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what is love?

(2008-11-18 17:38:37)







what <wbr>is <wbr>love?

1.Love means I understand my lover. I understand all sides including not just the perfect side but also deficiencies, conflicts and faults.


2.Love means to be concerned about your lovers happiness.  If I take care of you, then that means caring for your development and hopes and scope.

3.Love is maintaining my lovers dignity.  If I love you, then I will see you as valuable and worthy, your thoughts and feelings are independent, not request that you because of me, change your yourself toward my expectations.


4.Love means being responsible for your lover.  If I love you, the I will see you as an independent person, and respond to your requests.



5.Love is when me and my lover from our togetherness, use our power.  If I love you, then I will constantly develop and grow our love.  You will spark the full development of my potential and I my love for you will be more and more perfect.



6.Love is making and keeping certain promises to my lover. This type of promise is toward the other is not implicit, that our relationship will forever, not change. Actually, we must mutually depend on our determination. Not just clam and happy times, but also tough times, struggling times, and disappointed times, we will not separate.


7.Love is trusting my lover.  If I love you, I will then believe you will accept me, my thoughts and my person.

 爱,指的是信任我所爱的人。假如我爱你,我就会相信你会接受我的关怀和我的人 。


8.Love is believing that you will never intentionally hurt me.  I believe that our love has a kind of natural mutual-ness.



9.Love must tolerate un-perfectness. In the process of love, certainly when there are troubles, when I want to give up during nervous and tense times, or when I feel there is no hope, real love will not have fortune, to the contrary, in hard times I will persist, because I can remember our shared past and our happy times, and our future. If we, toward our problems, give enough power to solve them, then we will have a bright future.



10.Love is voluntary.  Love cannot be repaid or like a credit system.  It is rather, unconditional quality.



11.Love is open.  If I love you, I will encourage you to develop yourself and have other relations, and encourage you to go develop yourself is the proof of two persons love.



12.Love is gaping after my lover, not because without the other, I am not complete. For example, without you, I cannot survive. If this way, I will not have real capability to love you.



13.Love is to understand my lover.  If I love you, then I will produce with you, resonating feelings and be able to go through your eyes to see the world.  I then, can understand you and your feelings for me, and I for you.  This kind of intimacy, does not predicate that two people may not immediately separate, because leaving and distance sometimes necessary.  Distance can strengthen loves ties, and help us renew our discovery of ourselves.  Therefore, we can get a kind of new way to get to know the other.



14.Love is loving self, only have to love myself, value myself, appreciate and respect myself.  Only then, can I love you.  For example, when I am empty, I can only give you my emptiness. If I feel valuable, then I can give you your completeness.  The most beautiful way that I love you is to share everything of myself with you.

爱是自我的。只有当我真正地爱自己、珍惜自己、欣赏并尊重自己,我才能爱你。假如我空虚,那么我能给予你的也只能是空虚。假如我觉得自己充实完整并活得有价值,那么我也能给予你的就是充实完整。我爱你地最佳方式之一就是与你一起分享我的一 切。


15.Love being able to see clearly your lovers potential.  When you love a person, you need to accept the persons current situation and view what they can be. Mature love is maintaining your independence yet being united. This is loves biggest conflict.



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