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(2008-08-06 22:27:48)




分类: feeling

July 22th the first beautiful day


Two running years, it is July that make me heart movement.


Everything must mention from him, if without that invitation, maybe the distance between us is zero! Thanks to his careful mind, otherwise we can’t know each other!

同一所大学,同一个系,只不过差一届;同一个家乡,家竟然不到 500米;而且竟然还同一款手机。不知道还有什么相同的,反正真的好巧和!

The same colleage, the same department, but miss a session; the same hometown, our families are unexpectedly less than 500 meters; moreover, unexpectedly the same type of phone. I don’t know there are still other same thing,but in any case it is really coincidence.


Because I will attend an interview of uni-president beverage, he rang me that he is going to attend with me. We contact each other in advance that he will ride his electric bicycle to carry me, but I feel it is not good, so we decide to take bus there. On the way there, there are not many people on the bus, but without seat. Because of the olymic, it is necessary to check your bag before you get on the bus, I am almost fall over myself on the bus! ( He put his wallet and keys into my handbag on his own intivate) However fortunately, we arrive at the destination smooth and steady, during this period, he asked a lot of questions about the interview and finding jobs! Fortunately, he had not been considered as a silent boy!


Get off the bus, we should walk about 100 meters.Cross the road, we go by take-out shops of GA building, I suddenly heard there is a sport shop playing a song song by Jangwoohyuk, it is a long time that his song is not resonged nearby my ears, moreover in this moment! Why, this feeling suddenly make me feel happy! We take the lift to the 19 store, there are all the companies, it is a good feeling, and it seems that they are all having meetings! Without seats, we only stand to await outside,then he tested my kanas. Originally, I am nervous, so I am unable to write a few any more! However he haven’t check several when the interviewer ask us to fill in a form, we happened to seize the chance to take seats to chat. Hehe, we chat a lot, he make a mistake when filled in the form! Haha, because of without the job experience, I know nothing! Pehaps a half hour past, the seven early-coming people entered the room to interview in advance. The interview first let me to introduce myself, due to my nervous, I didn’t say according to his demand, it is not feeling well. Interviewer writes down something after others’ names, except me, even without ask me a question! However no matter what they really have done, it is so fierce even though they boasted! It is the first time I feel the competition, but the first, making persistent effort, tomorrow I will still go to a interview, because it is related to my specialized field, so I am full of confidence, only but for not be cheated.





Finish the interview simply, it is said that we will be contacted by Thursday, but I didn’t expect anything! But he should be hopful, at least more hopeful than me! However it is benefit to open the mind! Walk out of the GA building, lukily, expect as I do, we take the two-floor bus to come back, even take seats on the second floor! I feel very cool! We have a good journey, he suddenly refer the near-by Elisabeth’s wedding shop to ask me TJ hasn’t this shop,I said I didn’t know,but add a word: TJ should has anything! ~ I didn’t know what is the meaning he ask such question! Get off the bus, he said he has something so can’t send me back home, actually, I didn’t think of that! He said contact each other! I feel very happy, all the day!

Expect ~ we can get on well with each other~

He ~ is a good child~


It is the first time for me to go outside with boy, I don’t know whether it can be called date, but it was a good beginning.


Though before I considered the person like Boss Chen who put his career first whole-heartedly is so perfect,and also like such this person, but this out-going with Toma make me change my former viewpoint a little.


The importance is wether I am happy with this person! Whatever my standard is, but everyman has his faults, there is no absolute boyfriend, being happy is more important than anything!


Though I admire Boss Chen such kind of person, but perhaps getting along with him, I never be his first place in his heart! Such this kind of person like him can’t treat love above everything else!


Boss Chen, is only my magnate in the end.


I don’t feel it is a shame! Because maybe it can’t be true from start to finish


Moreover, I don’t be star fan as like Jangwoohyuk with great care ~ I don’t want to live in the transcience ~ though Kame’s voice make me fascinated, but it is true that I couldn’t be careful any more!


Study in the outside, it is happy that there is a person can be rely on! Now I fand! No, he find me first! Haha, thank you Toma!




 On the evening of 23th, suddenly I feel I shouldn’t hope more! sadness



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