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分类: 别墅英语


We’re usually in bed by ten.我们通常十点钟上床睡觉。
I usually dress casually.我一般穿着非常的随便。
I was asked to make a casual speech at the party.聚会上,我应邀做了个即席的发言。
Casual clothes are becoming more and more polular in China.休闲服装在中国越来越受欢迎了。
It gives me great pleasure to introduce our next speaker.我很高兴向大家介绍下一位演讲者。
It’s been a pleasure to work with you.和你一起工作真是一件乐事。
What do you like to do in your leisure time?你业余时间喜欢做什么?
What’s your decision?你的决定如何?
I have a very important decision to make.我要做个非常重要的决定。
I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.我相信你会做出正确的决定。
You have to make a decision right away.你得马上做个决定。
Whose decision was that?那是谁做的决定?
That’s a bad decision.这个决定不好。
Think carefully before you make an important decision.做重要决定之前要认真思考。
We need a decision on the matter now.这件事我们现在就得做出决定。
A. Have you made a decision yet?你是否已作出决定了?
B. No,I’m still thinking about it.还没有,我仍在考虑。
I realize now that I made the wrong decision.我现在意识到我做出了错误的决定。
There was confusion everywhere.到处一片混乱。
There is a lot of confusion about the best way to study English.究竟怎样学英语最好,这个问题众说纷纭。
What do you usually do after work?你下班后一般做些什么?
I take pleasure in learning foreign languages.我学外语感到很快乐。
I take pleasure in reading books.我读书感到很快乐。
I take pleasure in playing sports.我进行体育运动感到很快乐。
I take pleasure in cooking.我喜欢烹饪。
I take pleasure in writing.我喜欢写作。
I take pleasure in meeting new people.我喜欢认识新朋友。
It’s a happy occasion for all of us.这是我们大家都非常开心的时刻。
I usually jog for half an hour in the morning.我通常在早上跑半小时步。
What’s your vision for the future?=What are your plans for the future?你对未来的设想如何?/你想像中的未来是什么样子的?
The room was in complete confusion.=The room was a mess./No one in the room knew what was happening.房间一团糟。/房间里谁都不知道是怎么回事。
My mother is an unusual woman.我母亲是一个不平凡的女人。
I treasure my leisure time.我很珍惜我的空闲时间。
That’s just a casual decision.那只是一个临时决定。
His powers of persuasion calmed the confusion of the crowd.他的说服力让混乱的人群安静了下来。
The thirsty man saw a vision of mirage.那个口渴的人看见了海市蜃楼的景象。
I’m not very sure about my decision.我对自己的决定不是很有把握。
I occasionally watch television in my leisure time.我空闲时间里偶尔看看电视。
I treasure your friendship.我珍惜你的友谊。
China’s prestige in the world is rising very quickly.中国在国际上的声望上升得很快。
I’m so sore.I’ll go get a massage.我太累了,我要去按摩。
Please call me at your leisure.方便时请打个电话给我。
I’m very honored to be invited to speak on such a prestigious occasion.我非常荣幸,能应邀在如此重大的场合发表讲话。
I only wear a tie on special occasions.我只在特殊场合才打领带。
It’s my pleasure.这是我的荣幸。
A. Thank you so much for all your help.非常感谢你所帮的忙。
B. It’s my pleasure.这是我的荣幸。
Same as usual.跟以前一样。
(How’s business?生意如何?Same as usual.跟以前一样。)
I’ve already made my decision.=My mind is made up.我早已做了决定。/我已下了决心。
I have no leisure time.我没有空闲时间。
Today is an important occasion.今天是个重要的日子。
I treasure your letters.我很爱惜你的信。
You watch too much television.你看太多电视了!
Don’t jump to conclusions.=Don’t come to a decision too quickly.不要乱下结论。
I need a massage.我需要按摩。
It’s unusually hot today!今天不同寻常的热!
Are you coming home at the usually time?你准备按往常的时间回家吧?Yes,I’ll leave the office at the same time as usual.是的,我将和平常一样准时离开办公室。
He arrived late as usual.他照常迟到。
I’ll have my usual,please.请给我来一份我通常要的。
A.Did you hear Jane decided to go abroad?你听说了吗,珍妮决定出国?
