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日记 [2009年01月16日]

(2009-01-16 14:03:05)


January 15, 2009, 6:33 pm

What Happened on Flight 1549, Inside and Out

Inside the plane, 155 people were bracing for impact. In Midtown Manhattan and beyond, witnesses caught a clear glimpse of Flight 1549 as it ditched in the Hudson River shortly after takeoff at 3:26 p.m. on Thursday. Here are the accounts of some of the passengers and witnesses interviewed by The New York Times and other news organizations:


2009年一月15日, 周四 

Bill Zuhoski, 23, works for a pool company on Long Island, and was headed to Myrtle Beach, S.C., for a golf trip with friends. They were booked on an earlier flight but it was canceled, so he was in seat 23A:

“It seemed like the pilot had everything under control, and then I noticed the stewardess in the back asked for a fire extinguisher, saying there was a fire. Once we saw panic with the stewardess, then everybody started to panic. It became real. The people sitting next to me, we were interlocking with our arms.”

The next thing Mr. Zuhoski recalled was the pilot saying “Brace for impact.” And he recalled thinking “How do you brace yourself for impact when you know your plane is about to crash?”

When the plane hit the water, “For a second I just thought I was going to die right there, I was just going to drown to death.”


本来预订早些时间的航班,但是取消了,后来乘坐本次航班: 1549,座号23A

看起来飞行员完全控制局势, 后来机舱后部女乘务员说有火情, 要灭火器。 看到乘务员紧张,每个人都紧张。 我和邻座的人叉臂拥抱。 另外他听到飞行员说: 抱紧防止撞击。 他后来想到, 当你知道要坠地时候, 你怎样抱紧自己防止撞击。


当飞机碰到水面时候, 一瞬间我想我要死在这里, 我很快就会淹死。

Elizabeth McHugh, 64, a mother of three and grandmother of six, was on her way home to Charlotte, N.C., after a visit with a daughter who lives in Matewan, N.J.:

“There wasn’t a problem when we took off. Then there was a big bang.” After the pilot announced the plane would go down, the flight crew was shouting out instructions: feet flat on the floor, heads down and cover your heads. “I prayed and prayed and prayed. Believe me, I prayed.” 我们起飞时候没有问题, 接着听见 帮 的撞击声。乘务员大声说: 放平双脚, 头放下,保护头部。 “我祈祷,祈祷,祈祷。 相信我, 我不停地祈祷”

“I knew we were going to crash. The question was: how close to the buildings were we going to be. Honestly. I thought we were all going to die.” Before impact, “I kept thinking to myself, “I didn’t get a chance to tell my family I love them.” She’s been flying several times a week for 10 years. “I thought today was that day.”

 我知道我们要坠落, 问题是: 我们距离那些大楼会有多远。 我想我们都会死去。 我不停地想, 我没有机会告诉我的家人我爱他们。 她十年来每周都飞行几次。 我想今天就是那一天。

Her son-in-law, Mark Jameson, works in Hoboken and said he saw the plane outside his window. He immediately thought, “Uh-oh, I bet my mother-in-law’s on that plane.”

她的女婿,马克詹姆逊说,他看到窗口以外的飞机。他立即想到, “嗯,哦,我敢打赌,我岳母在那架飞机上。 ”

Alberto Panero, a passenger, told CNN: “Within a couple of minutes, all of a sudden you just heard a loud bang, and the plane shook a bit. … All of a sudden the captain came on and said, ‘Brace for impact,’ and that’s when we knew we were going down.”
“在几分钟后,突然间,你听到一声巨响,飞机摇晃了一下。 ...突然机长说, '抱紧防止撞击”,这时我们知道我们正在下降。

David Watta, 42, a vice president at a travel media company, was headed home to New Jersey on the Weehawken Ferry as the plane went down. His ferry immediately changed course and headed toward the crash site. Shortly after it arrived, he said, passengers from the downed flight began to come aboard the ferry.


“We were holding people, hugging them, reassuring them, holding their hands, warming them with our body heat,” he said.

“我们抓住他们,拥抱他们,安慰他们,抓住他们的手,用我们的身体热量温暖他们, ”他说。

“We provided cell phones so they could call loved ones. A lot of them were so cold that they couldn’t dial, so we dialed for them. I would say that everyone on the ferry were heroes for the day. They were all civilians who stepped up in a time of need to help their fellow citizens.”


Fred Baretta, a passenger, told CNN: “It was pretty intense. It didn’t last long; the river is very very smooth … I was really expecting the plane would careen or flip over or break apart.”


