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(2008-05-23 14:33:01)


分类: 原创之职场生涯



These days I’m so troubled.


Everyone is born crying and the Butthism thinks that people come to the world with aim to finish the Silent Hill Experience. The Buddha purdue the whole person with hope to ferry them to the bank of abyss of misery.


The alive will say that those dead will die with smile under the nither world if the alive do something for them. Actually that’s only the imagination of the alive. It seems no difinite answer on it whether the dead will smile or not.


The cole is the each alive should smile more and happy oneself more.


Happiness is quite simple once it’s not depend on the Buddha but ourselves by finding them, creating them and felling them.


There are so many matters that could bring us happiness. One chrysanthemum be in bloom can bring us pleasure by heart. One cute fish can bring us pure happiness. It’s also pleasure to listen to the singing of morning birds or watching the sun setting silently in the evening. One humor can make us laughing and one music can brimming us with joy.


Babies are the most happiest and they are laughing when we make faces to them so everyone is glad to joke them or happy them. They grew up and become present us, while we forget to make ourselves laugh and happy us.


We will find kinds of reasons and excuse saying we are not happy at all.


Actually happiness needs ceration. It’s quite pleasure if we play chess devotely. It’s quite appetitaing to prepair one delicious course. The feeling of merits is full of the heart when walking along the silent road with lover in the eveing. Also if we just fishing under the willow quietly the endless happiness can be drawed anytime.


Happiness needs tasting also.


Happiness tasting is one metal capacity.


Each one has the instinct ability to feel happiness as if we feel pain. That’s one instinct capacity without any study or experience. Babies can smill any time can prove it difinitely.


It’s one lust expansion process for one’s growing besides the process of happiness disappearing. The restrict of moral and regulation of society forbide us to constrain the natural lust in our heart. It’s natural that we want good things of others if they have and we are longing for that. But the way we can follow is by proper way but not steeling, plundering or cheating. The way process maybe long or desperating and we have to control our lust when knowing it’s hopless.


Oppression is the reason of unhappiness.


Nobody can do things free of his hope and oppression exists any place and any time. The antenna of happiness will shrink as if the spring without any elasticity after long oppression or the dull knife. The instrict of happiness lust can never easily be disapeared and we long for right, money, dignity, beauty. We do efforts, struggle without any satisfication and finally we are so tired and hurted.


While happiness can disappear evenif it can be seen or reached by hand. The profit of last year now disappear and it should have be folded and but now lost profit!


 We eighter be sad for ourselves or envy of the god. Happiness disappered like bird but trouble follows us around the heart. Happiness will avoid to be appear once sadness stay at our heart like one sentitive dog.


Where can we refind the happiness long time no see? Only the heart of it self can train us the metal ability to experience happiness.


TV can response pictures because of the information receiving spare parts. One heart sentative for happiness is also necessary if we want to feel happiness.


Let’s recover the misshappen metal experiencial ability for now on!


You should be happy for the sun shinning out of the window for you can enjoy it free of money to the top of your bent. You can feel the brightness brought by it if you are ill in bed and you can feel its warm if you are bilnd. The sun shine will never detest or reject us even if we own nothing and be betraied by our relatives.



You should be happy for the time you are still be alive. We may definitely lose the sole life for only one reason though we have ten thousands of reasons for live, for example, one disease, one trafic accident, one war or one earthquake.

why aren't we be happy once we understand the weakness and gold of life and the limits and difficulty of living?




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