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下载YouTube影片 de 23种方法

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Web based 基于Web

1. videodownloadx.com doesn’t have a lot of options, but it’s simple, and it works. 1 。 videodownloadx.com不会有很多的选择,但它的特点是简便,它的工程。 It also enables you to share the YouTube video with your friends via e-mail.还可以让您分享YouTube视频与您的朋友通过电子邮件。 Unfortunately, all the files are called get_video, and you have to add the .flv extension manually.不幸的是,所有的文件都是所谓的get_video ,你必须添加。 FLV的延长手动。

2. KeepVid is another simple site. 2 。 keepvid是另一种简单的网站。 No hassle, works not only for YouTube movies but for a number of other sites, including Google Video , MySpace Video , DailyMotion and others.没有麻烦,工程不仅为YouTube的电影,但对于其他一些网站,包括Google视频 MySpace上的视频 dailymotion等。 Again, you have to add the .flv extension by hand.再次,你必须添加。 FLV的延长,一方面

3. VideoDownloader is very similar to KeepVid, but supports even more video sharing sites, and it’s also available as a Firefox extension. 3 。 videodownloader非常相似, keepvid ,但支持,甚至更多的视频共享网站,它也可作为Firefox扩展。 Just like with KeepVid, all downloads are in .flv format.就像与keepvid ,所有下载都在。 FLV的格式。 We recommend MediaCoder for free conversion.我们建议mediacoder为免费的转换。

4. YouTube Downloads takes the cake in the longest domain name contest. 4 。 YouTube上下载需蛋糕在最长的域名竞赛。 It also separates itself by using a proxy for downloading videos, which means that you might be able to get videos even if YouTube access is blocked at your workplace or in the country you live.它也分开本身所使用的是代理下载影片,这意味着您可能能够得到的影片,即使YouTube的访问是阻止在您的工作场所或在该国的你住。 Just search Google for YouTube videos, and copy/paste the URL into YouTube Downloads.刚刚在Google上搜索YouTube影片,复制/粘贴到YouTube的网址下载。

5. Zamzar is an online file format conversion site which can do a lot more than just converting YouTube videos to another format and downloading them to your hard drive, but it’s doing a great job so we had to include it here. 5 。 zamzar是一个在线文件格式转换的网站可以做的工作很多,不止转换YouTube影片,以另一种格式,并下载到您的硬盘驱动器,但它的做了不少工作,因此我们不得不把它列入这里。 Thoroughly tested by us and highly recommended.彻底的测试,我们和高度的建议。 See the video of it in action here .看到的录像,它在这里的行动


6. YouTubia separates itself from the crowd by enabling you to search as well as download YouTube files. 6 。 youtubia政企分开,本身从人群让您能以搜索,以及YouTube上下载档案。 Options are scarce, but it works.选项是稀缺的,但它的工程

7. VidGrab is another simple site that works with YouTube, Google Video, MySpace and Break.com. 7 。 vidgrab是另一种简单的网站,工程与YouTube , Google视频, MySpace和break.com 。 Besides the download function, the site also sports a top list of most viewed videos.除了下载的功能,该网站还体育顶级的名单最多人看的影

8. Vixy offers both downloading videos and converting them into DivX avi, mov, mp4, 3gp, or mp3 (for audio only) formats. 8 。 vixy提供了下载影片和转换成DivX的为AVI , mov , MP4等3gp ,或MP3 (音频)格式。 The conversion works well enough, but sometimes results in slightly choppy playback.改建工程不够好,但有时结果在稍波涛汹涌的播

9. Hey! 9 。 嘿! Watch is an ambitious video encoding service with a large number of options, especially when it comes to converting videos to portable media player formats (it even supports my trusty iRiver H340.) Most online video converters often produce crappy results, with video and audio being out of sync, and this problem is also present on Hey! 观赏是一项雄心勃勃的视频编码服务与大量的选项,特别是当它来转换视频便携式媒体播放器格式(它甚至支持我的可信赖艾利和h340 ) 。大部分在线视频转换器,往往产生crappy结果,视频和音频被失去同步化,这个问题也出席嘿! Watch, but it happens rarely.观赏,但情况很少见

10. Media Converter can be a little slow, but the results of the video conversion are quite good. 10 。 媒体转换器可以有点慢,但结果视频转换是相当好。 We’ve converted some YouTube videos to avi (mpeg4 + mp3) format and it worked well.我们已经转换了一些YouTube影片为AVI ( MPEG4影片+ MP3播放)格式,而且运作良好。 The tool is not limited to video conversion; it also supports several audio and document formats.该工具是不局限于视频转换;它也支持几个音频和文件格式。


11. KcoolOnline is a web-based converter which supports 98 video sharing web sites, including YouTube. 11 。 kcoolonline是一个基于网络的转换器,支持98视频分享网站,其中包括YouTube上。 It has literally zero options, so it’s recommended for those who like to keep it simple.它从字面上零选项,因此它的建议,对于那些谁想保持

