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1010 was indeed my BIG DAY!!!+译文

(2009-10-15 21:11:08)


分类: 转载尊的个人日志

1010 <wbr>was <wbr>indeed <wbr>my <wbr>BIG <wbr>DAY!!!+译文

Honestly, from the day I was born, I've never thanked my parents for bringing me into this world, especially my mum knowing how painful and tiring it was giving birth to me! Well, it's not that I don't apppreciate it but I just never thought of it til recently when I came to read the messages that most of you left thanking my parents for bringing me into this world! Sigh, I guess I was really clumsy and stupid as all I could think of was how to celebrate my birthday... haha! So, in the future all of us must remember to thank our parents during our birthdays by giving them gifts or at least celebrating with them, yeah?

Come to think of it, I have nearly reached the middle stage of my life! Have I seriously thought of what I wanna achieve or what I have achieved?

What I have achieved...YES! I am so 'Happy & Fortunate' to be loved and supported by so many of you :-)

But what i wanna achieve...The answer is i dont know...haha!


Many reasons... Though I'm a person who very much like to be in control of my life, I guess there are many things which is beyond my control at this point of time! I might have many plans in mind but being an artist, I just have to leave most things aside and focus on my job! Actually, it's not that bad... there are pros and cons to everything in life! Sometimes u win, sometimes u lose but i hope I can enjoy and learn from these experiences :-)  Being negative will just make life miserable and that's one of the reasons why I've always said that I don't really look for big achievements in my showbiz career! If I could, it would be great but if I couldn't, it would be no big deal but of course, I am willing to give all I could during the remaining path of my life! Recently, I read a book and I totally agree with the saying... "天份是有極限but努力是沒有極限的"!

Superman, Superman, Superman... What a great title to have!!! Michael Jordan has had the same title too during those days :-)  During my teenage life, I love challenges and my competitive spirit  was very strong when it comes to sport... Training was tough but I could stand the pain and go for that extra mile! I believe all these experiences help tremendously in terms of how i face my work now! Of course, I sometimes do get tired physically and mentally but I can easily find ways to motivate myself and start working again so I guess that's why resting too much to me is a waste of time... haha! At my age, I guess I've been through a lot in my showbiz or personal life and having the chance to fly here and there and most importantly, interacting with so many of you from all over the world! So, when some of my supporters started calling me Superman, well... I somehow agree with it :-)
1010 <wbr>was <wbr>indeed <wbr>my <wbr>BIG <wbr>DAY!!!+译文

Recently, many started to worry about my health and some even asked me not to be superman anymore... haha! Dont worry too much... I know how to recharge myself! Vacation or going back to brunei helps a lot and that's why sometimes, I really don't wish to see any of you follow me back as I need to recover :-) During my most recent trip back in Brunei, I was extremely tired as my room was done with the renovation and I had to unpack and arrange all my belongings, in which most are gifts and letters from so many of you :-)  It brought back lots of memories as I went through most of the stuff you guys gave... In fact, I am very happy that though few no longer support me, majority of you are still here and even newbies! I am sure you guys know I really do cherish all of you all these while...i really do :-)

I have also bought a big present for myself this year... It's my number 1 dream car - Lamborghini Gallardo! It's the most expensive thing I have ever  bought with my hard earned money and why did i do that?

Well, life is short and we never know when we will be gone! I've worked so hard and sacrificed quite a lot these few years and i just felt I should be rewarded and make myself really happy when I have the chance to do so and Bingo... I did not even even think twice about buying it! Is it a waste of money? I don't think so because it's one of my dreams and that's why I've always said 'Dare to Dream'! I dreamt about it, I worked hard for it and why should I hesitate when I can actually make my dreams come true, right? Honestly, I've also made my close friends and family members' dreams come true! Driving this car is almost every guys' dream and because I've already own it, I wouldn't wanna to keep it all to myself so I would let them drive too, which makes the money I paid for truly worth it... Of course, they need to be VERY VERY CAREFUL....Hahaaa :-)
1010 <wbr>was <wbr>indeed <wbr>my <wbr>BIG <wbr>DAY!!!+译文

I mentioned in my birthday party that I really don't wish to receive anymore gifts in the future unless it's my birthday... I have said it over and over again and I hope this birthday wish of mine come true this time! I hate seeing you guys disappointed every time I reject your gifts so please listen to me ok? Alternatively, you guys can do charitable activities and I will be more than happy to support that. I hope all of you understand the reason on this decision as you guys have spent a lot of money on me already and it's also time to save some for yourself and make yourself happy too :-)

24th and 25th October will be our concert in Taipei and this is one which many of you have anticipated for all these while! I believe it will definitely be one of the best concerts we have had so far as after the many experiences we have encountered, we have improve a lot and because this concert will be recorded and produced into DVD, we are all excited! Get ready, bring your lightboard and light up the Taipei arena and make this night a memorable one for all of us yeah!!!

