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Cabin crew English

(2010-12-31 01:05:00)



1. 航线很长,如果您感到疲倦可以在客舱里稍微活动一下,但这里是紧急出口,为了安全请您不要长时间在此停留。

I understand it’s tiring for such a long flight. You can move about in the cabin if you like. But for your safety, may I suggest you not stay long at the emergency exit?



Excuse me, Sir. It is not safe lying on the floor. It might bruise you in case of turbulence and threaten others. Please be seated and fasten your seat belts.


3. 飞机现在遇有不稳定气流,请您回原位坐好系好安全带,暂时不要使用卫生间。

The aircraft has met with turbulence. Please return to your seat and fasten the seat belts. Refrain from using the lavatory for this moment.


4. 安全带信号已经解除,您可使用客舱中部或后部的洗手间。

The fasten seatbelt sign is off now. You may use the lavatories at the center or rear of the cabin.



Please close your table as soon as you finish filling in the form.



For the safety, the lavatories have to be closed prior to landing. Please refrain from using it until the plane lands and comes to a complete stop.



1. __先生,现在是下午茶时间,我们准备了各种茶点,希望您在机上能够享受一份悠闲。

Mr._, it is time for afternoon tea. We have prepared various tea and refreshments for you to enjoy the leisure onboard.


2. ___先生/女士,我们有乌龙茶、龙井茶、红茶、菊花茶、煎茶、花茶、绿茶,您喜欢哪一种?

Mr./Ms_____, we have Wulong Tea, Longjing Tea, Black Tea, Chrysanthemum Tea, Steamed Tea, Jasmine Tea and Green Tea. Which would you like?


3. ___先生/女士,您喜欢淡茶还是浓茶?

Mr./Ms_____, how would you like your tea, weak or strong?


4. ___先生/女士,建议您春天里喝一些花茶,它有“理气开郁,辟秽和中”的功效。

Mr./Ms_____, it is spring, we suggest you drink Jasmine tea which is rich in various vitamins and (hence) proved to be a sobering pick-me-up.


5. __先生/女士,菊花茶里需要加冰糖吗?

Mr./Ms_____, do you need any rock candy in Chrysanthemum tea?


6. 茶水好像凉了,让我为您换一杯新沏的吧。

It seems the tea is getting cold. Let me make a new one for you.


7. 乌龙茶适宜沥干后饮用,最好不长时间在水里浸泡。

It’s good to separate the tea-leaf from water when drinking oolong tea. Soaking in the water for a long time will destroy its   taste.


8. 这是您的咖啡/茶、热水,小心烫,请拿好。

Here is your coffee/hot tea/hot water. Please be cautious when holding it. It is quite hot.


9. XX先生,我们为你准备了各种茶、咖啡、果汁、碳酸饮料、矿泉水以及红酒、白酒、白兰地、威士忌、金酒、伏特加酒。请问您喜欢哪一种?

We have prepared all sorts of tea, coffee, juice, carbonated drinks, mineral water, and alcoholic drinks like wine, brandy, whisky, gin and vodka, which would you like?


10. __先生,我们为您准备了红葡萄酒、白葡萄酒、白兰地、威士忌、金酒、伏特加酒。请问您喜欢哪一种?

Mr./Ms.___, we have red wine, white wine, Cognac, Whisky, Gin, Vodka, which would you like?


11. 先生,请问如何调制您的鸡尾酒?

How should I prepare your cocktail, sir?


12. XX先生请问您需要喝点红酒吗?再给您倒一杯矿泉水吧。

Would you like some wine? And how about a glass of water as well?


13. 请问您要不要喝一点咖啡?我们有雀巢金牌咖啡和卡布奇诺咖啡。

Would you like some coffee? We have Nestle golden coffee and cappuccino.


14. ____先生!红葡萄酒有法国拉菲传奇波尔多、埃斯杜那儿波尔多、美国银矿干红、中国长城赤霞珠红酒,请问您喜欢哪一种?

Mr./Ms.___, we have lots of choices for red wine such as French Legende Bordeaux, Bordeaux d’Estournel, American Silver Stone and Chinese Great Wall Cabernet Sauvignon, which would you like?


15. 我帮您把饮料放在小桌板上吧,以免洒在电脑上。

May I put your drink on the table, so as not to spill it on your computer?


16. 刚才您在休息,我没有打扰您,请问您要喝点饮料么?我们有各种果汁、碳酸饮料、矿泉水、还有热茶和咖啡,您喜欢哪种?

We didn’t disturb you when you were having a rest. Would you like something to drink now? We have juice, carbonated drinks, mineral water, hot tea and coffee, which would you like?


17. 我再给您添些矿泉水么?还是喝点儿其它饮料?

Would you like some more mineral water or anything else?


18.  对不起,女士,我们的飞机上没有菠萝汁,我向您推荐橙汁或苹果汁好吗?

I do apologize, madam, as pineapple juice is not available on this flight, may I suggest another juice such as orange or apple?


19.  对不起,没有葡萄酒。给您啤酒好吗?

I am afraid wine is not available. May I offer you beer instead?


20. 可以帮您把不用的杯子收走吗?

May I take the glass away?



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