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(2008-07-26 18:19:25)






As we know, 2008 U.S. presidential election is one of the most exciting plays in the U.S. political arena staged for the last 10 years. Why was this drama so brilliant? It largely because there are three all-powerful leading roles in it: an old man, a woman and a black, making the election brilliant and one climax after another. Among the three persons, Osama, who has the black face, is more popular and welcomed without a doubt.

As a Chinese woman, I hope that the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton will be elected President of the United States. On the one hand out of seek novelty and curiosity, on the other hand may be linked to the world women telepathy.

According to the present situation, the focal point of the campaign has been focused on the candidate's individual characteristics: gender, color, and age.

Yes, but which one do you vote for?

I would like to support Osama. What about you?

Hillary, of course, and what is your point of view?

Well, many famous actors said that they appreciated Osama’s character and political view; they think that Osama can unite all races, and bring about "a shocking change" to the United States.

Osama has three vantages: Firstly, beyond the boundary of race, he use "race neutral" strategy to make a white-majority country choosing black candidates into possible; Secondly, across the gender line, which can be easily supported by female voters, even exceed Hillary Clinton, who is superior in female voters. Thirdly, inspire the political enthusiasm of young generations and political marginal men, 57 percent of the participants in the primary Democratic are university students and non-Party people, most of them Support Osama.

B:这或许是他的优势.但希拉里同样具有很强的竞争能力. 丈夫是前总统,这个经历还从没有哪一个总统候选人能有。她是律师,能言善辩,个性坚强且强硬,这对于走过漫长的总统选战路是一个必要条件。并且她有着多年的从政经历,积蓄了数年的力量使她可以一步一步逼近白宫。错过了这个女人,美国迎来女总统的那一天不知道要晚多少年。
Yes, you are right. This may be his vantage. But Hillary also has strong competitive strength.
Her husband is the former president,no one could have such experience as a presidential candidate. As a lawyer, she is glib and quick-tongued in argument, having strong and tough personality, which is a necessary condition for her to walk along the presidential election campaign road. Meanwhile, her years of experience and savings in politics can force her to approach the White House step-by-step. If we miss this woman, the day to welcome the female president in the United States will be in the indefinite future.


A: 奥巴马这个黑人候选人,在政坛甚至还可以被称为是“小伙子”。他年轻,虽然没有经验,但和年近6旬的希拉里相比,更符合现在很多美国人“求变”和寻求“希望”的心理。他是黑人,和女人一样一旦当选会创造美国大选历史,还能表明美国社会已经文明到梦想可以超越肤色的程度。他亲民,对于虽有经验但却“不来电”的希拉里来说,他能抓住更多草根阶层的心。

Osama, the black candidate in political arena can still be called a "young man." Although he is young and has no experience, he is more admitted to the American psychological of seeking "change" and "hope" compared to Hillary Clinton who is nearly 60. He is a black man, and alike woman, if he will win the U.S. presidential election, a new history will be created, At the same time, it can also show that the United States has become such a civilized society that dream can go beyond the extent of color. In addition, he treat people as one would treat his family and could seize the heart of ordinaries easily compared with experienced but apathy Hillary Clinton,.

B: 奥巴马虽以改变现状和发动草根运动来赢得广大年轻选民的支持,但他出身黑人,不管说得再动听,不管他的口才有多好,竞选多么有效率,美国蓝领白人工人和南部多数白人选民不会支持一个黑人当总统。
Although Osama win the support of vast numbers of young voters by changing the current situation and launching the grass-roots campaign, he is black in deed, no matter how well of his eloquence, how efficient the election is, the U.S. blue-collar workers and the majority of Southern white voters would not support a black man as president.
希拉里是最有实力领导美国的候选人. 出于种族敏感,白人选民将会更多的支持希拉里。
Hillary is the most powerful leadership of the U.S. candidate. Owing to racially sensitive, more white voters will support her.

A: 希拉里的确聪明能干,其政见和政策主张颇有功底,赢得老年人、妇女、白人蓝领工人的支持。论能力,希拉里当美国总统不比任何男人差。但在大男子主义依然横行的美国,有近三分之二的男人不会支持她当总统。
Hillary is really smart and capable; both of her political view and policy position are quite competent, so she is easily supported by elderly, women and white blue-collar workers. Her capacity is no worse than any other men. But in today’s America, andocentric is still prevalent; nearly two-thirds of men will not support her for the President.