B.Yes,but she’s not very sure that she made the right decision.听说了,但她对自己的决定是否正确不是很肯定。
Teacher Li has international prestige.李老师享有国际声望。
Some of our national treasures are in the Forbidden City.我们的一些国宝保存在故宫里。
The invitation said we should dress formally,not casually.邀请函上讲,我们应该穿着正式服装,而不是休闲服装。
I think the day we met was a special occasion.我想我们相识的那一天是很特别的。
He’s very shy.It’s unusually for him to share his opinions.他很害羞,他并不常表达他的意见。
One of the greatest pleasures of life is conversation.人生的最大乐趣之一就是谈话。
He’s washing his car in the garage.他在车房里洗车。

李阳疯狂英语(35)        点击此处--视频教程
A.Thank you for being so thoughtful.谢谢你如此周到。
B.It was nothing!Think nothing of it.没什么。小事一桩。
If you exercise regularly and  eat properly,you’ll stay fit and healthy.如果你经常锻炼并适当饮食,你会保持健康的。
I have nothing to do with that.我跟此事全无关系。
It’s nothing serious.这没什么了不起。
Nothing’s going to change my love for you.没什么能改变我对你的爱。
She’s nothing to me.她在我心目中微不足道。
We want you to tell us the truth-nothing more,nothing less.我们要你说实话,一点不多,一点不少。
A. What’s the food like at your school?学校的伙食怎么样?
B. Nothing special.不太好。
A. Is there anything good on TV tonight?今晚的电视有好节目吗?
B. Nothing in particular.没什么特别的。
Calm down and take a deep breath.冷静下来,深吸一口气。
What did you think of it?你觉得它怎么样?(I didn’t think it was anything special.=I thought it was nothing special.我觉得没什么特别的。)
It was really thoughtful of you to bring flowers.你真是想得太周到了,还带了花来。
He always takes a left-handed oath.Let’s not believe him.=He doesn’t mean what he says./He makes empty promises.他总是随便发誓。我们不要相信他。
I was so thirsty that I drank three glasses of water.我太渴了,喝了三杯水。
A thousand thanks for your kindness.对你的好意万分感谢。
Nothing is more important than staying healthy.没有比保持健康更重要的了。
To tell the truth,you need a bath.说实话,你需要洗个澡了。
My baby already has three teeth.我的孩子已经长了三颗牙了。
The rumor passed from mouth to mouth.谣言不胫而走。/谣言到处流传。
Through thrift you will become wealthy.勤俭节约才会富裕。
The author thought there was something in the bathroom.那个作家觉得浴室里有什么东西。
Health is wealth.Actually,health is much more important than wealth.健康就是财富。事实上,健康远比财富重要。
My birthday is Thursday.Would you like to come over?我的生日是星期四。你要过来吗?
Beth gave birth to a very healthy son last night.昨晚贝丝生了一个非常健康的儿子。
Birth and death are natural parts of life.生和死是人生必经之事。
A. Can I get you anything?要我给你拿点什么吗?
B. No,nothing.i’m fine,thanks.不,什么都不用了。我很好,谢谢。
We’ve been through thick and thin together.我们一直同甘共苦。
I’m through with you!=I don’t want to see you again.Our relationship is over.我跟你完了!/我跟你断绝关系!
I was all thumbs today.=I couldn’t do anything right today.我今天笨手笨脚的。
Hold on for a second!Let me catch my breath.稍等一会儿,让我喘口气。
He’s  an outstanding athlete.他是名杰出的运动员。
The doctor made a thorough examination of me.医生替我做了详细的检查。
I forgot a thousand things, but I remembered to say thank you.我忘了很多事,但我还是记得对你说声谢谢。
I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother’s death.听说你奶奶去世了,我感到非常难过。
Our path in life will not always be smooth.我们的人生之路不会永远平坦。
That’s the truth!事实就是这样。
I’m thirsty.我渴了。
I’m all thumbs.=I’m clumsy/uncoordinated.我真是笨手笨脚。
Throw it away.把它丢掉。
Thanks a lot.多谢。
I think so.我认为如此。
Here’s to your health.为你的健康(干杯)
It’s nothing.=you’re welcome.没什么。/不用谢。
Happy birthday.生日快乐!
Something is better than nothing.总比没有好。/聊胜于无!
