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   Marilyn Monroe's career as an actress spanned 16 years. She made 29 films, 24 in the first 8 years of her career.

    Born as Norma Jeane Mortenson on June 1,1926 in Los Angeles General Hospital, her mother, Gladys, listed the fathers address as unknown. Marilyn would never know the true identity of her father.

   Norma Jeane spent most of her childhood in foster homes and orphanages until 1937, when she moved in with family friend aunt Grace Mckee Goddard.Unfortunately, when Grace's husband was transferred to the East Coast in 1942, the couple couldn't afford to take 16-year-old Norma Jeane with them.Norma Jeane had two options: return to the orphanage or get married. On June 19,1942 she wedded her 21-year-old neighbor Jimmy Dougherty, whom she had been dating for six months."She was a sweet,generous and religious girl," Jimmy said, "she liked to be cuddled." By all accounts Norma Jeane loves Jimmy, and they were happy together until he joined the Merchant Marines and was sent to the South Pacific in 1944.

   After Jimmy left,Norma Jeane took a job on the assembly line at the Radio Plane Munitions factory in Burbank, California. Several months later, photographer David Conover saw her while taking pictures of women contributing to the war effort for Yank magazine. He couldn't believe his luck. She was a "photographer's dream". Conover used her for the shoot and then began sending modeling jobs in her way. The camera loved Norma Jeane, and within two years she was a reputable model with many popular magazine covers to her credit. She began studying the work of legendary actresses Jean Harlow and Lana Turner, and enrolled in drama classes with freams of stardom. However, Jimmy's return in 1946 meant Norma Jeane had to make another choice__ this time between her marriage and her career Norma Jeane divorced Jimmy in June of 1946, and signed her first studio contract with Twentieth Century Fox on August 26,1946.She earned $125 a week. Soon after, Norma Jeane dyed her hair blonde and changed her name to Marilyn Monroe(borrowing her grandmother's last name). The rest, as the saying goes , is history.

   Marilyn's first movie role was a bit part in 1947's The Shocking Miss Pigrim.She played a series of inconsequential characters until 1950,when John Huston's thriller The Asphalt Jungle provided her with a small but influential role. Later that year,Marilyn's performance as Claudia Caswell in All About Eve(starring Bette Davis) earned her futher praise. From then on Marilyn worked steadily in movies such as: Let's Make It Legal, As Young As You Feel, Monkey Business and Don't Bother to Knock. It was her performance in 1953's Niagara, however, that, as a turning point, delivered her to stardom.

   in 1956,Marilyn started her own motion picture company,Marilyn Monroe Productions, The company produced Bus Stop and The Prince and the Showgirl(co-starring Sir Laurence Olivier).These two films allowed her to demonstrate her talent and versatility as an actress.Marilyn received best recognition for 1959's Some Like It Hot,winning a Golden Globe For Best Actress in a Comedy. On June 29,1959,Marilyn wed playwright Arthur Miller. The couple met through Strasberg,and friends reported she made him "giddy". While they were married, Arthur wrote in 1961's The Misfits especially for Marilyn. The movie co-starred Clark Gable and Montgomery Clift.Sadly, after the movie, Clark Gable died of heart disease. The Misfits was to be Marilyn's(and Gable's) last completed film,and the marriage between Marilyn and Arthur ended on November 20,1961.

   At the 1962 Gloden Globes, Marilyn was named female World Film Favorite, once again demonstrating her widespread appeal. Sadly, in a shocking turn of events on the early morning of August 5,1962, 36-year-old Marilyn died in her sleep at her Brentwood,California home. The world was stunned. Marilyn's vibrant spirit and beauty made it impossible to believe she was gone. On August 8,1962, Marilyn's body was laid to rest in the Corridor of Memories,#24, at Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeled, California. During her career, Marilyn made 30 films and left one, Something's Got to Give, unfinished. She was more than just a movie star or glamour queen. A global sensation in her lifetime, Marilyn's popularity has extended beyond star staus to icon. Today, the name "Marilyn Monroe" is synonymous with beauty, sensuality and effervescence.











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