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(2009-07-22 23:43:14)
分类: 英语学习


apologize   道歉;谢罪          

apologize to sb for sth

I must apologize for not letting you know ahead of time. (1994)

Victor apologized for his not being able to inform me of the change in the plan.(2004上海春)

appear    出现

to be present


arrive     到达;达到

arrive in/at

The new secretary is supposed to report to the manager as soon as she arrives. (1990)

I don’t really work here; I am just helping out until the new secretary arrives. (1994)

The crazy fans had been waiting patiently for two hours, and they would wait till the movie star arrived.(2004重庆)

Jack can't have arrived yet, otherwise he would have telephoned me.(97上海)

She set out soon after dark and arrived home an hour later.(1994)

I'd like to arrive 20 minutes early so that I can have time for a cup of tea. (2005年北京)

Tom was disappointed that most of the guests had left when he arrived at the party. (1989)

If you run into any problems when you arrive at the airport, give me a ring.(2002上海春)

The play had already been on for quite some time when we arrived at the New Theatre.(2007浙江)

By the time he arrives in Beijing, we will have stayed here for two days.(2001.6)


belong   属于

belong to sb     

to be someone's property

Some of the stamps belong to me, while the rest are his and hers.(2004上海春)

The house belongs to my aunt but she doesn't live here any more. (2006全国卷I )

belong to sth

to be a member of a group or organization


burst    爆炸;炸破;突然发生,突然发作

burst into song/tears/laughter       to suddenly begin to sing/cry/laugh

Hospital staff burst into cheers after doctors completed a 20-hours operation to have separated one-year-old twins at the head. (2004)

burst out laughing/crying            to suddenly start laughing/crying


camp    野营;宿营

care     关心;介意

After the earthquake, the injured were cared for in the hospitals or taken by air to the hospitals in the neighboring cities.(2006江西)


chat     聊天;闲谈

chat to sb about sth


cheer    欢呼;喝彩

cheer for sb




cough   咳嗽

depend   依靠 

depend on/upon sb/sth

Whether we’ll go camping tomorrow depends on the weather. (1996)

I’m planning to hold a party in the open air, but I can make no guarantees because it depends on the weather. (2001上海)

Choosing the right dictionary depends on what you want to use it for.(2007江苏)


die of/from


die for


dive      跳水

exist     存在

Sometimes children have trouble separating fact from fiction and may believe that such things actually exist.(2002.1)

They see you as something of a worrier, seeing problems which don’t exist and crossing bridges long before you come to them.(2004重庆)


fall        ① 落下;下降    ② 倒下;跌倒

My brother fell while he was riding his bicycle and hurt himself. (1989)

With the temperature falling so rapidly, we couldn’t go on with the experiment.(2001.1)

Two middle aged passengers fell into the sea.Unfortunately,neither of them could swim.(2002春)

In some western countries, demand for graduates from MBA courses has fallen down.( 2004年全国Ⅲ)


float     漂浮,飘动

to stay on the surface of a liquid and not sink


flow     流动

(especially of liquids, gases or electricity) to move in one direction, especially continuously and easily


glance    匆匆一看;一瞥

to give a quick short look

He glanced over at her, noting that though she was tiny, she seemed very well put together. (2005广东)


go        ① 去;走;驶      ② 通到;达到



happen     发生;碰巧

A man escaped from the prison last night. It was a long time before the guard discovered what had happened.(93.6)

You see the lightning the instant it happens, but you hear the thunder later.(97.1)

The mother didn't know who to blame for the broken glass as it happened while she was out. (2002)

It's quite beyond me why such things have been allowed to happen.(2006安徽)

Eliza remembers everything exactly as if it happened yesterday. (2006全国卷I )

I won’t call you, unless something unexpected happens. (2007全国Ⅰ)


joke       开玩笑

knock     敲;击;打

knock on/at


laugh     ①笑;大笑         ②嘲笑

laugh at


lie         ① 躺  ② 平放  ③说谎

Do you know the boy lying under the big tree? (1989)

I love to go to the seaside in summer. It feels good to lie in the sun or swim in

the cool sea.(1996)

In the dark forests lie many lakes, some large enough to hold several English towns. (2005辽宁卷)

At the foot of the mountain lies a village.(2006陕西)


listen      仔细听;倾听  

listen to


look      看;观看  


matter    (要用于否定句、疑问句)要紧;有关系

to be important, or to affect what happens

Does it matter if he can’t finish the job on time?(1991)

The thing that matters is not whether you fail or not, but whether you try or not.(96上海)

