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(2011-06-08 17:55:46)


分类: 学英语



填字游戏 crossword puzzle
半职业选手 semi-pro
后代 offspring
快餐店女服务员 fuddrucker
身心俱疲 undergoing stress
咖喱 curry
争吵 scene, ex. She just wanted to avoid having a scene with him.
(指防盗门上的)对讲机 intercom, ex. From the ~
一目了然 fairly self-explanatory
晚饭我请 dinner is no me
我不在行 I’m no expert.
Leonard吃玉米会不消化的。Leonard can’ process corn.

花生油 peanut oil
老毛病 pathology
备用钥匙 spare key
吊装带 lifting belts
胸大肌 upper-body strength
香草味 vanilla
啰嗦 chatty
非常醉人 intoxicating
小菜一碟 easy-peasy
我去开门 I’ll get it.

很老套 very old school
小事一桩 snap
迷恋 infautuation
防狼喷雾 pepper spray
追求符合我这个层次的人 go after so my own speed
刮腿毛 shave one’s legs
无师自通(的专家) self-taught expert
在某事上纠结 quibble over sth
看上某人 get one’s eye on sb
出汗 perspire
陶艺 pottery
还没恢复过来 haven’t quite bounced back
近在眼前了。Just a few more feet..
沉住气。Don’t panic.
站着别动。Stay frosty.
各就各位。Lock and load.
他是有点儿帅。He’s kind of dreamy.
我觉得你没戏。I don’t think you have a shot there.
或者看到人类受伤而袖手旁观?Or through inaction allowed a human being to come to harm?
已经断网半个小时了。Internet’s been down for half an hour.
没刻在石头上(暗指某事可以变更)。It’s not carved in stone.
事情就这么水到渠成了。This thing is going the distance.
这事情肯定会被搞定的。I’m sure things will pick up.

障碍物 roadback
消除压力 kick the pressure off
缠着某人 corner sb
奇闻异事 anecdote(s)
可信的 plausible
取得了质的飞跃 make an amazing leap forward
口感 vis-à-vis taste
被解雇了 get canned
刹车 brake
高尔夫球场 putt-putt course
成批购买 buy in bulk
卫生巾 tampons
更年期 menopause
织披肩 weave serapes
披风 poncho
暴躁 crabby
于某人吵架 fall out of sb
大发脾气 have a fit
慷慨 bounty
回到人生正轨 get back on one’s rocker
水果派 cobbler
猪油 lard
欺负 ass-kickings

先不提这个。Put it on a backburner.
帮我抹一下(指在食物上涂酱)。Shmear me.
这是我十年来的第一个假期,我要好好享受。This is my first day off in decades, and I’m going to savor it.
你今天怎么没去上班?How come you didn’t go into work today?
我现在在休假。I’m taking a sabbatical.
我不要对那种俗人低三下四。I won’t kowtow to mediocre minds.
她生理期到了。It’s her time of the month.
谢谢您匆忙赶了。Thanks for coming on such short notice.
我的生活,我自己做主。Capable of living my life as I see fit.
我老得盯着他。He’s got my eyes.
他很拗。He’s stubborn.
他会一直呆到他满意为止。He may stay in there till the rapture.
我的话是不是让他们紧张?Did I pluck a nerve there?
你会吓着他的。You’ll spook him.
振作起来! Snap out of it!
快点! Now, let’s get crackin!
出发!Let’s shove off!
我们没那么多时间。We’re losing daylight.
我们可能一开始就没看对眼。We may have gotten off on the wrong foot.
再说吧。We’ll see.

对…无能为力 be vulnerable to
如果你还有兴趣,… If you’re up for it, …
引诱 seduce
求爱期,追求期 courtship
清爽的饮料 refreshing beverage
代我向某人问好 give my best to sb
安慰 platitude
我正好擅长口技。I happen to be a human beatbox.
你疯了? Are you insane?

在某方面糟透了 suck at sth
彩弹枪 paintball
(彻底)消灭,歼灭 annihilate
暗算 frag
融入她的社交圈 in the context of her social group
尿床 bed-wetting
展示 parade
我周六有个派对。你们如果有空就来吧。I have a party on Saturday. So if you are around, you should come on by.
注意了! Just heads up!
我相信是时候采取行动了。I believe it’s time for me to turn my head and cough.

想法 notion
留人过夜 (n.)houseguest
袭击 marauder
麦片 cereal
随从 entourage
主菜 entrée
剩菜 leftover
对牛弹琴 talk to a wall
隐身 cloak
睡得踏实。Sleep tight.
我来说给你听听。Let me walk you through it.

干涉 meddle
比…更加重要 greater-than-average
将听某人唠叨个没完 can’t hear the end of sth from sb.
调酒 mix drinks
无糖可乐 diet coke
续杯 refill
无忧无虑 carefree
摊牌 showdown
带摄像头的电脑 a computer with a webcam
喜悦与满足 hunky-dunky
闹腾 obnoxious
秃顶 vestigial tail

我有(伸出触角)尝试。 I’ve got some feelers out. (夸张手法)
周五我没问题!(即周五我有空)Friday works for me!
我是认真的。Keep it real.
看开点。Look on the bright sight.
蚱蜢酒我相当在行。I make a mean grasshopper.
你跳过。(意思是直接轮到下一个人)You’re cut off.
你到底想说什么?What are you getting it?
别碍事。Back off.
恕我直言… May I point out..
你还顶嘴?Are you in denial?
他脑子出什么毛病了?What’s gotten into him?