Quote to share: -

"The better a man is, the more mistakes he will make, for the more new things he will try. I would never promote to a top-level job a man who was not making mistakes...otherwise he is sure to be mediocre."
- Peter Druker

Chun says " Dont be afraid to make mistakes"


說實話,從我出生那天起,我從未謝謝我的父母把我帶到這個世界,尤其是我知道我媽媽是多麽辛苦才把我生出來。厄,這並不是說我不知道感激而是我壹直沒有想到這件事,直到最近我看到妳們的那麽多留言謝謝我父母把我帶到這個世界。唉,我可能是太遲鈍和傻傻的以至於我只想到怎麽慶祝我的生日...哈哈! 所以,以後大家要記得在生日時要記得謝謝父母送禮物給她們,至少要和他們壹起慶祝,對吧?



我已經做到的...對!我是如此“快樂和幸運”有妳們這麽多人的喜愛和支持 :-) 






有很多原因...雖然我是那種希望生活都在我掌控中的人,但是我覺得有太多東西不是我能控制的!我腦中有很多計劃(作為壹個藝人的),我卻不得不把大多數事情放在壹邊,而專註在我的工作上!事實上,這並不是壞事...生命中的每件事都有好有壞!有時候妳會贏,而有時候妳會輸,但我希望我可以享受這些經歷並學到些東西 :-)  消極只會讓生活變得不幸,這就是為什麽我壹直說我並沒有期待演藝事業有大的成就的其中壹個原因!如果可以,那將非常好,但是如果做不到,也沒有什麽,但是當然,我會在我生命剩下的階段奉獻我的所有,盡最大的努力!最近,在讀壹本書,我非常同意其中壹句話...“天份是有極限,而努力是沒有極限的”! 
超人,超人,超人...這是多麽偉大的頭銜啊!!邁克喬丹在他的那個時代也擁有同樣的頭銜 :-)  

在我十幾歲的時候,在運動時,我喜歡挑戰和並擁有很強烈的競爭精神... 訓練雖然辛苦,但是我可以忍受這些痛苦並且付出更多的努力!我相信這些經歷在我面對現在的工作時有很大的幫助!當然,有時候我的確會感到身心疲憊,但我很容易就找到方法激勵自己並重新開始工作,所以我猜這就是為什麽休息太多對我來說是壹種浪費時間...哈哈!在我的這個年紀,我覺得我已經完成了很多,在我的演藝事業和私人生活,並且有機會飛來飛去,更重要的是,與世界各地這麽多的妳們有互動!所以,當妳們叫我超人時,厄...在壹定程度上我同意這個稱呼:-)


最近,很多人開始擔心我的健康,有些人甚至問我是不是不再是超人...哈哈!別擔心那麽多...我知道該怎麽給自己充電!度假或者回文萊都很有幫助,這也就是為什麽有時候我真的不想看到妳們中的任何人跟我回文萊,因為我真的需要休息:-) 在我最近回文萊的時候,我無敵興奮看到我房間裝修完成,而我得收拾和布置我的所有東西,這些中的大多數是許多妳們送的禮物和信件:-) 它們把我帶回了很多回憶中,當我看完這些妳們送的東西...事實上,雖然妳們中的少數不再支持我,但是我非常高興大多數仍然在這裏,甚至還有些新支持者!我很確定妳們知道我的確很珍惜妳們所有人,而且...我確實是!


今年我買了壹個大大的禮物給我自己...那就是我的DREAM CAR(夢寐以求的車)— 蘭博基尼Gallardo!這是我用賺的錢買過的最貴的東西,而我為什麽這麽做呢?


生命很短暫,我們永遠不知道我們什麽時候會離開!我工作得這麽辛苦而且犧牲了這麽幾年,我只是覺得我值得獎賞,讓我自己開心(當我有機會做這些的時候)Bingo... 我毫不猶豫就買了它!這是浪費錢麽?我不認為,因為這是我其中壹個夢想,而且這就是我為什麽經常說"敢於夢想"!我向往它,我為了它努力工作,所以當我可以實現我的夢想時我為什麽要遲疑呢,對吧?老實說,我也讓我親友的夢想成真了!因為開著輛車幾乎是每個人的夢想,而我已經擁有它,我不想讓它只屬於我,所以我也會讓他們開,這樣就讓我花的錢真正有價值... 當然,他們必須要非常非常小心... 哈哈哈    
我在我的生日派對說過的,以後我真的不想收到任何禮物,除非我的生日... 我說這說過壹遍又壹遍,我真的希望這次我的這個生日願望能實現! 每次我都很不願意看到當我拒絕妳們禮物時妳們失望的表情,所以,請聽我的話,好嗎?作為替代,妳們可以去做慈善活動,我很樂意支持這件事,在這個決定上我希望妳們每個人都明白這個道理,因為妳們真的已經花了很多錢在我身上,是時候妳們該留些給自己讓自己也開心 :-)






————Peter Druker 




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