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Book Three Unit Three Section B

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分类: 新视野英语教程第三册

Unit Three

Section B: The Accident


I. New Words and Phrases

1. scream  v.cry out loudly on a high note, esp. in fear, pain, great excitement, or anger, or sometimes laughter (尤指因恐惧、痛苦、兴奋等而)尖声大叫;尖声大笑

Falling into the water, the child screamed for help.      小孩掉进水里后高声呼救。

Whenever she was in a bad mood, she screamed abused at me. 她心情不好时就要高声辱骂我。

n. [C] a sudden loud cry expressing anger, pain, fear, or sometimes laughter 尖叫声;尖笑声

a scream of anguish 痛苦的尖叫声

The child’s loud screams could be heard all over the house.


2. stream  v. flow fast and strongly; pour out 奔流,倾注

They streamed out of the cinema.                          他们涌出电影院。

She stood in the doorway, tears streaming down her face. 她站在门口,眼泪从脸上流下。

n. [C] a natural flow of water moving across country between banks, narrower than a river 小河,小溪

The mountain streams are clear and sweet.     山间的小溪清澈又甘甜。

A stream of cars are moving along the street. 街上汽车川流不息。

3. delay  n. [U] the act of delaying or the state of being delayed 延误,耽搁

After much delay, he finished his paper at last.      拖了那么久,他终于完成了论文。

We’ll try our best to finish the task without delay. 我们会尽量按时完成任务。

v. 1) cause to be late耽误;耽搁

Her late arrival delayed the start of the meeting.              她的迟到耽误了会议的举行。

The plane was delayed for several hours because of bad weather. 飞机因为天气恶劣而晚点几小时。

2) move to later time;defer 延迟,使延期

You will lose your chance if you delay.                   如果拖延,你将会失去机会。

I was forced to delay the trip untill the following week. 我被迫把旅行推迟到下个星期。

We will delay paying untill we receive the goods.         我们将推迟到收到货物后才付款。

4. postpone  v. delay; move to some later time 使延期;推迟

We have postponed our opening ceremony untill October.    我们把开幕式推迟到10月份。

The sports meet was postponed because of rain.            运动会因雨延期。

Notice that after the verb postpone –ing participle (rather than infinitive) has to be used.

They postponed sending an answer to a request. 他们耽搁了对一项请求的答覆。

Extending knowledge:

c.f. delay, postpone

delay 指由于各种原因而导致“延搁”;

postpone 用于正式场合,由于种种原因而不得不“延期”完成会议等


As so few members had turned up at the meeting, it was decided to ......... it until further notice.                                                                                 (C)

A) delay               B) wait           C) postpone                D) hold

Referrence: http://www.english-test.net/forum/ftopic2751.html


5. sole  adj. being the only one 唯一的,仅有的

The little baby was the sole survivor of the bombing.  这婴儿是这场轰炸中惟一的幸存者。

The sole reason why I am still single is that I’m too busy with my work.


6. take care with: be careful of 对…很小心

You must take a bit care with your spelling. 你得多注意你的拼写。

Take care with your comments on the issue.   对那个问题的评论要小心。

7. make up: think up (stories, excuses and so on)编造(故事),捏咱(借口)

When he was a little boy, John loved to listen to the science fiction made up by his grandpa.


He is one of those good at making up excuses. 他是那种很会编造借口的人。

10. blame for: accuse somebody of something 由于……指责(责怪)

He was blamed for neglect of his duties. 他由于失职受到责备。

11. go out of one’s way (to do…): take the trouble (to do); make a special effort 千方百计;特意;专门

Both parties are going out of their way to reach an agreement. 双方正在努力达成协议。

He went out of his way to help the old lady with food though he himself was poor.


12. rid of : make (especially a place) free of (something harmful or unwanted) 去掉

I will rid myself of the weakness. 我会克服我的缺点。

to rid the town of rats 消灭城里的老鼠

Extending Knowledge:

C.f: get rid of ; rid sb/sth of sth

get rid of: drive, send, throw, or give away or destroy 除去;消灭

He got rid of his old clothes by giving them to the poor. 他把旧衣服处理给穷人。

I hope to get rid of the pain in my back.              我希望消除背部的疼痛。

rid sb/sth of sth: rid后跟的是要去除的对象,of后跟的是要去除的东西;

get rid of 是词组,句子的主语就是对象。


Ⅱ. Language Points

1.Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday that year.

Meaning: Christmas Eve that year happened to be a Sunday.

Notice: the indefinite article a before the word Sunday. Sunday usually does not take an article to go with it. A Sunday refers to a certain day that is called Sunday. Proper nouns may go with the indefinite article a to suggest “a certain”. For example:

a Mr.Green (= a person who is called Mr. Green 一个叫格林的先生)

2.As a result, the usual Sunday night youth group meeting at the church was going to be a big celebration.

Meaning: Because of the unusual occasion, the usual Sunday night youth group meeting at the church would turn out to be a great celebration.

Note the difference between the following pairs of expression:

go to Church 去做礼拜 go to the Church 去教堂  at Church 在做礼拜 in the Church在教堂

3.The investigating police officer said the accident had been unavoidable, but I still felt terrible that a beautiful

seventeen-year-old girl would have to go through life with scars on her face.

Meaning: The police officer who was responsible for the investigation of this accident said that there had been no way to prevent the accident from happening. However, I still had a strong guilty feeling because the girl was only seventeen years old and she would have to bear the scars on her face all her life.

4.Like a flash of lightening, the memories of the accident, the blood, and the scars flew back.

Meaning: All of a sudden, I recalled so many things so quickly: the accident, the blood, the scars, and so on.

like/in a flash: very quickly, suddenly, or soon; (almost) at once 霎那间,立刻

Time passes like a flash. 光阴似箭

In a flash he realized it was only a joke. 突然,他意识到这只是个笑话。

Ⅲ. Practical Writing

   Placing orders


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