife. I never looked down on you.

If you could all please take your seats. 请在场的各位全部就做好吗?

It’s time to present our award.颁奖的时刻到了。

Even though I’d like to, I’m not gonna make some big, ugly scene.即使我想,我也不会制造出令人难堪的大场面来。

Is it okay with you? 你没意见吧?

I’ll see you around. 回见了。

You’re his fairy godmother.你可算是她的圣母了。

All right, consider it an investment  in good karma.就当作是积德。

I can’t even brag about it.  我却不能吹嘘一下。

The man who is silent in his good deeds, is the man who reaps the greatest reward. 暗处行善者,神将赐予最丰盛的生活。

I felt so jealous my stomach hurt.我嫉妒得胃都疼了。

And I thought if I could just hitch a ride. Have a piece of it.于是我想,如果我能插上一脚,分一杯羹。I wouldn’t feel so bad about your success.我就不会对你的成感觉这么糟了。

For god sakes, Lynette, stop calling me a success.上帝啊,别再说我是成功的了。There’s nothing successful about me.我根本没什么成功的地方。

My friends think I’m gonna drop them, 我朋友认为我会抛弃他们。

My partner resents me. 我的搭档怨恨我。

Everything I gain comes at some horrible price.


And I’m starting to wonder if any of it’s even worth it.我甚至开始怀疑这一切是否值的了。

You’re at the start of an incredible journey, and I am going to be there every step of the way,cheering you on.你正位于一次绝妙旅程的开端,


And the rest of the stuff, you’ll find a way to fix it.至于剩下的事情,你会有办法解决的。

Bitterly jealous, but proud. 有苦涩的嫉妒,但很骄傲

If you look close into the faces of these around you, you will catch a glimpse of a certain Green-eyed monster. 观察周围人呢的面孔,你将瞥见一头名为嫉妒的怪兽。

And then you’ll see they envy your career,your love life.嫉妒你的事业,你的爱情。

How to deal with such jealous, there are many ways, but the best is to simply to share what you have.



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