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(2009-11-12 13:32:50)


The therapeutic aspect瑜伽疗法

Hatha yoga is a method of preparing the system for spiritual awakening but it is also a very important science of health. Since ancient times it has been used by yogis and rishis for the relief and elimination of all kinds of diseases and defects. It is true that the practices require more time and effort on the part of the patient than conventional therapies, but in terms of permanent, positive results as well as saving the enormous expenditure on medicines, they are certainly more worthwhile.


What makes this method of treatment so powerful and effective is the fact that it works according to the principles of harmony and unification, rather than diversity. The three important principles on which physical and mental therapy is based are as follows:


1.              Conferring absolute health to one part or system of the body thereby influencing the rest of the body.


2.              Balancing the positive and negative energy poles (ida/pingala, prana/apana)


3.              Purifying the body of the three types of wastes (doshas)


If you have fifteen grandfather clocks together on the same wall, all with pendulums of identical length and weight, you will notice that after some time all the pendulums become synchronized in their movements. This occurs quite naturally according to the law of mutual rhythms and vibrations.


In this physical bodythe various organs and systems all have their own functions to carry out, but there should be complete coordination between them. If any of the organs or systems of the body are not able to coordinate with each other, it means that not one but all the systems and organs are unbalanced. Thus, in any sickness, whether physical or mental, every system is out of coordination.


According to the law of mutual rhythms, all you have to do in order to regain the health of the whole system is to bring one organ or system to a state of health. Then all the others will naturally follow suit.


Ill health of one system creates ill health in the rest of the body. You cannot say that your stomach is bad and everything else is alright. Therefore, a sick person with a number of ailments should generally be given treatment for only one of them. If you are able to create health in one system of this body, gradually the whole body begins to improve. This is how hatha yoga therapy should be prescribed.


Most yoga teachers today, however, do not follow this system. Depending on their knowledge of medical diagnosis, they make a very long list of practices- one for constipation, one for nosebleeds, one for something else. They think that by teaching a sick person various hatha yoga techniques for his different ailments he will get better. Their system is based on the popular concept that various diseases belong to different groups, which does not take into account the interrelationship of all the organs and systems.


Conserving energy in this physical body is another important aspect of health, which has been ignored by most of the healing sciences. We have given so much importance to nutrition, but we have missed the real source of energy, which is inherent. This energy is something like positive and negative electrical charges pulsating throughout. The correct balance of these opposite forms of energy creates good health. Whenever these positive and negative flows are suppressed, blocked, dissipated or poorly distributed, disease inevitably results.


The different organs and systems of the body do not subsist merely on food and vitamins. The main source of energy in life is these plus/minus or positive/negative charges. Therefore, the science of physical and mental harmony is known as hatha yoga.


Physical and mental therapy is one of the most important achievements of hatha yoga. So far, hatha youga has succeeded in diseases like asthma, diabetes and blood pressure where modern science has not. Besides this, hatha yoga has proved very effective in cases of epilepsy, hysteria, rheumatism and many other ailments of a chronic and constitutional nature. In fact, we have found that most diseases of a chronic and constitutional nature can definitely be reversed through hatha yoga.


The psychic and mental diseases, which human beings are suffering from, are nothing but a state of disharmony in the energetic system. In order to alleviate them we will have to take a new look at our body and enlarge the dimension of modern medical science. We will have to redefine the body, the classification of disease and the system of diagnoses.


What is being discovered more recently is that asana and pranayama are more powerful and effective ways of controlling the whole body. They are the first steps in allowing us to not only alter the mechanisms of one element, but to gain control over the total structure of the brain and mind, the controlling system which allows us to direct every aspect of our lives, and the energy within that.


To be continued...

Translated/copyright by Aliana (Xuelian Li)翻译版权归李雪莲所有】



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