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Book Three Unit Three Section A (1)

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分类: 新视野英语教程第三册

Unit Three

Section A: Life Is Full of Choices

Ⅰ. Warming up

Class Work: discussion

1. How to react to something bad?   2. How to make life exciting?

3. Choose to learn something bad?   4. Why keeping a good mood?

II. New Words and Phrases

1. victim  n. (C) a person, animal, or thing that suffers pain, death, harm, destruction, etc. as a result of other

people’s actions, or of illness, bad luck, etc. 牺牲者,受害者

A fund was open to help the victims of the earthquake.

The accident claimed four victims.

2.weekly  1) adv. & adj. (happening or appearing) once a week or every week 一周一次地的);每个星期地(的)

pay rent weekly 按周付租金 a weekly visit 一周一次的访问

2) n. [C] a magazine or newspaper which appears once a week 周刊;周报

This weekly is printed every Friday. 这份周报每星期五印刷。

3.intensive  adj. Giving a lot of attention or action to a small amount of something or in a small amount of time; concentrated

an intensive course in English 英语精读课   intensive care特别护理.

The boy needed intensive care for at least three weeks. 男孩需要至少3周的特别护理。

The old man is under intensive care in the hospital after the operation.


4.latter  1)n. the second (of two people or things just mentioned) 后者

Comparing the two plans, I prefer the latter.           两个提议中,我青睐后者。

John and James are twins. I have met the latter before. 约翰和詹姆斯是双胞胎,后者我曾见过。

2) adj. near to the end 后一半的,末尾的

During the latter half of the eighteenth century 在18世纪下半叶

He is not in a good mood today, and he even pretended not to hear the latter part of my remark.


Extending Knowledge:


Later refers to time.

Latter means the second of two groups or things referred to.


1. At yesterday's meeting the engineer responsible for projectdesign spoke first; the project manager spokelater.

2. Between cosmology and astronomy, I prefer the latter.


Read the statements below carefully and choose the correct word. Remember the differences between the words.

Later means "at an advanced point of time" (adv.) 

Latter means "more recent" (adj.)

Given a choice between good health and comfort or wealth and misery, I choose the former over the (later/latter).

The (later/latter) you wait to apply for financial aid, the worse your chances will be of receiving it.

The results of the election were reported (later/latter) than everybody expected they would be.

The lot of townswomen eyed me with suspicion; it was as if I had transmogrified(变得古怪,变形.) into a (later-day/latter-day) Hester Prynne.

During the (later/latter) part of the play, just after every member of the cast disrobed, the audience was nearly paralyzed with shock.




5.transfer  1) v. move from one place, job, position, etc, to another 转移,调动

He has been transferred to another local hospital.         他被转入当地另一家医院。

Will you transfer my phone calls to my room.               请把电话转到我房间好吗?

2) n. an act or process of transferring 转移,职务调动

the transfer desk (机场)换乘台

She has got a transfer to another department of the company. 她被调到公司的另一部门。

Extending Knowledge:


transference n.转移,转让transferable a.可转移的,可转让的transferer n.转让者

transfer one’s affection 变心transfer company 转运公司transfer the property 转让财产

transfer from a bus to a train 由公共汽车换乘火车ransfer title to land 转让土地所有权

辨析 transfer move 在表示“调动”时,transfer含有在同一大集团中工作或任职的变更的意思,不强调升、降职的意味,只是工作性质的变化。Transfer还可表示感情的转移或货物的运输,一般不用move替换。

move 表示从静止状态开始移动,可以是短距离、小范围或长距离、大范围的移动,也可指不改变位置的活动。

1.He hoped the firm would ______ him to the Paris branch.                                (C)

A) exchange         B) transmit             C) transfer             D) remove 

2. American football and baseball are becoming known to the British public through televised _________ from the United States.                                                        (D)

A)transfer          B) deliveries            C) transportation      D) transmissions

3. The coming of railways in the 1830s______our society and economic life.               (A)

A)transformed       B)transported            C)transferred           D)transmitted

From : http://www.iselong.com/1/8021.htm; http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/15807843.html?fr=qrl

6.action  n. 1)[u] the fact or process of doing things, with the intention of gaining a desired result 行动,活动

Now, it’s time for action.                               现在是采取行动的时候俄。

I didn’t like the film, there wasn’t much action in it. 我不喜欢那部电影,里面没有什么戏。

2) [c] something done; a deed 行为,作为

The doctor's quick action saved the child’s life.     医生果断的行动挽救俄孩子的生命。

They should be judged by their actions, not by what they say.


Note act and action. The former usually denotes a specific behavior while the latter is relatively abstract. Compare the following pair of sentences:

That's a true act of friendship.          这是一个真正友好的行动。

What we need now is not talk, but action. 我们现在需要的不是空话,而是行动。

take action: do something采取行动

We must take action to deal with the epidemic before it spreads to other areas.        


There are riots here, but the police take no action.  这个地区有骚乱,但警方未采取任何行动。

7.in a …mood: with certain feelings at a particular time ……心情

Diana appeared in a happy mood as she was greeted by the local people. 当地人向戴安娜致意时,她很高兴。

He is in a bad mood when the final exam approaches. 当期末考试接近时他心情不好。

8.reflect /upon: think carefully about possibilities and opinion 仔细考虑

We need time to reflect on what to do and how to do. 我们需要时间仔细考虑做什么,怎么做。

Take time to reflect on our designing.               认真考虑我们的计划。

9.involve in: cause to become connected or concerned 使卷入;牵涉

Once you are involved in gambling, your family and relatives will suffer a lot.


Don’t involve yourself in any unlawful organization. 不要让自己卷入到任何非法组织中。

10.within an inch of: very near差一点;险些

He was within an inch of death in the bombing incident.      他险些在这次爆炸事件中送命。

The thief was beaten to within an inch of his life.           这小偷差点被打死。 


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