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Book Three Unit Seven Section B

(2009-02-17 16:08:18)









分类: 新视野英语教程第三册

Unit Seven

Section B: Dell Boy Made Good


I. New Words and Phrases

1. marvelous  adj. (marvellous BeE) causing great wonder, admiraion, or pleasure, esp. because extremely good, unusually clever, etc. 奇妙的;很好的

It’s marvelous how he’s managed to climb that far. 他爬了那么远,真令人不可思议。

The bridge is a marvelous work of engineering and construction. 那座桥梁是工程建筑的杰作。

2. profit   n. 1) [C;U] money gained by trade or business 利润,收益

The increase in their profits is due partly to their new market strategy.


2) [U] advantage gained from some action 益处,得益

They can gain profit from their exchenges with foreign friends.


v. be of advantage to (someone) 有益于,对(某人)有好处

You can profit from my mistakes and prevent them in your work.


The marriage in which either one intends to profit form the other is likely to fail.


3.consume  v. use up (time, money, goods, etc.)消耗(时间);耗尽(金钱、物品等)

Arguing about some unrelated issues consumed many hours of the committee’s valuable time.


Not only do these factories consume more natural resources, they also produce more pollution.


4. process  n.1) [C] a connected set of natural actions or events that produce continuation or gradual change,

and over which humans have little control (大自然的)作用;(变化)过程

The expert was giving a lecture on the forming process of fossil oil. 专家正在讲解石油形成的过程。

2) [C] a connected set of human actions or operations that are performed intentionally in order to reach a particular result or as part or an official system or established method of doing something 步骤;程序

They borrowed a seven-step problem-solving process from an electric company.


v. treat and preserve (a substance, esp. a food) by a particular process 加工(物质,尤指食品)

A computer is a device for processing information. 计算机是用来处理信息的设备。

Could you tell me how milk is processed and delivered to the market?


5. eliminate  v. remove or get rid of completely 消除;淘汰;剔除

You have to eliminate grammar mistakes from the essay before you hand it in.


If a food or drink is not healthy, eliminate it from your diet.


6. pace   n. (singular) rate or speed in walking, running, advance of a plan, etc. usually continued over a period of time 步速,速度

The traffic was creeping along at a snail’s pace. 车流象蜗牛一样慢慢前行。

The plans are being prepared at quite a good pace。 这些计划的准备速度很快。

7. come up with: think of 想出;有某个主意

I hope that you will be able to come up with a solution to the problem by Friday.


Scientists will have to come up with new methods of increasing the world’s food supply.


8. take apart: separate into pieces 拆开;拆散

A child of two years old usually enjoys taking apart everything that he/she can get.


We’ll have to take the machine apart to put it right. 我们不得不把机器拆开并把它修好。

9. go it alone: act indepently 独自干;自己做

He decided to go it alone and went to Paris without his parents’ approval.


We have determined to go it alone and complete the project by the end of the year.


10. pass on: give to another person 传给(另一个人)

Could you pass on my thanks to your parents for all these lovely gifts?


These different abilities may be passed on through several generations.  这些不同的能力可能会传给几代人。

Ⅱ. Language Points

1. Michael Dell is no excetption.

Meaning: Michael Dell is also one of those people who started a business at a young age.

excetption: n. [C; U]somebody or something that is not included 除外;例外

Most of his songs are awful, but this one is an exception. 他的许多歌曲都很糟糕,但是这一首是个例外。

make an exception (of somebody/something): treat somebody/something as a special case 把……作为例外

We don’t allow anyone to be late for the meeting; as a result, we don’t make an exception for you.


with the exception of : apart from 将……例外

I enjoyed all his film with the exception of his last. 除了最后那一部,他所有的电影我都喜欢。

2. ...from seed capital of just £ 627 in 1984.

Seed: adj. kept for planting 作种子用的,留种用的

Seed potatoes 作种子用的土豆

“Seed capital” means the money used to start a business.  本金;原始資本

“Seed money” refers to the money used to start a development or activity. 用來吸引更多資金的種子基金;創業基金

n. [C,U] a usually small hard object produced by most plants, from which new plants of the same kind can grow, and which new plants of the same kind can grow, and which is used for planting  种子

Sow the seeds in May or June. 在5月或6月播种。

3.Because technology changed so quickly, I was regularly making changes to each one …

Meaning: I was ready to make adjustments to each computer because of the rapid changes in technology …

Note that one stands for computer.

4. This forced me into a corner.

Meaning: This drove me into a very difficult situation.

5. The answer was: sell computers directly to the end customers …

Meaning: The key to the problem was to sell computers straight to the users who wants to buy the computer …

The end computer refers to the buyer who will use the product him/herself.

6. This Dell did at a frightening pace

Meaning: Dell did this job efficiently at an incredibly rapid speed.

Note that “This” is placed at the very beginning of the sentence for the purpose of emphasis. The normal word order of this sentence should be “Dell did this at a frightening pace”. This phenomenon is called fronting without inversion (不引起倒装的前置). For example:

A rumor, I call it. 我称之为谣传。

Keener and keener the competition became. 竞争变得越来越激烈了。

7. I have always looked at problems in a different way, realized what I am good at, and surrounded myself with a

successful team.

Meaning: I have always considered problems from different perspectives, known my strong points, and worked with a group of successful people.

Ⅲ. Practical Writing

   Writing business letters (2)


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