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Friends101 note01

(2007-08-15 19:38:07)



分类: Study Note
Abreviation of names:
M: Monica
J: Joey
C: Chandler
P: Pheobe
R: Ross
Ra: Rachel
O: Other
Episode 101
Scene: Warm weekend afternoon. A small street in Manhattan. Arount the corner, a small cafe Central Perk is standing with flowers waving above the door. Some guys are enjoying their time inside. Now we can see in the sofas sitting four guys, Chandler, Joey, Pheobe, and Monica.
曼哈顿 Manhattan
转过一个街角,有一个门上挂着花的小咖啡店。 Around the corner, a small cafe is standing with flowers waving above the door.
街角有一个……店 a shop is standing around the corner
Some guys are enjoying their time. 一些人在打发时间、开开心心得耍
坐在沙发上 sit in the sofa
M: There is nothing to tell! He's just some guy I work with.
“我的一个同事”没有用college,而是some guy I work with
J: Come on. C'mon. You're going out with the guy. There's gotta be something wrong with him.
跟……约会:go out with ...
gotta = have got to <美俚>必须
他肯定有问题。There's gotta be something wrong with him.
出什么事了?怎么了? What's wrong (with sb./sth.)?
你坐在家里看书,突然听见“吱--”的一声门开了却没有人,你想说“有什么事不对!” Something wrong is going on!
“你就是不该这么做!”可以说是 This is simply wrong!
C: All right.Alright Joey, be nice. So does he have a hump? A hump and a hairpiece?
alright = all right adv. 好吧
hump 驼背
hairpiece 假发
他是个戴假发的驼背。He has a hump and a hairpiece.
别这样(好一点)。Be nice.
P: Wait. Does he eat chalk?
(They all stare, bemused.)
P: Just because 'cause I don't want her to go through what I did went through with Carol Carl. Oh...
'cause = because
经历…… go through (这是个神通广大的短语哦)
I had a hard time getting through this novel.
I know how you feel. Who can remenber the names of 35 different characters.
What does the woman imply?
A. She also found the book difficult.
B. She has learned a lot about names.
C. She doesn't remenber the title of the novel.
D. She read a different book.
此处的get through = go through,是看书、读书的意思。
Tim really seems to go through a lot of money, didn't he?
Like water, and he has nothing to show for it.
此处get through是花钱的意思。
可见get through意思很多,不过都是从其基本意思眼生而来的。基本的意思很明显,就是“往前走,一直穿过去,或者是通过幸福,或者是经历煎熬”。过海关是go through the customs,受苦就是go through the pains,隐喻肉体或者精神的炼狱。详细划分,第一表示to examine carefully,比如:
The professor went through the students' papers. 教授已经批完了学生的作业。
第二表示to experience,比如:
We went through hell while working on this project. 我们做这个项目没少受苦。
第三表示to perform,比如:
Who can go through the sonata in 30 minutes? 谁能在半个小时之内将这首奏鸣曲演奏完?
举个例子,你的朋友正在办理离婚手续,耗费大量人力物力,你感慨万千,说“It's such a pain to go through”,表现对你朋友的同情。再比如,你是新警官,跟随一位senior detective(资深侦探)去调查雨夜连环杀人案。看到你笨手笨脚的样子,detective冷冷地说“I went through a case in two hours at most when I was your age, boy!”(此处go through意为“破案”)看着他低垂的帽沿,冷酷的棱角,发觉自己太嫩了,不禁问道:“But what am I supposed to go through before I can make myself a qualified detective like you?”。Detective吐出一口雪茄,说:“You watch and catch up, son.”(你观察,跟着我学习)
M: OK, everybody relax. Relax! This is not even a date. It's just two people going out to dinner and - not having sex.
大家放松。大家不要慌。 Everybody relax. Relax!
约会 date
做爱 have sex
it's just ... 不那么偏重转折和否定,而是重在对内容进行轻描淡写的叙述,为了减低强度,淡化严肃性,也就是常说的“大事化小,小事化了”。所以经常用在给自己解围的情境中。比如,你出门又忘了带钥匙,结果你和女朋友只能四处溜达,这让她恼怒不已:“Look, John, I can't believe this is happening again!”虽然你的确经常丢三落四,可是必须找个台阶下,所以辩解到:“Okay, honey, just be cool! It's just a man like me happens to forget something like a key!”你的女朋友一脸反讽:“Oh really? So it's just a girl like me happens to pick up a wrong guy like you, huh?”你听出语气不对,赶紧一个傻笑:“Yeah, honey, it's just a sweet pair like us happen to live in a forgetful world like this!”(碰巧生活在这么一个健忘的世界里)别忘记干笑两声,以表轻松。
C: Sounds like a date to me.
sound like有两个意思,第一是自己不能确定的时候,第二是故作深沉,欲扬先抑。各举一个例子,你的同桌一边听着老师在上面讲关于考试的事情,你一边小声嘀咕:“Sounds like this time it's going to be a very serious game to play.”你的同桌不解:“What?”你眉头一皱:“I mean the test.”这次,你同桌莞尔一笑:“Sounds like you're getting a bit chicken!”(怎么,听着你好像对考试有点没底!)另外一例,你要下班了,看到同事还没有走,于是过去亲切慰问一下:“Are you done? Come on!”(你工作做完了吧?走,我们一块!)可是同事面露踌躇:“Ah, you just go ahead and I'm waiting for the call of the boss.”(这样吧,你先走吧,我还要接一个老板的电话)说完之后,春风扑面。你觉得很奇怪:“Sounds like the prelude of a date or something, huh?”(我怎么听着是个约会的前奏似的?)看着你不怀好意的脸,同事说:“You never know!”(这我可说不准了)全是少女的羞涩。你吐吐舌头,先溜了吧。其他的情景:辩论之中,对方说:“That argument sounds reasonable.”你说到新水问题时咬牙切齿,朋友若有所悟:“Sounds like salary is the big trouble.”(看来你之所以不喜欢这个工作,是因为薪水的问题)

