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(2010-07-01 17:44:15)


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“No” Your Way to Increased Productivity




Once you’ve established your priorities, you’ve set your short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals based on those priorities, and you’ve created a list of the action steps that you need to take in order to achieve your goals, the next thing you need to do is to create a list of things you’re going to say “no” to. Productivity experts emphasize that it’s not enough to establish what you’re going to do; you also need to be very clear about all the things you won’t do.



Below you’ll find several examples of how saying “no” will help make you more productive.



Create a “Yes” and a “No” List Every Morning



Peter Bregman—CEO of the global management consulting firm Bregman Partners, Inc.—wrote an article for the Harvard Business Review titled “Two Lists You Should Look at Every Morning”. In his article Bregman argues that the world is moving very fast and keeps getting faster: we’re constantly being bombarded by information, there’s an infinite number of things to think about, and there are countless things we need to react to.

Peter Bregman, 国际咨询公司Bregman Partners, Inc. 的首度执行官,曾经为《哈佛商业评论》撰写题为《你每天早晨不能不看的两个清单》,谈到当今社会的飞速运转,以及人们必须面对的信息爆炸。他说,我们要考虑的事情不计其数,其中很多我们都要作出响应。


Many of us try to increase the speed at which we do things in order to keep up with the pace, which Bregman explains is a mistake. The key is to know what’s important, and to learn to say “no” to everything else. We can’t know it all, we can’t do it all, and we can’t keep our attention on everything at once. He adds that we need to prioritize and we need to focus on those priorities. The way to do this is by creating two lists:

Bregman 解释说,我们大多数人会尽力加快工作速度来跟上节奏,这其实是不对的。关键是要了解什么是重要的,除此之外,都是应该拒绝的。人不能什么都知道,什么都能做,也不能同时关注每件事情。这时,就需要列出优先级,集中精力到重要的事情上。要做到这一点,必须列出两个清单:


Your Focus List: This list contains what’s important to you and what you want to accomplish.



Your Ignore List: This list contains what’s getting in the way and what you’re willing to let go of in order to keep your focus on your priorities.



Bregman adds that these aren’t lists that you create once and then stick in a drawer. You need to review them each day and recommit yourself to spending your time on what’s important. At the same time you have to identify how you might get distracted and make the decision to stay focused on what you want to accomplish.

Bregman 还说,这两个清单并不是一成不变的。你必须每天审视它们,以确保不断调整你的注意力到对你更重要的事情上。同时,要确定什么事情可能让你分神,并做出决定,集中精力到你要完成的事情上。


Create a “Stop Doing” List



The site “The 99%” published an article in which they argue that everyone should set a resolution to say “no” more often. They refer to Jim Collins—author of “Good to Great” and co-author of “Built to Last”–who once wrote about his “Stop Doing List”. In his mid-twenties, Collins was told by one of his professors at the Stanford Graduate School of Business that he was undisciplined. She added that he got lots done because he had a lot of energy, but that he led a busy life instead of leading a disciplined life.

“The 99%”网站发布过一篇文章指出,每人都应该更多地说“不”。他们还引用了《从优秀到卓越》和《基业长青》的作者Jim Collins的话。Jim Collins 20多岁时,史坦福商业学院的一个教授指责他不守纪律:说他只所以能做不少事,是因为他精力过人;说他选择的是忙碌的生活,而不是有约束的生活。


His professor then told him to imagine that he woke up the next morning and received two phone calls. The first call informed him that he had inherited $20 million, and in the second call he received the news that he had ten years left to live. Having received these two phone calls, what would he do differently, and, what would he stop doing?



This assignment led him to start creating a “stop doing” list every year, along with his New Year’s resolutions. It became a mechanism for him to become more disciplined about how he allocated his time.



Sample “Stop Doing” List



Spend a couple of weeks keeping track of all the things you say “yes” to which you know you should be saying “no” to.  This can include bad habits, pressure from others to do things you don’t want to do, spending too much time on nonessentials instead of focusing on what really matter to you, and so on.  Here’s a sample “stop doing” list to help get you started:



1.  Say “no” to the things you say “yes” to out of guilt.

1. 拒绝那些你因为负疚而答应的事。


2. Say “no” to the impulse to check your email or your Twitter account every fifteen minutes.

2. 拒绝每15分钟检查电子邮件或Twitter 账户的冲动。


3. Say “no” to people who are always asking for your help and then are always unavailable when you need help.

3. 拒绝那些总是要你帮忙,而在你需要帮助时却总没空的人。


4.  Say “no” to buying things which you don’t really need and which you can’t afford.



5.  Say “no” to incoming streams of information that are not furthering either your enjoyment of life or your ability to get things done.

5. 拒绝接受那些既不能丰富你的生活,又不能帮助你做成事情的信息来源。


6.  Say “no” to nonessential tasks so that you can free up space and time to focus on what you really want to accomplish in life.

6. 拒绝接受那些非核心性质的任务,以便能腾出空间和时间,集中精力到你真正渴望在生活中实现的目标。


7.  Say “no” to commitments that are interfering with your ability to spend more time with your loved ones.

7. 拒绝花精力在那些影响你和家人感情的事情上。


8.  Say “no” to projects and tasks that are not aligned with your yearly and life goals.

8. 拒绝授受与你人生及年度目标不一致的项目和任务。


9.  Say “no” to senseless time-wasters such as watching too much television or pointless internet surfing.

9. 拒绝在长时间看电视或上网等毫无意义的事情上浪费时间。


10. Say “no” to letting others dictate how your day will go instead of taking control.

10. 拒绝让别人决定你今天的时间应该怎么过,而是自己做主。


11.  Say “no” to scheduling so many things into your day that you become stressed and fatigued and feel out of control.

11. 拒绝在一天中安排太多的事,以至于自己压力过大,过于疲惫或失去控制。


12.  Say “no” to high pressure tactics from others to get you to commit to things which you would rather not do.

12. 拒绝他人的高压战术,避免因此做你不愿做的事。





You can do a great job of setting goals and identifying the tasks that need to get done in order to accomplish those goals. However, if you don’t limit projects and tasks to what’s really important to you, and if you don’t develop the discipline to say “no” to the nonessential, to constant interruptions, and to anything that takes your focus away from your vision, you’ll never achieve what you really want in life.



Knowing what to say “no” to is just as important as knowing exactly what it is that you want to get out of life.



Please share in the comments what you need to start saying “no” to in order to get more done.






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