Windows Applications Windows应用程序

12. VDownloader is a desktop application that catches YouTube, Google Video, and Grinvi video links from your clipboard. 12 。 vdownloader是一个桌面应用程序,渔获量的YouTube , Google视频,和grinvi视频链接从您的剪贴板。 Start it up, copy the video URL and click download.启动它,复制视频网址,然后点击下载。 It automatically converts the videos to mpeg or avi formats.它会自动转换到MPEG影片或为AVI格式。

13. YouTube Grabber downloads files from Youtube in .flv format. 13 。 YouTube的夹持下载档案从YouTube在。的FLV格式。 Copy and paste the URL of a video from YouTube into the program, press «grab», and the file will be downloaded into the same directory as the program.网址复制并粘贴到一个视频来自YouTube的加入此计划,新闻中心«抓斗» ,和文件将被下载到同一目录作为该计划。

14. Orbit Downloader is a desktop application which can download videos from a wide variety of sites. 14 。 轨道的下载是一个桌面应用程序可以下载影片,从各种各样的网站。 The download process is very simple, just hover your mouse over the video and you’ll get a button that says «Get It».下载过程非常简单,只需将鼠标指向视频和您将获得一个按钮,说«得到» 。 The developers of the program claim that it’s very fast (up to 500% faster, they say) due to its P2P download technology.发展该计划的声称它的非常快(高达500 % ,更快,他们说)由于其的P2P下载技术。

15. My Video Downloader . 15 。 我的视频下载 With all these free tools, it’s actually funny to see a commercial one.所有这些免费工具,它的其实很有趣看到一个商业1 。 It’s called My Video Downloader, and while it does look solid and offers a lot of conversion options (a free trial which enables you to download 10 videos is available), we’re not sure it offers enough to warrant a price tag.它的所谓我的视频下载,虽然看起来的确固体,并提供了很多的转换选项(免费的试用版,它使您能够下载10支影片,是可用的) ,我们还不能确定它提供足够的值得的代价

16. KeepV is a desktop downloader as well as a converter, which can convert the downloaded videos from flv to avi, mov, mp4, or 3gp formats. 16 。 keepv是一个桌面下载,以及作为一个转换器,它可以转换下载影片的FLV到AVI , mov , MP4等或3gp格

17. VideoGet boasts being able to download video clips from more than 100 video sharing websites. 17 。 videoget拥有能够下载视频剪辑,来自100多个视频分享网站。 We haven’t tested all of them, so we’re just going to take their word for it.我们并没有测试所有这些,所以我们只是要花费他们的字。 It’sa deskop application with a nice, simple interface, and a solid number of options.这是桌面应用与尼斯,简单的界面,和坚实的多项


18. TubeSucker is a desktop YouTube video downloader with some interesting options, including batch downloading large amounts of videos from a certain user. 18 。 tubesucker是一个桌面YouTube视频下载一些有趣的选择,其中包括一批下载大量的影片,从某个用户。 See the video tour on the site.观看录像旅行团在该网站。


19. Get Tube is an OS X application which lets you download video or audio files from YouTube, DailyMotion and Kewego. 19 。 取得管是一个OS X应用程序可让您下载视频或音频文件从YouTube , dailymotion和kewego 。

Linux Linux的

20. Youtube-dl . 20 。 YouTube的消旋 Here’s some love for Linux users.这里的一些爱为Linux用户。 Youtube-dl is a program that lets you download YouTube clips in flv format, which both mplayer and VLC can easily chew up. YouTube的消旋是一个程式,让您可以下载剪辑的YouTube在的FLV格式,这两个MPlayer的和vlc可以轻松地咀嚼起来。

21. YouTube Ripper is not actually an application; it’sa simple script that rips all videos that match a keyword, uploaded by a specific YouTube user. 21 。 YouTube的开膛手其实不是一个应用;这是简单的指令码, rips所有影片相匹配的关键字,上载,由一个具体的YouTube使用者。 We don’t really have ideas on what to use this for, but maybe you do!我们并不真的有什么想法就使用这个,但也许你做的! PHP port is also available. PHP的港口也可。

Plugins 插件

22. Vidtaker is a Firefox-only plugin that can download videos from most streaming websites: Google Video, YouTube, MySpace, as well as a number of nasty adult SomethingTube spinoffs ( Pornotube , YouPorn etc). 22 。 vidtaker是一个Firefox的插件不仅可以下载影片,从最流网站: Google视频, YouTube上, MySpace上,以及一些恶劣的成人somethingtube衍生( pornotube youporn等) 。 It automatically converts the video to a DivX avi.它会自动转换到一个视频和DivX的AVI 。

23. Ook? 23 。 ook ? Video Ook! Yes, that’s the full name of this Firefox plugin, which enables you to download videos from YouTube and several other video sharing web sites. 视频ook !没错,就是那个的全称,这Firefox的插件,可以让您下载影片从YouTube和其他几个视频共享网站。 It features one click downloading and integration with the popular DownThemAll Firefox plugin.它的特点之一,点击下载和一体化与流行的downthemall Firefox的插件。


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