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world news May 7th,2009

(2009-05-07 21:29:33)


今天尝试把听写的是world news 翻译了一下,除了一些古怪的地名和人名,我相信大部分应该是没多大问题吧!


It is twenty two hours thirty universal time , and here is the news in special english.


The Pakistani military says it has killed about seventy Taliban militants in fighting in northwest Pakistan.Army official say they believe about fifty of the militants were killed in the Swat Valley Wednesday.They said the others were killed in (Bunere),an area about 100 km from Islamabad. The military said two soldiers were killed in a bomb attack. There are also reports  of  civilians been killed or wounded in the fighting.Swat and Bunere are part of Pakistan's Manakand division. The government has a peace deal with local Taliban forces there and Official in the area says the Taliban has not honored the deal and wants to set up a separate government.

巴基斯坦军方说大约有七十名塔利班武装分子在巴基斯坦西北部的战斗中被杀。军方官员说他们相信在星期三有大约五十名武装分子死在swat谷,其他的被杀于(),离首都伊斯坦堡100公里的地区。军方说两名战士在爆炸袭击中阵亡。另外还有平民在战争中被杀或受伤的报道。Swat 和bunere 是巴基斯坦()管辖区的一部分。政府和那里的塔利班武装部队有和平协议,但是,这个地区的官员说塔利班没有尊重这个协议而是想建立独立的政府。

President Obama says his meetings with Presidents of Aghan and Pakistan were very productive.Mr Obama says the United States has made a lasting promise to support their democratically elected governments .Mr Obama spoke in Washingtion after talks with Agfhan president Humid karzai and Pakistani president Asif Alizardari. Mr Obama said he is pleased by the level of cooperation between Agfhan and Pakistan .He said his administration will make every effort to avoid civilian deaths in the war against terrorism in Agfhan.


Israel President Shimon Peres has rejected a UN's report about Israel's recent offensive in the Gaza's strip. Mr Peres said Israel doesnot accept one word of the report. He spoke during a visit to New York Wednesday after meeting with UN Secretary General Bankumu. Part of the report was released Tuesday.It accuses Israel of ignoring and being thougthless about UN property during the offensive last December .It blames Israel for six attacks that caused injuries and damage to UN centers during its operation against Humaz supporters.


Iraqi police say two bombing killed at least eleven people in Baghdad on Wednesday.The deadliest attack took place in a crowded vegetable market in the capital's Duwa neighbourhood.At least ten people were reported killed and thirty seven others injured when a vehicle exploded.Official found another bomb in the  area and disarmed it. HOurs later , a car bomb exploded in the Korada area of the city. One person died in that attack.


Mexico official say forty two people are known to have dided in Mexico from the fluz H1n1 virus. More than 1,000 cases of the disease have been confirmed .Mexico's health Secretary announced the numbers. Mexican business began re opening Wednesday after official said the flu appeared to be spreading more slowly. Earlier ,American official reported the first American citizen and the second person to die of the virus in the Uinted State. The thirty-three year old woman died Monday in Taxes. Official said she had other health problems.The centers for diseas control and provention say there have been 642 confirmed cases of swime flu in United States.


You are listening to the news in voa special english.

Sri lanka president Mahidraj Pakisai has invited the UN Secretary General to visit the country to see the treatment of civilians displaced by fighting .Bankimu's spokes person said the Secretary General has not yet decided whether to accept the offer.The spokes person said if his visit can save lives, Mr Bankimu will consider it. Timel Tiger rebels in Sri Lanka have accused military of using artillery in the war area. The big guns have killed many civilians everyday. The rebels also say that the civilian with them have started to died of starvation because the government will not permit enough food supplies into the area. Sri Lanka forces have dismissed the rebels claims .The military accused rebels of hiding among civilans for protection.


Opposition supporters in Georgia have clashed with police in the Capital Tibinis . Police officers used sticks to beat back protecters who try to enter police center while three activists have been held since Tuesday. News report say police detained several activists and number of protesters were injured.Opposition leader() was among the injured .His brother () was detained .But the interior ministry had denied that brother was detained .The demonstrations have contiuned everyday for almost a month ,They are aimed at forcing president () from office.


In South Africa , parliament has elected African national congress chied Jambuzuma as the country's new president. The NAC leader received 277 votes in the parliamentary election. In () from the congress people's party 147 votes.After the vote,Mr Zuma said his government's most important role will be to deal with problems caused by the world economic crisis. In the speech to the parliament ,Mr zuma also promised that his administration will leave a lasting mark in education , health ,crime fighting and job creation. Jambauzuma is to be swore in as South African president on Saturday.


Phillipines officials have warned people living in the northern provinces to follow safety measures as storm in the south China sea near the area.Weather experts say the tropical storm Chanhong is expected to near the west coast of the Nuza area on Thursday,heavy rain isexpected for central and north Nuza and captial Malina on Thurday and Friday.The storm has winds of up to 110 km an hour and could strengthen.


Here again is the mjor news of this hour.

The Pakistani military says it has killed about seventy Taliban militants in fighting in northwest Pakistan

Israel President Shimon Peres has rejected a UN's report about Israel's recent offensive in the Gaza's strip

Iraqi police say two bombing killed at least eleven people in Baghdad on Wednesday

That's the news in voa special english,coming your way from Washington


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