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(2009-05-03 07:36:09)


分类: 英语资料
====Feel spaced out=========================================

    Feel spaced out:感到头脑昏昏沉沉,注意力不集中,走神。

    I felt spaced out and I got a wrong classroom yesterday.

    I was really stressed over the exams. I was so spaced out that I forgot my father's birthday. I felt terrible.
    考试让我紧张地迷迷糊糊的把老爸的生日都忘了,真是太糟了。(so that=太...导致....)

    ====A neat freak=========================================

    A neat freak:特别喜好整洁,干净,把家里打理的井井有条的人(洁癖)。

    You always make your bed.And have all your papers well organized,you are really a neat freak.



     I was so tired that I crashed on the couch last night.

    I crashed at Jim's house last night because it was too late to go home.

    ====Hang in there=========================================

    Hang in there:坚持下去,不要放弃。("to keep enduring" or "to persist through a difficult situation")

    Hang in there, it will be all over, and then you can relax.

    "Hang in there, I will be back in a few minutes".


    ====To be stressed out=========================================

    To be stressed out:压力太大,几乎承受不了了。(under a lot of pressure and so much stress that you barely made it.)

    you appear a little bit impatient,you are stressed out. So hang in there.

    Hang in there! Try not to be stressed out.

    ====Live it up=========================================

    Live it up:奢侈,无烦恼地尽情享受生活,过逍遥日子。(means to live a fun and extravagant lifestyle)

    You got to live it up while you were in college.

    ====Yeah Right!=========================================

    Yeah Right! 带有嘲讽口气的反话,表示不相信对方。

    You think Michael's going to speak English better than I? Yeah Right! He can't catch up with me in just a year.

    ====To stick around=========================================

    To stick around:逗留一下,等一下。

    Could you stick around for a minute?I have a word with you.

    ====Guilt trip===================================

    Guilt trip:内疚感,心存歉意。

    You don't need to have a guilt trip about your break-up,it's not your fault.

    ====To be shot=========================================


    I really tired out running so fast: I'm really shot now!

    Your house's power system was shot.



    "Aw, shoot!"--当你发现你出了家门却把家里钥匙落在屋里的时侯可用这句。

    ====To bail=========================================

    To bail:开溜,离开。

    We have got into trouble here,I say we bail.

    We've been studying for hours. I'm ready to bail.

    I was so tired that I bailed on my friends and went home.
    (也可以to bail on something.如:bailed on the class.)



    I don't have to do zip. I'm free the whole weekend.

    I don't have zip in my pockets.

    ====A drama queen=========================================

    A drama queen:小题大作,大惊小怪的女孩。

    She is such a drama queen. She makes a huge deal out of losing a book or a bad haircut.

    ====To kick myself=========================================

    To kick myself:失去了一个好机会而埋怨自己。(means to feel regret for missing an opportunity)

    I'm still kicking myself for not buying it when I had the chance.

    I'm still kicking myself for waiting too long to have the chance.

    ====A raw deal=========================================

    A raw deal:指一个不公平,吃亏的交易买卖。

    I bought a car, I got a really raw deal。

    ====I'm down with that=========================================

    I'm down with that:我同意,我愿意。

    A:Let's go shopping.
    B:Okey,I am down with that.

    ====To pay through the nose=========================================

    To pay through the nose:高价买某东西。(购买到的东西高于它自身的价值)

     I don't want to pay through the nose for anything. It's stupid to waste so much money on something you can buy cheaper somewhere else.

    ====Don't have a cow=========================================

    Don't have a cow:不要着急不要慌张。(means don't get too excited about something)

    A:I missed my watch.
    B:Don't have a cow. I'm sure you'll find it.

    ====A pack rat=========================================

    A pack rat:什么东西都留着不肯扔的人。(means someone who saves everything and has lots of stuff)

    Is that the movie ticket from last week? You even saved that?You're really a pack rat.



