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Bread Made Her a Millionaire(面包造就的百万富翁)

(2010-04-13 07:36:34)



分类: 学位英语课文






Bread Made Her a Millionaire  面包造就的百万富翁


Cordia Harrington was tired of standing up all day and smelling like french fries at night. A property developer, she also owned and operated three McDonald's franchises in Illinois, but as a divorced mother of three boys, she yearned for a business that would provide for her children and let her spend more time with them.



Her aha moment struck, strangely enough, after she was nominated in 1992 to be on the McDonald's bun committee. "The other franchisees, all men, thought that was hilarious because of the word bun," she recalls. "But the joke was on them: They didn't know the company would be picking me up in a corporate jet to see bakeries around the world. Every time I went to a meeting, I loved it. This was global!"

1992年,直到大跌众人眼镜被提名加入麦当劳小面包委员会(the McDonald's bun committee),她才一时间茅塞顿开豁然开朗。“其他麦当劳分店店主都是男性,因为bun这个词也有圆发髻的意思,他们觉得这消息很可笑,”她这样回忆,“不过看的是他们的笑话:他们不知道公司会选中我坐着飞机满世界查看面包房。每次参加会议我都热情高涨。这就叫全球性。”


The experience opened her eyes to business possibilities. When McDonald's decided it wanted a new bun supplier, Harrington became determined to win the contract, even though she had no experience running a bakery. "You see a tiny crack in the door, and you have to run through it," she says. "I really believed I could do this."



Harrington studied the bakery business and made sure she was never off executives' radar. "If you have a dream, you can't wait for people to call you," she says. "So I'd visit a mill and send them photos of myself in a baker's hat and jacket, holding a sign that said 'I want to be your baker.'" After four years and 32 interviews, her persistence paid off.



Harrington sealed the deal with a handshake, sold her franchises, invested everything she owned, and borrowed $13.5 million. She was ready to build the fastest, most automated bakery in the world.



The Tennessee Bun Company opened ahead of schedule in 1997, in time for a slump in U.S. fast-food sales for McDonald's. Before Harrington knew it, she was down to her last $20,000, not enough to cover payroll. And her agreement with McDonald's required that she sell exclusively to the company. "I cried myself to sleep many nights," she recalls. "I really did think, I am going to go bankrupt."



But Harrington worked out an agreement to supply Pepperidge Farm as well. "McDonald's could see a benefit if our production went up and prices went down, and no benefit if we went out of business," she says. "That deal saved us."



Over the next eight years, Harrington branched out even more: She started her own trucking business, added a cold-storage company, and now has three bakeries producing fresh buns and frozen dough—all now known as the Bun Companies.



Speed is still a priority: It takes 11 people at the main bakery to turn out 60,000 buns an hour for clients across 40 states, South America, and the Caribbean.



Grateful for the breaks she's had, Harrington is passionate about providing opportunities to all 230 employees. "Financial success is the most fun when you can give it away," she says. "We had a project that came in under budget one year, and we gave each of our project managers a car with a big bow!"



The current economy, Harrington acknowledges, is challenging. Some of her clients' sales have declined, but she's found new clients and improved efficiencies to help sustain the company's double-digit growth.



Cordia Harrington doesn't have to stand on her feet all day anymore. Her sons are now 27, 25, and 23; two of them work for her. And she's remarried—her husband, Tom, formerly her CPA, is now her CFO.



"This is more than a job," says Harrington. "It's a mission. I'm always thinking, How can we best serve our employees? If we support them, they'll do their best to look after our clients. That's how it works here."




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Bread <wbr>Made <wbr>Her <wbr>a <wbr>Millionaire(面包造就的百万富翁)点击这里加入此群Bread <wbr>Made <wbr>Her <wbr>a <wbr>Millionaire(面包造就的百万富翁)点击这里加入此群Bread <wbr>Made <wbr>Her <wbr>a <wbr>Millionaire(面包造就的百万富翁)点击这里加入此群


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