(A.Sorry,all we have to drink is water.对不起,我们只有水喝。B.Something is better than nothing.总比没有好。/聊胜于无。)

Think thank thin thing theme thief thought thousand Thursday theory through three thirst threat theater thesis throughout thirsty
A.Wow!i think you look a lot thinner than the last time I saw you.哇!我觉得你比我上次看见你瘦了很多。
B.thanks!i’ve been on a diet for three months.谢谢,我节食三个月了。
Something nothing anything healthy wealthy faithful bathtub author breakthrough bathroom earthquake birthday athlete method truthful
A. This is just a little something for your birthday.这是给你生日准备的一点小小心意。
B. You didn’t have to buy me anything.Thank you!你不用给我买什么东西的,谢谢你!
A. It’s nothing.不用谢。
Death health wealth oath truth seventh teeth tooth month path both bath earth north south faith breath worth fourth growth
We both think he’s telling the truth.我们都认为他讲的是真话。
李阳疯狂英语(36)      点击此处--视频教程
I know you better than he does.我比他更了解你。
A.Is there anyone outside?外面有人吗?
B.Yes,There is someone waiting to see you.有,有个人在等着见你。
We plan to gather together this weekend.我们计划这周末聚一聚。
Get  yourself together.振作起来。
We stand together on this issue.在这个问题上,我们站在一起。
She and her ex-husband are getting back together.她同她的前夫就要复婚了。
Let’s get together and talk about it.让我们聚一聚,讨论一下这件事。
We should get together one evening.咱们应该找个晚上聚一聚。
A.How do you know each other?你们怎么认识的?
B.We went to school together.我们一起上学。
What was the weather like on your vacation?度假期间的天气怎么样?
How about going shopping together?一起去购物怎么样?(I’d rather go to a movie.我情愿去看电影。)
At last we can breathe with ease.我们终于可以轻松地呼吸了。
Do you prefer northern food or southern food?你喜欢北方的食物还是南方的食物?
My mother bought some new clothes there.我妈妈在那儿买了些新衣服。
Can I bother you with another question?我能再问你一个问题吗?
These are bigger than those.这些要比那些大。
Though my mother is old.she still has smooth skin.尽管我母亲年纪大了,她的皮肤却还是很光滑。
I’d rather go there than to your brother’s house.我宁愿去那里也不去你哥哥家。
Either we go now,or we wait for another day with better weather.我们或者现在去,或者等哪一天天气好点再去。
Other than that,we were together the whole time.除了那个时候,我们一直在一起。
This leather is smoother than that leather.这种皮革比那种皮革光滑。
The mother clothed her little baby beautifully.妈妈给他的小婴儿穿上漂亮的衣服。
I’m sorry to bother you,but could I speak to you for a moment?对不起,可以跟你说几句话吗?
He didn’t even bother to say thank you.他连一声谢谢也没说。
You don’t look very happy.Is something bothering you?你好像不是很开心,到底有什么事使你心烦?
Don’t bother waiting for me.I’ll catch up with you later.不用等我,我很快就能追上你们的。
Don’t bother me with this and that.不要什么事都来烦我。
My back is bothering me again.我的背又疼得要命了。
Don’t bother.别烦我。
It’s no bother.一点都不麻烦。
I can’t be bothered with that right now.现在我没空处理这个。
I’m taking business courses to further my career.为了促进我的事业,我在上商业课程。
They’re trying their best to smooth relations between the two countries.他们尽全力缓和两国之间的关系。
Don’t bother.不用麻烦了。
Nice weather!天气不错!
A.I can help you with that bag.我可以帮你提那个包。
B.Don’t bother.不用麻烦了。
We should help each other.我们应该互相帮助。
My father loves my mother.我父亲爱我母亲。
Breathe deeply and calm down.深呼吸,冷静下来。
We can make it together.我们可以一起做到。
I’d rather not.我情愿不去。
A.Do you want to go swimming?你想去游泳吗?
B.I’d rather not. 我情愿不去。
Either one is OK.哪一个都行。
A.Which one do you like?你喜欢哪一个?
B.Either one is OK.哪一个都行。
It’s cold out there.外面很冷。
That’s great!太棒了!
For further imformation please call or visit our website.需要更多信息,请打电话或访问我们的网站。
Don’t come any further or I’ll shoot.别再靠近,不然我就开枪了。
I plan to go to the United States to further my studies.我计划去美国留学深造。
I have nothing further to say!我再没什么可说的了!
Don’t try my patience any further.别再烦我了,我的耐心是有限的。
Both my mother and father are rather tired now,so I had better not bother either of them!我爸爸妈妈都很累了,我最好不要去打搅他们!
