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Brush dust off to drink tea.We will always feel refreshing when drinking Zen tea. Good tea is always in our mouth.



The human society in the world makes people timid, so they all want to find a place where they can make their hearts feel safe. But still have to live in the world, so read Zen rites Buddha. Life seems to have gained some security. No one can guarantee that he has been in the human society for a long time, not covered with dust on his heart. It was invisible dust, tiny, tough, always covered with pure hearts. With these many, how can there be real happiness in life?


Therefore the dust must be brushed off first. No any dust, this is the one who can never live in this world. If you have, brush it off. To brush off with heart when nobody is there, when someone is there, when you are noisy, when you are lonely, if you do it with your heart, no matter how much, there will always be some dust falling, there will always be some clean. Then, to drink tea, a cup of fragrant dragon sleep flowers, quietly sitting. The aroma begins to trickle out slowly, slowly through the nose, through other channels, to the  brain,heart,ideas and illusions. In this way, people gradually become quiet. Red dust away, the breeze slowly come. Suddenly There is water, suddenly there is a dream, suddenly have an epiphany.



People taste tea more like tea metaphorical Zen, called the taste of Zen tea. However, what is Zen, what is tasting Zen in tea? Zen, in the eyes of the people is always a bit confused and mysterious.Literally, Zen is the abbreviation of the Indian language jhana. Free translation: quiet thinking, merit jungle and other meanings. That is, through meditation, thinking to clear away their nameless troubles, and realize that they have the pure wisdom of virtue.It is a kind of introspection and self-examination, can also remove disease and health.Tea, this is a medicine (pharmacopoeia has been included in the past dynasties), due to the different origin and processing methods so functions are slightly different, mainly clearing heat to remove annoyance, water consumption, quenching thirst,refreshing mind etc.Therefore, Zen and drinking tea have the function of clearing away heat, eliminating diseases and nourishing health. Tea meditation is praised by the world.


From the realm, Zen is not sitting, not lying, not eating and drinking, nor living alone. Zen master said that drinking tea and taste is not understanding, do not know the taste but ruthless (refers to the inanimate material). Say that there is nothing, say nothing but empty, read no read, that is, separated from each other. Saying taste is always not same,like Zen tea. This is delicate, difficult, only the drinker knows. From the realm of enlightenment, it is more than words can express. "The Lord Budda pick up the flower with smile" do you know? Master Huineng, the sixth ancestor, was unable to read and learned that "there should be no place to live and his heart should be born", and that he could achieve the "Magic altar sutra of the six ancestors" and A thousand years are not bad for the body. Huineng,Confucius and Laozi are regarded as "the three saints of the East" in foreign countries. Is this realm true?


A finger month is a non-moon, and a diviner can see the moon. Thousands of words are endless, mouth is wrong, moving mind is good, not as good as "eating tea!"



Life is only in the breath, this is the "live in the present" outlook on life, let us devote all our energy to this moment. Without the present, there is no next moment; if you cannot cherish the present, you cannot cherish this life; you cannot embrace the present, and you cannot embrace the future. Which tea is the best? In fact, every tea is good. Because good tea is always in our mouth.






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