(Time lapse.)
C: All right. Alright. I'm back in high school. I'm standing in the middle of the cafeteria, and I realize that I am totally naked.
食堂 cafeteria
O: Oh, OK. Yeah. Had that dream.
C: Then I looked down and I realize there is a phone there.
J: Instead of ...
C: That's right.
太对了! That's right!
O: That never happens. Never had that dream.
C: All of a sudden the phone starts to ring. Now I don't know what to do. Everybody starts to looking at me.
突然之间 all of a sudden
电话响 the phone rings
start doing sth. 似乎比start to do sth.用的多,有什么区别呢?
M: They weren't looking at you before?
C: Finally I figure I'd better answer it. And it turns out to be my mother, which is very very very-very weird, because she never calls me.
我觉得…… I figure ...
我最好…… I'd better do ...
接电话 answer the phone
turn out : be shown or be found to be; prove to be in the result or end
奇怪 weird

(Time lapse, Ross has entered.)
R: (mortified) Hi.
J: This guy says, hello, I want to wanna kill myself.
wanna = want to
美国人说话的一个特点是夸张,当你表示不相信、不满意、不舒服等等,就可以说“I wanna kill myself”。比如你听到明天要进行考试,发现提款机提不出钱来,要走十公里才能到目的地,听说女朋友有外遇等等。文眼是kill这个单词,感觉上恶狠狠的,因为是赶尽杀绝的架势。比如,新闻报道中说“The Black Death was a disease that killed millions”,意为“杀死”。厨师讨论厨艺的时候说“Too much garlic killed the taste of the meat”,意为“破坏”。在候机大厅横竖无事,不如kill a few hours before the flight by sightseeing,意为“观光消磨时间”。可见,只要是消极、消灭、阻止的概念,都可以用kill,简单有效。比如,试想我们平常的生活中,什么事情让我们身心疲惫呢?Jimmy Breslin的说法是:“The trip to work, and the boredom and nervousness of jobs, kills men!”(上班的往返,工作的乏味和紧张的状态使人精疲力尽。)
M: Are you Ok, sweetie?
你还好吗? Are you Ok?
R: I just feel like someone reached down my throat, drag grabbed my small intestine and pulled it out of my mouth and tied it around my neck.
small intestine 小肠
很经典的一段哦,表达感觉很糟糕:I just feel like ... my neck.
C: Cookie?
M: Carol moved herself her stuff out today.
把自己的行李搬出去 move sb's stuff out
stuff 是指代名次的万能替代品。比如,你看到同事总是巴结上司,你很看不惯,和朋友说:“I really hate that kind of stuff”(我对那种做法真的烦透了)。假如你作为上级主管,看到一个总是迟到的员工辩解说因为压力太大等等,你于是铁面无私,打断他说:“Don't give me that stuff about being tired”(不要对我说累了之类的话)
O: Oh.
M: You need Let me get you some coffee.
R: Thanks.


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