    A:My roommate got a new-born sharpei(沙皮狗),he is a cute little critter.
    B:I don't think so. As far as I'm concerned, that little critter looks ugly.


       如:That guy over there has an ugly mug.那边的家伙长的真丑。

      如:What a cute mug this little dog has.这个小狗的脸真可爱。


    ====Out of it=========================================

    Out of it:迷迷糊糊,晕乎乎,半醒状态,昏昏沉沉。(mean's to be half-awake)

    I just have a small cold,I am a little out of it.


    Gung-ho:有干劲,有热情;同力协作。(means to be very aggressive, enthusiastic or zealous about something)

    历史背景:这个词组是跟“Gong Fu_功夫”一样,起源自中文。该词是在第二次世界大战中进入到英语中的。那时美国士兵来到中国,帮助中国战友打击日本侵略者,在中国他们与名为“中国工业合作社”(系中国左派政治产物:简称工合)的机构有很多接触。Gung-ho(工合)是该组织名称的缩写,被一些美国海军陆战队的部门作为了座右铭,用来代表美国意欲与中国共同作战打败日本。其中离不开一位关键人物:美国海军陆战队(USMC)军官 Evans F. Carlson,



    I'm not very gung ho about this game.

    I am very gung ho about working on my thesis.

    ====Beats me=========================================

    Beats me:考倒我了。我不知道这个答案。(means that I have no idea what the answer is)

    A:How many miles away the sun is?
    B:That really beats me.

    ====In a bind=========================================

    In a bind:处在一个困境中。(means to be in a very difficult situation)

    I'm in a bind to pay my rent.

    We are in a blind that we having the final exam tomorrow.

    ====To slack off=========================================

    To slack off:松懈,不忙碌,悠闲。(means just the opposite of being busy,to not work hard)

    This is the holiday season, so everyone at work is slacking off. No one minds if I leave early.

     I wish it were holiday all the time, so I could always slack off.



     I'm just a peon at my workplace. Anyone could do my job.

    ====To be on crack=========================================

    To be on crack:疯狂的。Crack也是一种毒品的意思(crack cocaine),On crack就是指吸了毒。这句话就是喻指在吸了毒之后才能做出的疯狂事儿,很冒险。

    Are you on crack? You can't drive with a flat tire,we probably get in a wreck!

    ====Get the hang of it=========================================

    Get the hang of it:通过实践找到窍门,掌握方法,熟悉。(means to become proficient精通 at something through practice)

    You have been driving for very long. You'll get the hang of it, eventually.

    You've gotten the hang of teaching,Your students seem to like you.

    ====To start from scratch=========================================

    To start from scratch:从头开始。

    I lost my thesis,so I have to start from scratch.


    Shades:太阳眼镜。注一定是复数。(a pair of sunglasses一副太阳镜)

    Do I look cool in these shades?

    You should try on this pair of shades. They would look pretty on you.



    I fail my exam,it's all your fault,you jinxed me before the test!

    ====Come off it=========================================

    Come off it:不要胡说,别骗人,别扯了。(means stop talking nonsense or stop pretending that something is true)

    You're blaming me for jinxing you? Come off it,You don't really believe in that jinx nonsense, do you?

    ====Catch a flick=========================================

    Catch a flick:看电影。(如:动作片_Action flicks)

    It's still really early. Do you want to catch a flick or something?

    ====To have no business doing something=================================

    To have no business doing something:做某事的水平差。能力不高,不适合干某件事或者某一行。

     He has no business teaching Chinese because he doesn't speak it very well.

    ====To be out of line=========================================

    To be out of line:话说或做的事不恰当,特别是对长辈。没分寸。(means to speak or act when it is not appropriate)

    To creticize the professor so loudly in front of the whole class,I guess I was out of line.

    ====To trash something=======================================

    To trash something:把某事物贬低,说的一钱不值。

    The author is crazy,he trashed anything about the flick.


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