Amy Brightfield and Barbara Brody, both magazine editors, were on the 42nd floor an office building at Broadway at 50th. So smooth was the plane’s landing that Ms. Brody, facing the window, told Ms. Brightfield that a plane was going down in the river, but “maybe it’s supposed to be that way.”

如此顺利飞机的着陆是如此顺利平稳,Brightfield女士在窗口说,飞机即将降落在河里,但“也许本来应该是这样。 ”

“The plane landed in the water and it stayed afloat,” Ms. Brightfield said. “The crash looked very calm and deliberate, it looked the way a plane looked when it’s crashing on the runway. It landed on the water, looked like it was making a landing except it was on the water.”

“飞机降落在水中,并保持漂浮, ” Brightfield女士说。 “这次坠落看起来非常平静象故意如此,它就像一架飞机在跑道上降落一样。它降落在水面上,看起来像是正在降落,除了它是在水面上。 “

Fulmer Duckworth, 41, who designs computer graphics for the Bank of America, was meeting with his boss on the 29th floor of the building at West 42nd Street and Sixth Avenue when he saw the plane hit the Hudson. “It made this huge, gigantic splash, and I actually thought it was a boat crash at first,” he said. “It didn’t occur to me that it was a plane in the water.”

 “它在水面造成巨大的水溅,我起初认为这是一艘船舶在沉没, ”他说。 “我没有认为一架飞机在水。

A colleague handed him binoculars, and through them, he saw about 80 people standing on the wings. “It looked like everybody was really calm, like on the subway platform when it’s really, really crowded, and everyone’s standing shoulder to shoulder.”

一位同事给他双筒望远镜,通过镜头,他看到大约80人站在机翼上。 “看起来大家都非常平静,就像在非常拥挤的地铁平台上,真的非常拥挤的地铁平台,每个人都肩并肩地站着。

Neil Lasher, 62, a consultant for Sony Music Publishing who lives in Gutenberg, N.J., saw the plane hit the water from his 27th-floor apartment. “I almost got that same choked-up feeling when I saw the second plane hit the tower, not anything like that at all, but the only similarity is seeing jets go down where they don’t belong. It’s heavy. You don’t know, it could’ve been tragic.”

“我几乎感觉到同样的窒息,就像看到第二架飞机撞击大楼一样的窒息,但是事情不是象那样,唯一相似性是看到飞机不应该到他们应该去的地方。他们如此沉重的,你不知道,它们可能是致命的。 “

Carl, a passenger from Florida, told CBS News: “I was three seats away from the door; the guys on the door flipped those doors so fast, the people, the passengers. Everybody, they kind of crammed, everybody filed out onto the wing, and then we were all on the water. I was in water up to my knees.”

“我离门三排席位远,门边的人迅速打开应急门,,所有的人,乘客,每个人,都拥挤,每个人都涌出到机翼,然后我们都在水面上。水淹没了我的膝盖。 “

Joyce Cordero, 34, associate producer with 60 Minutes, saw the incident from her office window. “We were able to see dozens of people on the wings,” she said. “I could see the plane floating for about 10 minutes as it went downstream. One of those things, you don’t expect to see in a lifetime.”

“我们可以看到数十人在机翼上, ”她说。 “我可以看到飞机漂浮约10分钟,然后飘向下游。你一生也看不到几次的事情。 “

Tierney Santiago, 34, private investigator from the Upper West Side, was driving along the West Side Highway as he saw the plane gliding toward the surface of the water. “I said, ‘That doesn’t look right. I was using the Jersey landscape as a point of reference. I saw it splash down a few dozen blocks south of me. It was a huge splash, but the pilot did a great job.”

'这看起来不对劲。我所用的是新泽西州景观作为一个参照点。我看到它坠落了几十个街区。这是一个巨大坠落,但飞行员的表现非常出色。 “

Susan Obel, who lives on 70th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, on the 20th floor, was talking to a friend when she saw a low-flying plane. “It almost was an eerie feeling, like 9/11, because there was a plane somewhere it wasn’t supposed to be.”

“这几乎是一个怪异的感觉,像9月11日,因为有一架飞机在它不应该的地方。 ”

Joy Smith-Jones, an assistant principal at Middle School 45 in the Bronx, was at the school when she heard a loud explosion overhead. “Everyone started looking up and we could see the side propeller or engine was on fire.”

每个人都开始象天空寻找,我们可以看到一侧螺旋桨或发动机着火了。 “



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