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Tourist Attraction and Entertainment

(2008-09-14 20:25:41)


      Tourist Attraction and Entertainment


                                Author Unknown(佚名)

Major tourist attractions include large cities, seashore areas warm climates and ski resorts. For most people, almost any place can become a tourist destination as long as it is different from the place where the traveller usually lives. New York may not be a tourist attraction to a New Yorker, but for a Londoner it may have many charms.


In addition to being major business centers, large cities offer scenic attractions and cultural entertainment for all kinds of people with a variety of tastes. Cultural events occur frequently, including theatrical and operatic performances, concerts, ballets and art exhibitions, to name just a few. At the opposite end of the scale,there is a great variety of nightlife to choose from in urban centers, and also a wide selection of restaurants. Shopping is an attraction for many visitors, whether in the great department stores of New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong or in the boutiques of Paris and London. Many big cities also offer a unique atmosphere and history. The Great Wall and the Palace Museum of Beijing and the flower vendors and cable cars of San Francisco are part of the unusual atmosphere of the those cities.


Large cities of course do not have a monopoly on architectural of historical monuments. Smaller towns and rural areas throughout the world have attractions of this kind that tourists visit. Excellent examples are the valley of the Loire River in France, with its chateaux from the Renaissance period, and the village of Zhou Zhuang in China's Jiangsu Province, a small county town crowned as “the Venice of the Orient.”


Natrural scenery has always been an attraction for tourists. Millions of people have visited Niagara Falls, for example. Its reputation as a honeymoon destination is world famous. In its National Park system the United States has institutionalized, so to speak, the wonders of nature. Areas such as Yellow-stone Park and the Grand Canyon have been set aside for the enjoyment of the public. The hardier species of tourist will travel further and undertake discomfort and difficulty just to look at beautiful or unusual scenery in the remote corners of the world--a glimpse of Mount Everest, for example, or of Angel Falls in Venezuela.

In some place, shopping has been made a tourist magnet by government policy. Free ports are established where buyers can purchase goods from all over the world without paying customs duties. Hong Kong is perhaps the most famous example. Hong Kong is of course a large city and commercial center, but its principal draw for tourists has been the bargains offered in its shops.



Holiday resorts usually attract tourists because of their sunny beaches, snow-covered ski slopes, or championship golf courses. At ski resorts, there is often an atmosphere of informality around a roaring fire after the day's skiing is finished. At more cosmopolitan resorts like Miami Beach, there may be nightclubs and stage shows.

Many resorts give instruction in scuba diving combined with visits to coral reefs.

A cruise ship is a floating hotel where passengers, apart from visiting a number of well-chosen international ports, can enjoy a part atmosphere throughout the voyage. Games, dancings, costume parties and other activities are devised within the ship's rather limited space. Big-name entertainers are often hired for the entire trip. Most cruise ships employ a social director whose job includes involving all of the passengers in the activities that are offfered.



While the majority of tourists nowadays prefer to travel in groups with their entertainment and sightseeing included in the tour package, some tourists prefer personalized tours which provide the comfort of a guide to show them around. These more independent tourists may request tour services through their hotel or a local agency. Of course, a personalized tour is more costly than a package, or group tour, and caters to the needs of those who can afford them.



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