It is the ability to do the job that matters where you come from or what you are.(2000)

It is what you do rather than what you say that matters. (2005天津)

What matters most in learning English is enough practice.(2007全国Ⅲ)

Those successful deaf dancers think that dancing is an activity where sight matters more than hearing.(2007天津)

Surely it doesn’t matter where the student associations get their money from; what counts is what they do with it. (2007湖北)


occur     出现;存在         

(especially of accidents and other unexpected events) to happen

I felt somewhat disappointed and was about to leave , when something occurred which attracted my attention.(96.1)

Arriving home, the boy told his parents about all the incidents which occurred in his dormitory. (2003.12)

The accident is reported to have occurred on the first Sunday in February.(2004上海)

I was going along the street looking for a place to park when the accident occurred.(2006安徽)


pause     暂停

picnic     野餐

quarrel    争吵

quarrel with sb about

The old couple have been married for 40 years and never once have they quarreled with each other.(2003)

He accidentally let out he had quarreled with his wife and that he hadn't been home for a couple of weeks.(2004湖南)

My parents were quarrelling about me though I could not quite tell why. (2006上海)


rain       下雨

refer      提到;涉及;有关               

refer to sb/sth

I didn't know the word. I had to refer to a dictionary. (2000.6)

The president spoke at the business meeting for nearly an hour without referring to his notes. (2005浙江)

What he referred to in his article was unknown to the general reader.(2007上海)



to stay in the same place (formal)

It has been announced that candidates shall remain in their seats until all the papers have been collected.(2002上海)

It was already past midnight and only three young men remained in the tea house. (2006安徽)

rise        ① 上升;升起 ② 起床;起立


shop      到商店买东西

to buy things in shops


sigh       叹气

to breathe out slowly and noisily, expressing tiredness, sadness, pleasure, boredom, etc



skate      滑冰


snow      下雪


stand      站;站起

stare       盯着看

to look for a long time with the eyes wide open, especially when surprised, frightened or thinking

stare at


stay        ①停留;暂住    ②逗留;呆

to not move away from or leave

to live or be in a place for a short time as a visitor

There is nothing more I can try to persuade you to stay, so I wish you good luck.(2007上海)

Don’t get your schedule changed;stay with us in this class.(96.1)

I shall stay in the hotel all day in case there is news of the missing child.(2000春)

By the time he arrives in Beijing, we will have stayed here for two days.(2001.6)

Shanghai is really a fascinating city and we've decided to stay for another two weeks.(2003上海)


step       走;跨步


struggle     挣扎               

to experience difficulty and make a very great effort in order to do something


succeed    成功

succeed in

You will succeed in the end unless you give up halfway.(2001上海春)

In recent years travel companies have succeeded in selling us the idea that the further we go , the better our holiday will be.  (2001上海)

After Yang Li wei succeeded in circling the earth, what our astronauts desire to do is walk in space.(2004上海)


talk        说话;交谈

talk to sb

talk about sb/sth


wait         等;等待

wait for sb

We shouldn't have waited for her because she never came. (88)

However late he is, Mother will wait for him to have dinner together. (1997)

All morning she waited for the medical report from the doctor , her nervousness grew. (2003)



bargain   议价,讨价还价

bargain with sb for sth


breathe  呼吸


clap     拍手;鼓掌


escape   逃跑;脱逃

escape from

A man escaped from the prison last night. It was a long time before the guard discovered what had happened.(93.6)


freeze    结冰


graduate  毕业

UK [I] to complete a first university degree successfully

US [I  or T] to complete school, college or university correctly

It was in 1979 that I graduated from the university.(98上海)


nod       点头


shout     喊;高声呼喊

shout at ab


sink       下沉;消沉


swim       游;游泳


trade       交易;经商


travel       (长途)旅行

The reporter said that the UFO was travelling east to west when he saw it. (2000)

As is known to everybody, the moon travels round the earth once every month. (2001) 

Mary wanted to travel around the world all by herself, but her parents did not allow her to do so. (2006全国Ⅲ)

Much as I have traveled, I have never seen anyone who is as capable as John. (2001上海)

Troy is scanning the guidebook, looking for information about Japan, where he will travel soon. (2003上海)

We went to Canada to travel and my cousin acted as our guide. (2005湖南)

In an hour, we can travel to places which would have taken our ancestors days to reach. (2006上海)

If you are traveling where the customs are really foreign to your own, please do as the Romans do.(2006天津)


walk        走;步行;散步


work        ①工作;干活    ②运转;转动



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