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流水帐。 2007.6.20

(2007-06-20 21:14:48)
分类: 日记
raining days here and there, yesterday and tomorrow... all China wet?
back home again, our new house had begun to be cover with ceramic tiles and boards. though it is not a good season, we have to listen to the leaders. i just back to see what my parents' decision, and i think it's good. there is a separated space, two rooms, one as bedroom and the other as study sanctum, that's for us, enn, if we like to live there...
Befor back home, saw my boss, boss' wife and Zhu went to boss' hometown. Boss' mum gone... :<
Befor saw them went, i listen to Pro. Wang jinfa's lecture, it's perfect. Our dean like it too, he told alot to us in that big and hot room after the lecture. I never be in a class which teacher is someone like Pro. Wang, admire Wang's student.
Before Wang's lecture, to sang songs for a whole night with my undergraduate students. They all learn biology and will graduate, about 10 person. Just at the end, we selected some send-off-songs, and i moved. I just thought that my party, i was with my class. I took the mic and said some moving words, welll, the graduates were ok while i couldnot help. hehe ...  in the end, nearly all the girls weeping, and i donot feel any bad till my tear dry. Very sorry for them, i said and gone, but they began to slop over... i can do nothing about that...
Sorry again...
Befor sang songs, reputedly, 2 docs in my dorm fought. duing the battle they 2 use lips, tongue, and hands as weapon, they even use the huge armor-clad machanism, wood stool! (it's too breakable so they just use it to deter each other) they made grate noise and the officer came immediately and stop them. they go back their bed at last and till now, it's ok. For the hot summer or graduate atmosphere?
Before sang songs, Cao "hello"ed one day with net phone, well, for it's free. at lunch time ,he asked us to go go go ,but we didnot, and he went away. we thought he went lunch but when we went out 15 mins later, we found he was still "hello" in the other lab--he found a better computer! Ahaaaaaaa
Before Cao's phone time, i always do my experiment, thouth i spend more time on playing nowadays. After back Bao, i have to write the paper out or boss will become angry. and the paper which had sent to the editor needs to hasten, Hou's paper is nearly ok now! and the doc exam, i have to prepar. i have to say something to the professor whom i interested face to face, i will try CAS, institute of botany, at Beijing. if i failed i will go back home to be a high school teacher. enn, o ,i will ask boss if i could go to northwest fieldwork with him this August. and i wanna to go to Xiaowutai mountains this summer, and i have to write another paper befor next semester.  ohhhhhhhhh, a good plan needed at the end of this month.
Tooooooooooo slow this computer is, CPU 1.0, but a good display very bright. But tired eyes, and too slow to connect with the net. fingers not dance any longer. have a rest ... see u , my friends.


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