B: 但是对于大多数女性来说,她们期盼有一位女总统.希拉里无疑是最佳人选.一个黑人总统的产生,毫无疑问将会对白人占主体的美国社会造成巨大冲击。

But for most women, they look forward to a female president. Hillary is undoubtedly the best candidate .The emergence of a black president will be surely caused the vast attack to American society which is occupied mainly by the white people.


A: 据调查:80%的选民表示愿意投黑人参选者票。而女总统的接受度则比前两者都要低,有55%的民众认为美国能够接受女性出任总统,但有34%的民众明确表示“美国仍未准备好”。

According to the survey: 80 percent of voters said they would vote for black candidates, while the acceptance of female presidents is lower than the previous two, 55 percent of people supposed that the United States could accept women as president, but 34 percent made it clear that "the United States have not get ready yet.”


B: 很多选民尽管在民意调查中出于避讳种族歧视而宣称支持奥巴马,但在实际投票中却不愿把选票投给黑人候选人。这也成为了美国选举中一个十分奇特的现象,少数族裔候选人往往在民意调查中遥遥领先,最后却难逃落选的结局。
May be many voters support Osama for taboo racial discrimination in opinion polls, but in reality they will be reluctant to vote for black candidates. This has become a strange phenomenon in U.S. election, usually; few candidates are far more ahead in opinion polls, but lose in an election at last.


A:由于自身的血统和经历, 奥巴马对不同文化具有非凡的洞察力,相对于女性的情绪化也非常冷静,有着很好的自制力,这些都是他竞选的资本.他有能力赢得广大选民的心. 很多选民甚至支持者都明白,希拉里为了取胜任何话都说得出,以塑造自己的形象。而每当对手奥巴马稍有差池,她便狠狠出击批评,可见她不择手段。

Osama has extraordinary insight on different culture owing to his lineage and experience, and always keep calm comparing to women's emotional, he has well self-control, all of these are his campaign's capital. He has ability to win the hearts of wide voters. Many supporters understand that Hillary could say anything in order to shape her own image, but whenever Osama, her opponent, has a little unforgiving, she will criticize and attack him severely, from this, it can be seen that she is unscrupulous.

B: 当前的美国社会处处存在着这种“看得到、却没有证据的”种族不平等。作为黑人的奥巴马,将面临一条更为坎坷的崎岖小路,他注定要因为自己的肤色而经历更多磨难。而同时必须看到,黑人群体也不全是铁板一块。最新的民意调查显示,大概有10%-20%的黑人选民支持希拉里,毫无疑问,希拉里丰富的从政经验是奥巴马难以比拟的。不可否认的是,经验上的欠缺,已成了奥巴马本次选战中最为致命的弱点之一。
This kind of "visible, but no evidence of" racial inequality is everywhere in current American society. Osama, who is a black, will face a tougher and rugged path; he is destined to suffer more trials due to his complexion. At the same time, we must realize that black groups are not all monolithic. The latest public opinion poll shows that about 10% -20% of black voters support Hillary   Clinton, Hillary’s wealth political experience is far more beyond than Osama’s without a doubt. It is undeniable that lacking of experience has become Osama’s fatal weakness in this campaign.


 But for Hillary, time is limited. The faraway most popular candidate in Democratic Party has been fallen behind the rival Osama, either in representation or in the number of wins, or the public support rate. And inside the Democratic Party, Hillary was constantly be persuaded to withdraw from the candidate's campaign, she is also facing severe financial crisis.


B.这虽是目前的一个事实,但希拉里具有反败为胜的能力. 作为一个黑人,奥巴马的总统之路并没有看起来的那么平坦,白人中间选民的态度将会对本次总统选举形成决定性影响。问题已经摆在面前,我们唯有拭目以待。

Although it is true, Hillary Clinton still has the ability to win. As a black, the presidential path of Osama does not look so smooth; the attitude of white voters will cause a decisive influence on this presidential election. Problem is before us, only we can do is wait expectantly.



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