I have trouble with math.我学数学有问题。
I think both of them told the truth.我认为他们两个讲的都是真话。
Father and mother went through thick and thin together.They now live a healthy and wealthy life.父亲和母亲曾经共过患难,现在他们过着健康而富裕的生活。
There are thirty-three thousand three hundred and thirty-three feathers on that thrush’s throat.那只画眉的脖子上有三万三千三百三十三根羽毛。
李阳疯狂英语(37)         点击此处--视频教程
handsome/heaven/hope/holiday/ handle/unhappy/perhaps/hitchhike/whole/whose
He’s a handsome man,tall and slim.他身材修长,是个英俊的男子。
I hope you’ll be better soon.我希望你能很快好起来。
Happy holidays!节日愉快!
She handles the company’s PR.她负责处理公司的公共关系。
He’s a hard man to handle.他这个人不好对付。
I will handle some business,then go home early today.今天我处理一些生意后打算早点回家。
Get the police.let them handle it.把警察找来,让他们来处理。
I guess I didn’t handle this very well.我想这事我处理得不好。
Please handle those objects carefully.拿那些物品时请小心点。
I’m so unhappy with my new job.我对的新工作很不满意。
I hitchhike from Tianjin to Beijing.我从天津搭便车去北京。
Are you telling me the whole truth?你告诉我全部事实真相了吗?
I spent the whole morning in bed today.今天我整个早上都在床上。
I haven’t decided yet.我还没有决定下来。
A.When are you going to America?你什么时候去美国?
B.I haven’t decided yet.我还没有决定下来。
I hope it won’t rain today.我希望今天不要下雨。
Have you seen Henry?你见过享利吗?
How was your holiday?你的假期过得怎么样?
He looks unhappy.What happened?他看上去很不开心,发生了什么事?
We have a happy home.我们有一个幸福的家。
He has lots of head,but not much heart.他很有头脑,但是没什么同情心。
I hope you haven’t hurt your head.但愿你没伤着头。
I hate him for his behavior.他的行为令我生厌。
He hates to help his mother with housework.他不愿意帮他妈妈做家务。
She hasn’t heard from her husband for half a month.她有半个月没收到丈夫的来信了。
You have to hurry up if you are going to catch the train.你得赶快点,要不然就赶不上火车了。
He has the bad habit of smoking.他有抽烟的坏习惯。
I have a headache.我头疼。
He is always helping her with her homework.他总是帮她做功课。
Don’t hurt yourself.不要伤着你自己。
I haven’t heard from her for a while. 我有一段时间没收到她的信了。
He is a hardworking employee.他是个工作努力的雇员。
Heads up!i’m coming through with boiling hot water!当心!我拿着滚烫的水过来了!
In her heart of hearts,she does not love him enough to marry him.内心深处,她爱他还没有爱到想嫁给他的程度。
In my  heart of hearts I know the truth.我心里知道真相是什么。
Don’t hesitate to go to the hospital if you are very sick.如果你得病了,请不要犹豫,马上去医院吧。
I had a horrible headache after drinking too much.由于喝了太多酒,我头痛得历害。
I’ll finish it in an hour.我一个小时就可以完成了。
Feel very honored to have the opportunity to speak here.有机会在这里讲话,我感到非常荣幸。
It’s my honor to meet you.很荣幸认识你。
He is honest in doing business.他做生意很诚实。
John was his father’s only heir.约翰是他父亲的唯一继承人。
The exhibition at the museum is marvelous.博物馆的展览棒极了。
I like the rhythm of this song.我喜欢这首歌的节奏。
Thomas will come this weekend with his girlfriend.这个周末汤玛斯要带他女朋友过来。
Language is the vehicle of human thoughts.语言是人类表达思想的工具。
Can you help me?你能帮我个忙吗?
Sure.what do you need?/what can I help you with?当然可以,你需要什么?
It’s so hot in here.这里太热了。
I’m in a hurry.我赶时间。
Have a nice day!祝你愉快!
Have a happy honeymoon!祝蜜月愉快!
I hate him.我恨他。
I’m hungry.我饿了。
Behave yourself.注意你的行为。/表现好点。
Hurry up!快点!
Hi,how are you doing?嗨,你好吗?

Hardworking habit hero hesitate history holiday humble headline behave sweetheart
China is a country with a long history and hardworking people.中国是一个历史悠久,而且具有勤劳勇敢的人民的国家。
Hurt/hate/hell/huge/secondhand/behind/somehow/hand in hand/have the habit of/ahead
My head hurts like hell today.I must have had too much to drink last night.今天我的头痛死了,昨天晚上喝酒一定喝得太多了。


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