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Fantasy...3 more days to go!

(2008-10-14 20:14:57)


Fantasy...3 <wbr>more <wbr>days <wbr>to <wbr>go!

Last week, I had a dream!

A dream about me participating in a basketball tournament representing my country, Brunei. Maybe this dream is derived from my past tournament experience or maybe its implying that I had stop watching basketball games since MJ retired until recently that I have been watching the Olympic basketball games again.

Oh my god! The Olympic finals between United States and Spain… What a beautiful and exciting game! I was screaming from the beginning til the end because the team spirits of both teams are so good that both teams are considered winners to me!

Well... Let's talk about my dream☺

I dreamt of myself being part of Brunei basketball team but this time, it's a little different! Guess what??? I realised I've got ‘More More More’ supporters… haha! The feeling is so different but it’s GREAT! Participating in tournaments at different countries and could still see all familiar faces!!! How I wish there will be a day like this and I am sure our feelings will be very different… I will love it for sure! Maybe you will love to see a real man who hates giving up and competes to become a winner!

Sigh…I MISS this game! I miss the excitement of walking into the court before every game, miss the challenge and the joy of winning a game and most importantly, the importance of team spirit working hard towards a goal!

Lately, I have been busy preparing for my Debut movie ' Butterfly Lovers' which will be shown on the 9th Oct and our 2008 FAHRENHEIT 1st Asia Fantasy tour concerts… Been listening to songs from our first album and it really brings back lots of ‘TOUCHING’ memories. Although our supporters have increased over the years, never will I forget old ones but of course, I will also welcome new ones… haha!

Our preparations for our concert really killed a lot of my brain cells recently because in such a short time, we need to memorize all the lyrics, dance moves and other performance! Very nervous but I think I have gained more confidence performing on the stage now compared to before :-) Looking at the rundown of our concert, i just couldn't wait to have a great time with you guys...Lots of Fun and Excitement! It's something that we worked real hard from day 1 and I believe standing on the stage sharing what we have learnt for the past few years is gonna be a very touching moment! Well, there is always a 1st time for everything so this is it... It's the first and who knows what kind of surprise will happen ☺

2008 APEA Young Entrepreneur of the year – An Award which I never think of…hahaa! Many times, you just have to do your best and things will come to you and this is exactly what happened now ☺ I believe that passion drives to success in business or anything that you wanna do. I've always wanted to build a world-class fitness club that allows Bruneians to enjoy the intrinsic rewards of changing ones lives through fitness. That’s why I have a great passion for this job as much as today as I did when I was just starting out. This award is not only an inspiration for me to go further but also a drive for all young people to go after their dream! Hey, 加油 ﹠Don't give up, ya!

Last of all, Wretch has always been the site for you guys to know more about me and its also where i started blogging and got to know more of you better! Unfortunately, our company has set up a new website…


All my future blog entries will be posted here. It's accessible for everyone and i really hope we can still stay connected through this new site and continue to exchange our experiences, and to motivate one another to challenge the life ahead of us :-)

Quote: -

Hope is a waking Dream!

Dream Far,

Hope Hard,

Take Action!!!

Upcoming Activities:-

26th & 27th Sept HK - Fahrenheit Concert
28th Sept HK - Disney Press Conference
30th Sept Mongolia - Fahrenheit Concert
2th Oct Korea - Taiwan Tourism Press Conference
3rd & 4th Oct Korea - Asia Music Award
5th HK - Butterfly Lovers Movie Premiere
6th Taiwan - Butterfly Lovers Movie Premiere





我梦见自己的一部分,文莱篮球队,但这个时候,有点不同!猜猜什么? ? ?我意识到我得'更多更多更多的支持者...哈哈!这种感觉是如此不同,但它的伟大!参加比赛在不同国家和不同仍然可以看到所有熟悉的面孔!我多么希望有一天这样的,我相信我们的感情会非常不同...我一定会喜欢上它肯定!也许你会喜欢看到一个真正的男人谁不喜欢放弃竞争对手,成为大赢家!




2008年APEA青年企业家的一年-一个奖,我从来没有想到. ..h ahaa!很多时候,你就必须做最好的事情会来找你,这是究竟发生了什么现在☺我认为,激情驱动器的成功商业或任何你想做的事。我一直希望建立一个世界一流的健身俱乐部,让Bruneians享受奖励的内在变化的生命健康。这就是为什么我有很大的热情,这项工作多达今天我没有当我刚刚开始了。这个奖项不仅是一个灵感,我再进一步,但也是一个推动所有年轻人去后,他们的梦想!嘿,加油及不要放弃,亚!




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即将举行的活动: -

3 & 10月4号韩国-亚洲音乐奖


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