方便的 handy
身材健美的 ripped
吸取营养,排除毒素 take in nourishment, expel waste
两面的(如衣服领带两面穿着) reversible
取悦某人 impress sb.

我鸡皮疙瘩都起来了。I’ve got goose bumps.
容许我把问题阐述地更精确些。If I may drill down to the bedrock of my question…
你千万别误会。Please don’t take this the wrong way.
我在可怜你。I was throwing you a bone.

但你这样想,… read only this,…
变态的 kinky
(他)开窍了 personal growth
亮相 showcase
剧组人员 casting people
经纪人 agents
在某人熟睡的时候 in the middle of a rem cycle
社交法则 social protocol
最近活动 upcoming events
指往下滚电脑右边的滚动条 scroll down to
强项 strong suit
消化不良 indigestion
缜密的 exquisite
难以识破的 convoluted
谎言未被揭穿 lie is still in force
干点不大光彩的事 hole up in a garage somewhere huffing paint thinner
典型的 quintessential
窘境 predicament
帮某人收拾残局 clean up after one’s mess
感觉格格不入 feel like an outsider
中产阶级父母 bourgeois parents
字面上来说 subtextually
热烈的场面(通常指表扬)a big turnout
即将不入成年 on the cusp of manhood

这是个契机啊!What a lucky break!
你根本就没心情听我说话。You’re in no state of mind to talk.
我们要火烧屁股了。Our pants are metaphorically on fire.
(演出)成果!Break a leg!
我才不关心那个呢。That’s the least of my worries.
出发! Shortgun!

这盘重来(用于下棋)reset the board
传染的 contagious
否决 (n.)negatory
叫外卖 have sth delivered
否决某人 shout sb down
晕倒 pass out
脏的 stinking
临时的 aluminum
基本规则 ground rules
备用品( n.) spare
喋喋不休 whiny
胸毛 chest hair
打结(指Howard胸毛打结) mat
鼻塞 congested
他已经有妄想症了,不过他已经找到了地方呆着。He’s paranoid, and he’s established a nest.

非常吃香的 highly sought-after
强弩之末 dead end
助学金 grand money
从…偷渡 smuggle sb out of some place
巧克力点心 ding dong
社交能力 people skills
摆一个宴会 put out a spread
男主角 man of the hour
催化剂 catalyst
排斥 repulse
物极必反 off-putting
折磨我吧。Lay it on me.
我有了不祥的预感。I sense a disturbance in the force.
请随手关门。Please close it behind you.
最多12年了。12 years, tops.

洒…在…上 spile on
庸俗的 tawdry
拉风的 kick-ass
我觉得… I move that…
快开始吧(迫不及待的心情)fire away
香草味的 vanilla
提醒 heads-up
打心理战 use psychological warfare
尴尬的 awkward
考虑到… …given that…
说吧 proceed
单挑单练 y mano a mano
严正以待 nice and loose
一鼓作气 come to play
士气如虹 got your game face on
奖杯 trophy
放水 forfeit

你把大家都弄得没兴趣了。You are taking all the fun out of it.
我们必须以牙还牙。We must reply in kind.
有时为了团队你必须得牺牲个人。Sometimes you’ve got to take one for the team.
有点男人样,伙计。Sack up, dute.
让我们直接开始。Let’s jump right in.
他哑口无言的。He’s got squat.
放马过来。Bring it on.

彻底的 unmitigated
洗车房 car wash
烹饪知识 culinary science
淘宝 sniping
淘宝人 sniper
撮合A和B  fix A up with B
言行 demeanor
了解某事 pick up on sth

我没多想一时定下的嘛。It was a spur-of-the-moment thing.
多丢人啊!How lame is that!
你从哪里看出来的?What was your first clue?
我今晚真是太强了。I’m on fire tonight.
这个失败是显而易见的。That failure clearly stands on its own.

吞噬 swallow up
古怪的 quizzical
用鱼叉捕鱼 spearfish
闪开 back off
把…推销出去 pimp sth out
随便问问 catch up
跟某人带话 pass along to sb
收通行税的人 toll-taker
开门见山地说 We’d be a lot further along in this.

打住,就此收手 cut it out
平手 stalemate
没有共同语言 have no overlapping areas of interest
闲谈 chitchat
直接说吧 here’s the deal
无聊举动 frivolity
DVD刻录机 DVD burner
创伤 trauma

普通话 mandarin
假冒 pass off
趁虚而入 cop a feel
亲热一下 make out
扔骰子 roll the dice
怨妇 whinny and annoying
喜欢某人 crush on sb
第六感 psychic
反胃的 nauseous
搞砸 blow


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